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  • Little Black Dress
    887 61 1

    The topic of Dick Grayson's virginity was one discussed with the ferocity of battles fought by titans, so much so that the conversation itself felt like a war every time it was brought up. ---- Warnings- sexual themes (via conversation), multishipping, little black dress character.

    Completed   Mature
  • WICH- {DC & Marvle Edition}
    5.2K 412 120

    All the Jokes centered around DC and Marvel from across all three of the WICH series. May include; Young Justice Teen titans Batfamily Marvel Flash Gotham Headcanons

  • WICH- {Anime Edition}
    351 38 35

    The Anime edition of WICH May include; Voltron Hetalia Blue Exorcist Death Note Headcanons

  • Home Sweet Home
    661 39 1

    Damian adjusted his backpack as he walked up the stairs to Wayne Manor and took out a key, only to discover the door already unlocked. He narrowed his eyes and cautiously walked into the house. He heard the sound of clinking dishes and made his way to the kitchen...

  • Sweet Strawberry Lips
    337 28 1

    It was a tradition on the first of June, every year, Dick's mother would bake strawberry treats, as many as you can imagine, and everyone in the circus would enjoy them together. When she died and Dick moved in with Bruce he had sought out to keep this tradition. This year, however, he may have gone a wee-tad overboar...

  • I'll Ruin You.
    710 35 1

    "Jay?" Dick's voice says, then echoes in Jason's head, and the hero steps inside the room from where he had apparently been standing out on the balcony, wearing only lose pyjama pants. The white curtains blow with the gust of wind that follows him in, chasing him because not even Mother Nature can resist Dick Grayson.

    Completed   Mature
  • Undoing Dressed In Blue
    2.5K 107 5

    Dick and Jason are the worst things to ever happen to each other, they're just as toxic for the other as they are addicted, lost in the need for the other, yet still dragged around by the marionette strings of heroes and villains.

    Completed   Mature