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  • Cocoa Kisses | ✓
    629K 34.8K 74

    Sweet Treats: Book 1 When feuding friends and college freshmen Annabelle Robinson and Caspar Bracken decide they've had enough of each other and want to call it quits, third-wheeler James Prosac proposes the stupidest idea to ever be heard of. Back in the day, they had initially met each other at Caspar's log cabin in...

  • We're Almost There
    5.5K 351 33

    Kenzie Coleman is miserable. Outside, she's a classic teenage girl- shy, lonely, depressed, all but begging for salvation- but in her mind there's much more. Destroying herself daily, dragging her self esteem to a whole new low. She needs help fast - or things will get ugly. Help comes from Erin White. An angel assign...

  • Illegally Yours ≫ l.t.
    14.7M 606K 86

    She was this artsy and eccentric girl who was pathetically obsessed with him, but he had no idea. When she saves him from an accident and he loses his memory, she ends up doing the craziest thing she could ever do. All rights reserved ©whammystyles TRANSLATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

  • Room Service
    1.8M 62.7K 13

    With summer just around the corner, Coraline's prepared for another busy tourist season at her family's hotel. What she's not expecting, however, is England's hottest up-and-coming music sensation, Leon McCarthy, showing up at the check-in desk.

  • Twenty-Two ➳ l.p.
    320K 17K 24

    '"At least you're not the girl who rejected Liam Payne 22 times." Except I was.' Everybody has that one guy; the one that got away. But not everybody can say that it's Liam Payne, and not everybody can say that he's back after three years, and that he hates you. It's complicated. - all rights reserved 2013 © cat...