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    Sanskar Maheshwari is a true definition of Man with a hard skull and heart enclosed inside a coconut shell. It is hard to crack his mind and even harder to crack the shell around his heart. Ragini is least bothered to crack any of these. But destiny pushes them together where as they run away from each other. So are...

  • Un Chaha Pyaar: in dubitable feeling
    4.8K 664 13

    Dho kadam unke taraf bhadaya.. Dho kadam unke taraf bhadaya Tho pata chala ki pyaar ishq mohabbath tho kuch nahi par alfaaz hai.. Par hai tho suna hua andekhi daasthan.. Pehchaan na hai hame uss mohatarma ko.. Par kya kare kambakhth Hame tho behad Unchaha Pyaar unki daasthan se hogayi..

  • I Promise To Avenge You- DiLak/RagSan
    12.4K 1.2K 21

    ❤DiaLak/RagSan❤ Please..don't leave. We didn't get the chance to save our daughter, but we can save you. Please give us a chance to save you. To help you. My wife already lost her daughter, if she loses you too....i don't think she would be able to survive. Dia looked at his eyes. Uncle's eyes held so much pain. What...

  • Love? In This Chaos!?
    21.6K 3.1K 55

    Two boys, one girl. And she has to choose one. This was supposed to be her biggest problem. And yet, here she was. Being the last heir of a rich inheritance that could very well change the world. Not to mention she's got assassins that want to kill her, best friends who are up-to troublesome meddling and two heart...

  • Ragsan: heart to heart connection
    1.6K 126 6

    Story of two hearts which beat as one...and their endless Love with lots of family sadness....a happy go story. ...

  • The guy who never loved- a Ragsan & Swalak mystery
    13.1K 678 15

    Ranked #3 among familyconflict , #12 in ragsan, #29 in swaragini as on 20/09/18.The unknown mysteries that break the trust and exibits rivalry,jealousy and death of unexpected people.

  • A cute love story
    3.1K 115 4

    The simple Pov of a boy, who has his own life style but a girl enters into his life and his life changes.. changes as a beautiful garden of love.. How...? Just check the coming story.. This was my only story on Ragini and Sanskar. It was written long time by me in TU on my friend's request on this pair.

  • Ragini SS
    3.6K 217 5

    Well this is a sequel to Ragini - os. Ragini and Riya are happy in their lives. Jai is loving Ragini unconditionally. But Ragini will get her memory back and everyone will know the truth. What will Ragini do. will she forgive her sister? what about Laksh? Read this story to know.