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  • Dangerous Billionaire's beloved is His Sister
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    On the top floor in the tallest buildings of the city, a very beautiful girl stood near the floor to ceiling glass window. looking at the mesmerising scene in the sky.The dark sky is filled with fireworks, the brightness from the fireworks fall on the girl and reflected on the glass A man walk from behind the girl in...

  • Billionaire's wife
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    When Allison's step mother and sister betrayed her for her wealth. Along with her loving husband, her world came crashing down. They throw her on street to die. She was broken beyond repairs and hurt by the betrayal of her only family. She does not have desire to live until she cross a path with Mason a multi billion...

  • In love with my Ex-husband Boss
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    "You were just a piece of trash which we are throwing out of our lives" my father said to me I look a my husband with pleading eyes while crying "please what is my mistake ? Please don't do this . where will I go ? I plead him But he just laugh at me with my father ,mother n my sister. and then my s...