In love with my Ex...
By tomandjerrrryy
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"You were just a piece of trash which we are throwing out of our lives" my father said to me I look a my husband with pleading eyes while crying "please what is my mistake ? Please don't do this . where will I go ? I plead him But he just laugh at me with my father ,mother n my sister. and then my sister drage me by my hair out of my husband's house n throw me .they look at me with so much disgust n hatred " what is my mistake to deserve this much hatred "I ask my self I just cried n they all trun around n went inside the house. And then I felt a hand on my shoulder which makes me flinch but when I saw it was the gaurd . he was looking at me with saddened eyes n pity and said " mam please you have to leave sir told me to throw u out of the premises ,I wish I could help u but I have a family and I can't lose a job sorry" I look at him in understanding n stood up to make my way out of the gate .but where will I go? I am Angelica , am 18 yrs old and never experienced love from my parents or sister just abuse and hatred but when they forcefully married me to laim I thought maybe he would love me .But I was wrong.


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In love w...
by tomandjerrrryy