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  • Obsidian
    102 19 1

    An explosion in Planet Hexa injures Sheriff West severely. He needs to get up on his feet to help the citizens around him but before he could, his worst nemesis arrives. - COMPLETED. My first ever sci-fi/ space western piece! Highest Ranking: #623 in Scifi & Science Fiction

  • Orion's Law
    981 63 1

    A spacewestern short story. All Marek wants is a quiet life in his saloon, but a cocktail of cyborg, drunken criminal lord, the local Sheriff and a few of the Dalton clan turns out to be a volatile mix... A spacewestern based on four photos for ForbiddenPlanet's SciFi Short Story Smackdown. Round 3 - Spacewestern.

  • The Man They Called Gallows
    12 2 1

    A tavern yarn from the blood-red moon of Sanguine, far out in the reaches of the colonies. The bloody tale of Gallows Sullivan, the most feared bandito on the moon, and his encounter with a ghostly old crone in the midst of a gun-point hold-up. AKA Billy The Kid goes meets the Ghost of Christmas Past