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  • The Past and The Future
    3.9K 789 47

    Ang mundo ng PAST,PRESENT,FUTURE kailanman hindi pwedeng magsama. Pero isang araw ang limang kababaihan na nanggaling sa mundo ng PAST at kalalakihang nanggaling sa mundo ng FUTURE magkasama-sama silang lahat sa .mundo ng PRESENT dahil sa misyon nila. Ang inakalang kalaban magiging kakampi. Ang inakalang mahirap magig...

    133 91 17

    Every woman dreamed a happy life with the man they loved Include Till death do as part Im just a type of girl who loves and wanted to be loved. I love him, he love her! This is a marriage that full of secrets and a hint of selfishness Can i survive in this kind of marriage? I have only two choices ST...

  • Dealing with My Gentleman Enemy
    42 14 4

    A Man Is Always Be a Man.. Kahit Pa Anong Pigil mo Kapag Mahal mo Mapapatunayan mong Siya Talaga ang para sayo.. How Does Your Enemy Fall For you? Is There A Chance Of Love In their Anger Heart?

  • Flique Awards Finals 2020✔ [OPEN]
    25.6K 3.7K 39

    Isang parangal para sa mga kapuwa ko manunulat baguhan man o propesyonal Dito pinararangalan ang pagiging mahusay at malikhain ng ating mga manununulat sa pagkukuwento sa Wattpad World. Sa patimpalak na ito ay kasali lahat ng mga genres sa Wattpad at pwedeng salihan. Nais naming maibahagi sa mundo ang inyong natatag...

  • Stuck in With You (SS Series #1)
    2.7K 1.2K 22

    Being stuck with the memories together with him that keeps on replaying in her mind, is the most painful matter she had ever encountered. Mga alaalang mananatili na hanggang alaala na lamang. "I still love you. It's always you. Only you." Stuck In With You Written by @PoisonousCap10 Genre: Teenfiction Cover by @Lorg...

  • Sleepless Nights
    8.7K 3.6K 30

    How do we live and love when we know that everything we have will turn into ashes? Now that Zcyhie Elizabeth Fleuvis is back, someone threatens to inflict everything in her normal, stable life. The tranquility of her old town, Stygian Realm, along Fleuvis' life is shattered by the discovery of her killer. Entering the...

    Completed   Mature
  • When i kicked him
    1.3K 158 21

    "I kicked his balls then we got married" -Waine Laesu Henaldez HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVE: 05/01/20 #13 in Gone

  • I Love You, ARA
    19.2M 413K 33

    "Forgive her father, for she is sin." Based on true story. A psychological Romance-Horror-Paranormal novel by Jamille Fumah. Please read with caution. Highest rank: Consistent #1 both in horror and paranormal 2015-start of 2016

  • Trapped (Book 1)
    18.5M 612K 44

    TIL Series #1 (Book 1 of 2) Chelsea Vellarde is trapped from a hopeless affection for Blaze Abelard. She wants to move on but whenever she tries, she always ends up back to him. This kind of affection is absurd for Ryde Leibniz. That's why whenever they have an encounter, he can't help but tease her. And he has p...

  • Trapped (Book 2)
    8.9M 278K 33

    TIL Series #1 (Book 2 of 2) After a long journey of coveting Chelsea's attention, Ryde finally caught not only her eyes but also her heart. If we are just in a fairy tale, we can it call it a happy ending. However, no one is free from a cruel and exasperating reality called life. Promises, endeavors, and sealed vows...

  • Escaped
    3M 84.9K 33

    TIL Series #2 Judeus Clavez has been living his life as the only child until one day, he finds out about the past of his father that he has a half sister. He feels betrayed and that overpowers his eagerness to know her. Living in a different family, Irene Brande knows that she has a brother on her mother side though s...

    Completed   Mature
  • When Life Sucks
    2.5M 95.5K 34

    What happens? #Darker

    Completed   Mature
  • Hell University (PUBLISHED)
    142M 4.2M 67

    A place where everything is mysterious, enchanting, bloody, and shitty. Entering is the other way of suicidal. Just one wrong move and everything will blur. A lot of secrets are being hid. Not the typical school to have fun. Death is everywhere. Bad, worse, worst, monster and evil are scattered. Must shut your mouth...

  • Miserable Wife
    1.5M 22.4K 19

    Teaser: I love him. He loves her. I will give up everything for him. He would give me up just to be with her once more. He married me, yet, his heart still longs for her. Only her. Hanggang kailan ba ako manlilimos ng pagmamahal ng taong kahit kailan ay alam kong hindi ako kayang tanggapin. At higit sa lahat, hindi a...

  • Sold to My Ex-Husband (Adonis Series 2)-Published under PSICOM
    40.7M 591K 74

    Seven years ago... I was his stalker. Three years ago... I was his wife. Two years ago... I was his ex-wife. Simula nang hiniwalayan niya ako ay nagkaleche-leche na rin ang buhay ko. Namatay si mommy dahil sa cancer, nalugi ang kompanya ni daddy at dahil sa sobrang hiya, nagpakamatay siya kaya naiwan sa akin ang respo...

  • Seducing My Husband
    5.5M 52.4K 50

    Seven years old pa lang si Christine Villanueva, boyfriend na niya si Jefferson Lee. Ang problema nga lang...hindi ito alam ni Jeff. Kaya naman ngayong 21 na siya, kahit ano gagawin ni Tin para maging totoong kasal ang arranged marriage nila ni Jeff. (2012)

  • I Married Him (COMPLETED)
    5.3M 67.2K 62

    Napilitan si Eunice na maging asawa ng mayaman, gwapo, antipatiko, matipuno at higit sa lahat ay demonyo na si Brent Lopez para lang hindi nito saktan ang kasalukuyang katipan pati ang pamilya nito. Magagawa kaya niyang makaalis sa poder ng asawa kung sumumpa itong hindi siya nito hahayaang makawala sa buhay niya?

    Completed   Mature
    706 10 2

    (TAGALOG) This romantic fantasy story is about a girl who is trapped in a completely different world. In order for her to survive its environment, she must be converted to be one the creatures in that world. Would she just prefer to die rather than accept her fate?

  • To Leave A Footprint (poem)
    2 2 1

    I don't want to die without a trace of my existence

  • Arranged Marriage To My Boss (Completed)
    48.6M 503K 70

    Iris Villafuente made a contract marriage after their company has been bought by her sexy, bipolar and dominating boss Zachary Levi Esqueza. During the arrangement she discovers that her boss is more than just a moody, irritating and bossy man. He has very disturbing past and a dark secret. A past and secret that eve...

  • I Am Still Your Husband
    177K 2.8K 19

    Si Dina ay isang boyish na babae na ang tanging kaligayahan ay ang paglalaro ng basketball na matagal namang tinututulan ng kanyang ama. Si Rico naman ay isang abogadong hindi marunong makisimpatya dahil iniwan ng kanyang first love. Ang ama ni Rico at ama ni Dina ay matalik na magkaibigan at napagkasunduang ipakasal...

  • Not In The Contract - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB BARE)
    18.3M 372K 26

    NOTE: SPG/R-18 Clarianette Honey is living the dream. She's happy until her parents dropped a bomb that destroyed her perfect world. She had to marry a man she doesn't even know exist. For her family, she accepted the marriage. Fortunately for her, pinayagan siya ng magiging 'asawa' niya na mag-aral sa abroad. But no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise In The Wind
    1.3M 19.5K 64

    Sales clerk Lissie Cruzem wasn't expecting to catch the eye of Zach Monterro, the owner of the mall where she works. But their whirlwind romance and marriage leads to more than she bargained for. ***** The plain and modest Lissi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince (#WattyAwards2016 // Wattys2016)
    777K 15.2K 36

    #1 in vampire "He wanted me when he knew I'm a virgin. He got me pregnant, I didn't tell him. I was afraid that he doesn't want a baby so I kept it to myself." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After six years, Julienne returns home with her babies named Jaze and Sofia. Yes, she have twins. what if one day, he shows up, tells her he regr...

    Completed   Mature
  • BITE ME MORE (Vampire Love Story) (R-18) COMPLETED
    44.9K 1.6K 19

    Mr. Valdez the Immortal Vampire -Bite Me More- Propesiya na nakatakda para sa dalawang tao na magtatagpo. Pag-iisahin dahil sa parehong nararamdaman. Isang Immortal Vampire at Isang Tao. Isang kagat na pagmumulan ng misteryo. Pakakagat na kaya sila? -------- R-18 | Vampire | Romance | Immortal | Action | Matu...

  • Accidentally MARRIED
    3.2M 34.8K 81

    Napakarami nang kwento ang tungkol sa mga arranged marriage. Kaya heto ako't dadagdag sa mga yun. Pero ang kwento ko, may twist. Kasi, I got accidentally MARRIED. [COMPLETED]

  • Shotgun Marriage [w/ Compilation; No Soft Copy]
    1.7M 16.6K 55

    Nabuntis ko kasi ang bestfriend ko at kung hindi ko sya papakasalan... papatayin ako ng Daddy nya! T___T ayaw ko pang mamatay! Sayang ang lahi kong gwapo! PS. WALANG SOFT COPY. Book 2:

  • Dare with the Beast [COMPLETED]
    4.3M 80.4K 43


  • Savage Billionaire's ONE NIGHT STAND
    40.7M 971K 92

    Yvette dela Merced wanted to use her beauty and charm to take back Cassiopeia, her aunt's ancestral house, from the owner of the Pratley, Inc. But she did not expect to make a mistake... causing her to spent an eventful night with none other than the Prince of Hell and Australia's richest finance magnate, Phoenix Arth...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Devirginizer's Lady (COMPLETED) (TDL SERIES #1)
    21.6M 308K 58

    Lagi na lang atang mananatiling NBSB at birhen si Athalia nang dahil sa epal at napaka-overprotective na si Eleven, ang lalakeng BEST FRIEND ng kanyang kuya, at ang lalakeng laging pinagkakaguluhan ng babae. Kasi nga... He's a playboy. He's the casanova. He's a DEVIRGINIZER. Pero bakit nga ba laging lumalabas ang soft...