Promise In The Wind
By Warranj
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Sales clerk Lissie Cruzem wasn't expecting to catch the eye of Zach Monterro, the owner of the mall where she works. But their whirlwind romance and marriage leads to more than she bargained for. ***** The plain and modest Lissie Arabella Cruzem was a sales clerk at one of the most prestigious malls in the country. Lissie led a simple life until a chance encounter with Zachary Jaxx Monterro changed everything. Not only was he handsome and the most eligible bachelor in the city, but Zach also happened to be the owner of the mall she worked in. Fascinated by her quiet beauty, Zach knew that that his heart was hers. Despite his reputation, Lissie falls for Zach and gambles everything she has for a chance at love with him. But fairytales aren't real, she soon finds. When a new woman enters their life, it's Zach who will learn lessons the hard way... DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FILIPINO LANGUAGE STORY

Promise In The Wind

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