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  • ▪Soryu Oh X Reader▪
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    Fluff, fluff and more fluff

    Completed   Mature
  • The Little Thief
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    Saya, a 5 year old girl, is a thief who went after the same item as Baba. As Baba was escaping, Saya grabbed onto his coat to retrieve the item right under his nose. When he gets back to the hotel, someone points out the girl before she is able to steal the jewel. Saya, determined to get the jewel, told the bidders ab...

  • Eisuke's daughter is kidnapped
    1.3K 158 9

    crystal and eisuke have been living happily married now together for 8 years and and they have a lovely daughter and son twins (akemi and ayden ) every thing goes smooth in their life until on day,ten days after akemi the daughter twin got kidnapped by a rival of one of the bidders but no one is sure who is the riva...

  • Adoption: Ota Kisaki
    1.4K 57 5

    Ota's ex, Maya, leaves him for someone else. He becomes more poison-tongued towards everyone afterwards. His work takes him to the local orphanage, where he adopts 16 year old Lauren. He sees her being bullied by the other kids and takes her under his wing. She's artsy and sweet, too shy to stand up for herself. Ota a...

  • Adoption: Mitsunari Baba
    1.6K 66 5

    When Baba's girlfriend Chiyo leaves him, his kind and gentle personality disappears. He becomes cold and distant, focusing more on his job as a thief. Eventually, his artistic friend (with the pet fetish we all love *heavy sarcasm*) sends him to an orphanage. Here, he sees a book loving 14 year old who gets bullied co...

  • Adoption: Soryu Oh
    2.4K 76 6

    After Soryu's ex Miyami leaves him, the mafia boss becomes colder than ever. After a while, he decides to do something to mend his broken heart. Advice from everyone's favorite thief leads him to the local orphanage, where he adopts 14 year old Kaia. She's anything but kind, constantly having something rude on her ven...

  • Adoption: Eisuke Ichinomiya
    2.8K 105 6

    When Eisuke's girlfriend Kyu leaves him, he becomes cold and void for years. Until eventually, he finds himself at the local orphanage. He ends up adopting 15 year old Krissy, who is extremely quiet and reserved. He slowly warms up to her, eventually coming to see her as his actual daughter. How will the others react?

    83.9K 3.4K 96

    Highest Ranking: ?#1 Voltage/Voltage inc ?#4 Fantacy ?#1Eisuke This is the same from the original KBTBB. But there are some new twist and I added some new characters. Serena Marchesa, The female protagonist of the story.She was adopted by a rich Italian man as an infant. She is raised as a 'princess', with several ser...

  • KBTBB: Their daughters!
    35.9K 1.1K 36

    OK so basically what's going to happen is the mc is coming out of the hospital figuring out that she's pregnant and she get kidnapped by one of her boyfriends enimies. About 16 years later the mc is trying to keep away from her boyfriend or else he will get hurt. Their kid will be 15 with her dads last name. The kid n...

  • The Bad, The Bidder, and the Daughter (KBTBB)
    15K 525 72

    When Yui Kobayashi found out she was pregnant with the Bidder's child, she knew she had to leave for the safety of her baby. Now, 16 years later, her daughter finally meets her dad... just not in the most conventional way. She is put in the black market auctions after breaking an expensive Renaissance vase and is bou...

  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (Daughters) [COMPLETED]
    364K 10.7K 96

    Mother ran away when she found out she was pregnant for some reason. So I was born without knowing who my father is. Not even now that I'm already 17. Mom raised me by herself, she often told me stories about how she met dad. The craziest part, she said she got sold at an auction. Eh, whatever. Maybe I'll meet him so...

  • Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
    16.6K 464 5

    Headcannon: Walking their daughter to preschool.

  • KBTBB: The Child...
    22K 541 15

    Five years... I can't believe I've been gone that long, but it could have been longer and to be honest I wish it was, but of course we all know how my luck is... but he doesn't even know about his own child yet... I'm going to get punished so much for this in the end...

  • Eisuke's long lost princess
    13K 423 19

    (Hi!!!! This is my very first story so please bare with it, it may not be very good) Eisuke has been trying to find his little sister and after all these years he has finally found her. She is about to turn 16 and his very beautiful although she doesn't believe it. She is well known and loved by many. The only proble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cold Love-KBTBB
    80.4K 2.6K 46

    Eisuke Ichinomiya has everything he could ask for. He's rich,handsome,powerful and has got women on their knees for him. So why does he feel so...empty? Love...he doesn't believe in it.It's only an obstacle that'll slow him down. So how will he feel when he starts to develop feelings for a girl who works at a coffee s...

  • Kidnapped Mafia Love
    52.4K 1.4K 22

    What would happen if you thought your life was all laid out for you, you had a part time job, and you were going to school, paying rent just like any college student would. Well except I had no family to go to or visit in the end of the semester. I came home to an empty apartment every day, saying "I'm home" with no o...

  • Trouble
    17.1K 402 11

    Action Romance

  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Death Threats (6th Story)
    10.4K 301 20

    The explosive final piece of the puzzle to complete the Kissed by the Baddest Bidder series. Mamoru meets the love of his life, perfect for him and his mellow way of life. But when the blackmail and attacks come from the organisation she works for, the group become nervous to whether she is as in love as she claims. M...

  • Kissed by the Baddest Bidder- Dark Love (3rd story)
    42.4K 1K 18

    Deep in the heart of Tokyo Reina Black, a known hacker able to destroy and distribute every virus known to mankind. Her abilities astound and amaze every businessman and to have her as an asset is to be on top on the business capital in every state, in every country, in the world. The problem? She's no one's ally, an...