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Connected By Heart❤❤ by AreebaAmir943
Connected By Heart❤❤by Areeba Amir
A story about two brothers who got separated in childhood brutally but meet again after years. Join this two brothers in their journey❤❤❤
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinson by larriestylinsxn
Fixing you |~| louis Tomlinsonby 👅Larry’s panties👅
Louis was self-oriented, a defensive and snappy character who only fought for himself. Some would go as far to call him selfish. He'd always found it difficult to cope...
Manzil by love_yashVi
Manzilby love_yashVi
Broken trust and anger will close a heart until honesty and love is found again. Will there lost Manzil will be found again? The broken pieces of trust will ever unite...
Nhục Mĩ (21+) by bokewa
Nhục Mĩ (21+)by bokewa
Chưa xin phép
RISHTA DILON KA by innocent_angel30
RISHTA DILON KAby fairytale lover
A brother with heart of gold A brother, the owner of heart A brother who want to protect his family A brother who want his family complete Two brothers whose life is ea...
Meant To Be Forever by manak23
Meant To Be Foreverby Adira
it's a story 4 brothers mahir aru manik & kunj but there is suspense in brothers childhood or I should misunderstanding created rift between brothers but now there is...
You Were My Best Finding In An Adventure. [Hilda Fanfiction AU] by ChrysDoesGay
You Were My Best Finding In An Chrys
[HILDA AND HER FRIENDS ARE 14 AT THIS TIME.] After the familiar and witch incident, Hilda couldn't shake off a new feeling. She knew liking your best friend was common b...
Can You Completed  Me (Anuseena)  by anuseena03
Can You Completed Me (Anuseena) by anuseena💖life
this story about anuseena here haseena mental conditions is not stable... her family died in car accident when she was just 15 year old from that's her like that how...
Kissed By the Baddest Bidder ~Headcanons/One Shots~ by DeedeeMj
Kissed By the Baddest Bidder M.J. Gonzalez
As the writer of this book XD I would gladly accept all requests you like. I'm always available but I'm not quite sure as "Available" I hope you may Enjoy the...
WILD WANSHAT  by Amber_Dyer
basta R-18 toh!!
Shadowhunters One Shots by angel_wrxtes
Shadowhunters One Shotsby Sienna
One shots about shadowhunters, how original, and no, I'm not writing smut , get out of here ya filthy bitches
Baba - one shots  by thelocal_bitch
Baba - one shots by thelocal_bitch
Just a bunch of one shots of bose x hap
Bandhan  by Janvi_p
Bandhan by Jhanvi Paleja
Vo duniya ke liye alag tha but undono ki duniya tha A story of love winning over the toughest of circumstances Peep in to know more!!
✦Kissed By The Baddest Bidder✦{Discontinued} by ibkimc
✦Kissed By The Baddest Bidder✦{ ibkimc
*I WILL NOT BE CONTINUING THIS BOOK* Olivia Ash, the main character of our story, was a well known photographer. Her career first got started when she did a small magazi...
The Shivin's Love  by _miss_beautifool_
The Shivin's Love by ❄️
💕 kaira 💕 ❣️ love is life ❣️ 🥰 without love there is dark 🥰 ✨ love ur life ✨ dream for what u want nd do it ✨ 🐱 read to known 🐱
Yabancı Eller by arjinww
Yabancı Ellerby arjinww
Gerçek aile hikayesi Kafamı kaldırdım ve tam gözlerinin içine baktım. Göz yaşlarım yanaklarımdan süzülürken elimin tersiyle yanağımı sildim ve ayağa kalktım. "Çok...
Childhood love--Kissed by the baddest bidder by rakhsi
Childhood love--Kissed by the yamuna pechetti
Katherine Andrew came from a middle class family by scholarship in high school .There she sees Eisuke Ichinomiya and his friends but never went in front of them. After 1...
KBTBB: Becoming The Perfect Family Part 4 (Pausiert ) by jenni21-16
KBTBB: Becoming The Perfect jenni21-16
This is an imaginative continuation of the Story "Kbtbb: Becoming The Perfect Family Part 3". Like I said, this story is imagined and the ideas are from me so...
You're My Soulmate | Jerrie by ageofolsen
You're My Soulmate | Jerrieby jocelyn
a story where two best friends go on a crazy journey to find their soulmate. When they do, how will life treat them? Will they face troubles or will it always be sunshin...