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  • It Can Only Be You
    18.6K 603 5

    A neko has been hurt, unwanted and mistreated ever since she was sold. Her masters kept passing her around to different people, but not one of them treated her kindly. She is eventually abandoned and left to fend by herself. But a person named (Y/n) finds her and helps her. The neko stops being treated badly for once...

  • Koneko x OC Brother
    88.4K 859 22

    What if when Sirzechs saved koneko he would have to leave someone else behind? Soren Toujou, the oldest sibling of the Toujou family, had been training everyday since his sister was saved by the strange man. Now, a few years later, he is classified as a god. He shouldn't even exist. He possesses the almighty sacred ge...

  • Angel On Edge (Irina X Reader)
    148K 2.8K 36

    A boy who has an Excalibur Sword in his family. After one night his parents died and he was forced to move away from two good friends. One of those being his crush. He only has his sword to protect. Eventually he becomes a Devil in order to have his life saved. Problem being is one childhood friend is a Devil along s...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Normal Life with a Demon (male reader x female OC)
    136K 1.8K 10

    Y/N is an average high school student. But will his life stay that way when he unknowingly forms a contract with a demon?

  • The lonely Goddess Vert X Male Reader
    37.4K 476 8

    Vert the Goddess of Leanbox has no siblings or family. Feeling lonely she takes a walk and ends up finding someone to feel that hole in her heart and that person is you.

  • Two From The Board (Akeno X Male X Koneko)
    70.3K 987 14

    Just to clear things up with my regular readers Koneko will get her own story. I promise. I have a great concept to wrap around the whole thing. This is one of my first requests from Jason12346. Now I'm not sure how good this will turn out for a long story but always go off fan base. Koneko has a cute crush on this f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Girls und Panzer X Male
    22.6K 300 16

    I was born in belin. To the House of Hohenzollern I have had a good life here so far, on my 15th birthday my dad got me a tank, so he could in roll me in to a Prussian style military academy. there I learned how to command tanks and shoot all types of guns. but that all changed when the revolution came to Berlin. Comm...

  • The Human With No Bounds (Male Reader x Highschool DxD)
    382K 8.3K 66

    I've had this idea in my mind for a long time. Here it is,you know how alot of these Male reader stories have the reader have a super powerful sacred gear, but I thought what if the reader was just born with high mana, no fancy sacred gear or anything like that, just flat out strong without any explanation kinda like...

    8.4K 90 13

    Asmodeus Winter was always beaten by his mother and father, he had cuts and bruises from the beatings. One night Asmodeus killed his parents and was free from the abusive household. But what happens when he is adopted at age 16 by the Hyodou Family with their perverted son Issei. This is my first story so please give...

  • Full Metal
    27K 359 13

    (FN) (LN) is one of the best players in Gun Gale Online. His nickname, The Full Metal Dragon, is know by all for his brave heart, and fierce determination. One day while out with his friend, Sinon AKA Shino Asada, they come across a beginning of a interesting event. Now with their friends, the pair will beat this even...

  • Tigers Love (Taiga x Ryuuji)
    6.1K 132 9

    Its graduation day and Ryuuji and Taiga are finally leaving high school. Then to their luck Taiga moves back into her old apartment. Now that the two are reunited they can finally pick up their relationship where it left off. But how will things turn out when Ryuuji's father comes into the picture along with elements...

  • WataMote (Your not popular and neither am I) TomokoxMaleReader
    71.7K 1.5K 19

    Tomoko is an unsocial able loner who doesn't seem to fit in with societies standards. One typical day at school seems to turn her life around when the appearance of a new face shows up in her class. ( All copy rights to their rightful owner)

    Completed   Mature
  • King (date a live x Male reader)
    28K 575 7

    Where am I? Why do I have these clothes on? Why are these... weird people attacking me? ... Why am I here again? Where are my memories? ... I died... right? Someone killed me... Someone I... ... Humans... all the same... use you like a tool until you can't be used any longer... (Y/N): "Chastiefol, Sunflower!" Well...

  • Arms Around You (Koneko x Male Reader)
    173K 3K 57

    A mysterious boy arrives at Kuoh Academy attempting to restart his life after a tragic past. Thing don't go off to a great start, but luck seemed to have struck him in a interesting way when he encounters a beautiful, short, white haired girl, but as fate may have it, trouble isn't too far as his past seems to always...

  • Male reader X Date A Live
    11.7K 109 6

    The title says it all... it's also got a few multi choice parts where it will change your perspective of someone, something or somewhere throughout the story

  • Sing For Me (Kotori x Male Reader)
    1.4K 18 1

    It's a double date and Shido and Kurumi have asked Kotori and one guy to join them for the evening. That guy is you! You've had a crush on Kotori for quite some time and as a karaoke regular, you plan to show your feelings to her with a song.

  • The Unknown Member (Male Reader x Danmachi)
    39.1K 606 6

    You are an unknown member of the Hestia Familia, which means that no one know about you at all, well besides Hestia and Bell. And why was that no one knew who you are? Because Hestia wanted to keep you a secret from everyone. And your usely not seen by anyone because your always in the dungeon trying to get money for...

  • Koneko X Male Reader
    65K 671 8

    (Male Name) is plagued by Hellish nightmares that leave physical manifestations of damage when he wakes up. Who will save him?

    Completed   Mature
  • Lemons including everything
    7.5K 42 3

    Lemon of everything u want

  • Rem (Re:zero) x Male Reader - "Away From Reality, Close To Fantasy"
    43.7K 490 24

    It was a rainy day and along with Subaru, you got sucked into the world of fantasy.....with a curse. Unfortunately, you two are separated in time's dimension and was sent 15 years after Subaru. What will happen to you? What danger could be waiting on your path and with whom will you take on this path? this is an x rea...

  • Rem X Reader X Ram
    5.4K 37 3

    This story is about (Y/N) and his sister (S/N). (Y/N) parents died when he was little and is transported to a different dimension what will they find? Who know we haven't finished it yet so there This story is written by two swell guys and they're @Jaune_Cena and @HiroAyashiro

  • Darling In The Franxx: Fragile Hearts
    7K 175 9

    Jian... A mythical bird which only possess one wing. A bird that cannot take on the skies unless it finds another one to lean on... Two creatures... Two flightless birds... Two children's fates intertwined with each other... But with a sudden turn of events, it all changed... Perhaps, they aren't the one for each oth...

  • The Acolyte (High School DxD x Male Reader)
    102K 1.9K 22

    Born into the world with a single purpose and desire. (Y/n) only seeks to fulfill his purpose, but there are many that will get in his way. He will stop to nothing that gets between him and his purpose whether or not, they are friends or foes. After being saved by a group of people and joining them, his leader and the...

  • Male reader x Monster girl harm
    5.2K 63 3

    You ran away from home and now you live with your anut. What you didn't that your anut work for a certain exchange program.

  • Noire x Male Reader: "Meteor Of The Starry Skies"
    43.6K 647 21

    You're a normal student in Japan. But when your friend invited you to a gaming marathon at his house well... your life wouldn't be the same anymore.

    Completed   Mature
  • When We Meet Again... (Serena X Reader)
    289 4 1

    Serena is soon leaving for Hoenn and you are only thinking about her. After she leaves, you are left depressed. "When we meet again, promise me you'll be the same." you say.

  • A Devils Lover (Highschool DXD x Prototype Insert)
    54K 666 16


  • My Shooting Star- Pokemon Serena x reader (male)
    75.6K 473 11

    You are a average teenage boy in the Pokemon world. You were on your journey by yourself when you see your old friend ash from your home town pallet town. You meet his friends clement, clements little sister, and a stunning girl named Serena. Your team consists of: Shiny jirachi Shiny rayquaza Shiny sceptile Noivern...

  • Gakkou Gurashi:The Transfer student
    10K 365 32

    (This is an Interactive story where the reader's choices matters and can result into favorable or dreadful outcomes that can never be reversed. Also, choices will trigger Butterfly effects on the story and characters.) It's been exactly One month after Kiyomaro Kishinuma's Death. And the School Living Club is trying t...