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  • The Last Of The Time Lords ⁴
    3.9K 131 21

    The Seer's adventure with a newly regenerated women Doctor aka her wife. ON HOLD

  • A Court of Time and Space
    236 16 5

    A Doctor Who and A Court of Thorns and Roses crossover. Clara Oswald has moved on with her life, but when the Doctor returns in her newly regenerated body, Clara must choose whether to stay in her new life or abandon it for the life she secretly wants back. Set 200 years after the events of Hell Bent and 15 years afte...

  • Doctor who one shots
    4K 141 6

    X reader oneshots for the doctor/ doctor who characters. Includes: Thirteen Clara Eleven Rose Ten ((coming soon)) Bill ((coming soon)) ((More characters to be added))

  • 13th Doctor X Reader One Shots
    3K 76 5

    This is a 13th Doctor x Reader, and my first fanfics to ever be posted on the internet... it is a book of one shots and I will take requests if you have one you are dying to see.

  • star girl ✩ thirteenth doctor (on hold)
    4.1K 189 5

    " We see deeper, though, further back. The Timeless Woman and her Star Girl " Lilly-Rose Wood is a university drop out and self proclaimed teller of stories but she's about to go on an adventure that she couldn't have dreamed up. DOCTOR WHO DW S11 ON HOLD

  • All of Space and Time
    26.9K 1.1K 57

    This is season 11 written with an added twist. You! This is a 13 X reader insert that starts with season 11. There will be flash backs to your relationship with previous Doctors as well as mentions, and maybe even an original adventure here and there. Now what are you waiting for? All of time and space and the Doctor...

  • Doctor who one shots
    4.6K 68 6

    One shots

  • 13th Doctor OneShots
    11.2K 633 68

    13th Doctor one-shots, including some old faces and my OC! So the BBC WATTPAD was doing a comment section thing now it really got me inspired more, and so i decided to upload them all, it's to do with well meeting the Thirteenth Doctor hopefully you enjoy. After S11 finished I have decided to continue these one-shot...

  • Living on set - Jodie Whittaker story.
    2.2K 77 8

    it's self explanatory really.. you (y/n) are adopted by jodie whittaker one day when you get lost in the middle of Cardiff and she finds you during an episode of filming dw highest ranking: #1 in #thirteenthdoctor

  • Come with me - Thirteenth Doctor X Reader
    3.6K 137 4

    I wasn't an alien, but I may as well have been. I always wished for something different, something to make me feel special. And needless to say, I got my wish. The day I met her, I had taken a short cut from work. It was almost destiny, that Together we made a great team, no planet was too big and no time period was t...

  • Jodie Whittaker x Girl Reader
    936 14 1

    You are the girlfriend of Jodie and she is waiting in the bedroom to surprise you! Very smutty!

    Completed   Mature
  • Co-star (Jodie Whittaker x f reader")
    7.9K 285 13

    (Y/n) is a new actress and new to the set of doctor who. What will happen ?

  • Beyond The Stars (13th Doctor)
    1.6K 61 8

    A young girl, way ahead of her time but with a soul that belongs in the 80's, falls for a woman that changes the world. ☆"My love, see those stars?"☆ •"Hm?", I mumbled in response"• ☆"They're beautiful, but they're nothing but a flicker in your shadow"☆ ------------------------- ☆"Because perhaps, just perhaps, she o...

  • Reunions aren't the same for everyone (13th Doctor x Reader)
    2.8K 58 8

    Y/n arrives to her college like any other day, but she soon finds out that there is a new teacher in her school. She can't help but think if she knows this new teacher, or if she has met her before. And what will she do, once she realises who this teacher truly is to her... Will y/n fall in love along her dangerous f...

  • For you (13th Doctor x reader)
    3.2K 99 5

    The doctor finds you stranded on her first adventure.

  • jodie whittaker fangirl book
    2.7K 71 13

    it just random stuff lmaoo adout jodie whittaker

  • Always on my mind - Jodie Whittaker X Girl reader
    18K 464 29

    COMPLETE You join Series 13 of Doctor Who, starring Jodie Whittaker. You're the replacement for Tosin, because poor Ryan was written out at the end of the Series 12 finale. As soon as you get there, you instantly fall in love with Jodie but you know she can never love you back. NOTE: Any text in bold (but NOT underli...

  • She
    5.6K 297 26

    She- Jodie Whittaker X Female Reader - COMPLETE You're called by the one and only Chris Chibnall to audition for Series 13 of Doctor Who. Next thing you know, you've bumped into the lady you've always wanted to meet..and are working alongside her. Y/N = Your Name M/N= (Your) Middle Name L/N = (Your) Last Name E/C = (Y...

  • Incredible Things || Thirteenth Doctor x Reader
    10K 168 5

    Doctor Who 13th Doctor / Reader ( You ) One-shots about 13/Reader Fluff, Angst, Smut, First Kiss, Marriage Proposal ( REQUESTS ARE WELCOME! )

  • thirteenth doctor one shots (old)
    54.4K 1.3K 38

    DISCONTINUED: CONTINUED IN "THIRTEENTH DOCTOR ONE SHOTS" ON MY PROFILE highest ranking: #1 in tvshow || all of my thirteenth doctor one shots. includes: thirteenth doctor x readers, thirteenth doctor and her companions etc. full of angst, fluff and general gayness. note: the first several fics were written over a year...

  • 13th Doctor Preferences
    12.8K 308 13

    It has officially happened, the 13th Doctor is a female! The future is female! This book contains preferences based on the newest face of our beloved time traveller. :)

  • Doctor, are you sure this is safe?
    1.1K 85 18

    When Yaz, Ryan, Graham and the Doctor get stranded on an alien planet, and the Doctor gets kidnapped, what will happen- slight romance ( Graham x the Doctor) ( Yaz x the Doctor)

  • 13th Doctor X Reader
    10.1K 387 18

    You've been travelling with the Doctor for a few months when suddenly you start to notice something has changed. Will the Doctor ever open up to you? And will you ever understand how you truly feel? Read in the POV of Y/N. Thank you :) Completed. I DO NOT OWN THE DOCTOR OR ANY COMPANIONS/THE TARDIS OR BRANDS MENTIO...

  • 13th Doctor OneShots S2
    2K 104 29

    I don't Own any of the characters that belongs to the (BBC) Doctor Who. Hey Fam, So because these Oneshots/fics are going to be based of the episodes of S12 like the first 13th Doctor OneShots (the same thing will go I will follow the episodes brining my OC into them and possibly others/older companions/monsters, it...

  • Jodie One Shots
    541 19 2

    Basically some one shots of Jodie Whittaker X Reader. Some are short and some are long, depends really. Also from Three onwards they're sort of in random order. Very timely wimey.....hehe....

  • 13th doctor x reader
    9.5K 252 11

    You were about to kill yourself when the doctor and yaz find you. After a while with them you are growing closer to the doctor and you may have a little crush on her but what you don't know is that Yasmin also has a little crush.... but it's on you!!!