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  • AVNEIL FF : Bandhan
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    Avneil FF

  • First time
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    an avneil os.... I guess this description is enough 😌😉... peep in to know more... P.s. I have the whole copy right for the scenes over here. No act of revamping any scenes or story lines and reproducing it at any way would be appreciated.

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    My next fanfiction on Avneil ❤❤❤ "Find me another personal assistant " Avni...that's the 5th personal assistant you fire this month He gets distracted too easily....he can't manage to do anything at right time...then what should have i done....just to worship him....replied with frustration.... Hire another one... **...

  • A Love Story Of An Army Officer.
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    Hi readers; So am a big of Avneil, Manan and The Korean Drama Descendants Of the Sun. So I thought to mixed all these in one. So let's peep inside to see what will happen when these three comes together.

  • My Horrible Dream
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    Its an Avneil Os Ranked 5 in #avneil... Hurray!! On March 1 Ranked 3 in #avneil on March 15

  • Adiza Shots❤❤
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    Hey guys tune into my chappy for adiza shots..❤❤ Ranked #5 in #adiza on 16 november😄😄

  • As Long As I Live With You
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    Neil khurana , is Indian army , major Neil , who is silent type and won't fear for defusing the bomb , he always want to face the death face to face ,because Avni who gave pain in his life ? Avni , top businesses tycoon daughter , she is soft and kind hearted girl , she will spend her weekend in orphanage . She love t...

  • The Silence
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    A story on avneil........kabhi kabhi hum yeh samajh nahi pate ke hum pyaar karte kisse hai.... our jab samajh ata hai tab sayad bohot der ho jata hai....per sayad tabhi hume pyaar ki asli kimat pata chalta hai........

  • Craving for HIM
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    Avni is married to her LOVE, her NEIL. But fate has its own rules. How can anyone get TRUE LOVE easily? She was left to crave for HIM, HIS LOVE.

  • Avneil ff: Shiddat[COMPLETED]
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    hey guys i m back with another story of my most favourite couple avneil.In this story their is love,fear,care,action and some i hope u like it

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unwanted Girl
    27.7K 3.4K 20

    Story of an illegitimate child. Will she be accepted by society ? Will she be able to find the deserved happiness of her life ? OR She will remain the UNWANTED GIRL...throughout her life ?

  • Kurubaan Hua (Avneil)
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    It's very difficult to explain guys! Please give it a try!!!!!! After a tragedy, Neil and Avni are consumed by problems. Neil is out all day and night trying to fix things, so that Avni isn't affected by the issues that are over taking their life, to protect her. But Avni has never been one to let Neil handles things...

  • AvNeil to AdiZa
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    How about a work on Aditi and Zain? Mind you....Its JUST PURE FICTION!

  • Opposite Attracts.
    2.1K 211 3

    A story of my favorite tellywood couples. They are Kriyaansh, Avneil, Devakshi and Virika. Do read and support me.

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    Wo dono mile aur bichhad gaye... Wo dono fir mile aur fir bichhad gaye Sayad isiliye kyun ki unhe humesha k liye milna tha.... Avni-that stilly night n that boy.. Akhir kon the tum... Neil-tum jo koi v ho mera dil kehta hai mujhe zarur miloge...

  • Torn Up Love ❤
    54.7K 5.3K 29

    Ranked # 1 -ROMANCE❤ Avni and Neil were married but has been separated since last 3 months due to an incident. bt their love never fades away both have soft corner for each other in their heart but denying to show it to anyone including each other also....... what will happen when they will face each other after 3 mo...

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    i just start a journey with neil in his Post Graduation college life..lets see what destiny had for neil & how his love will happen..

  • I will do anything for you, MADAM😘
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    This story is adapted from a superhit movie... keep reading to know more..

  • ❣𝔸𝕘𝕒𝕣 𝕥𝕦𝕞 𝕤𝕒𝕒𝕥𝕙 𝕙𝕠...- An Avneil Story
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    A story in continuation after juhi's death...Neil starts a new life with avni but she is afraid of his life....

  • The Perfect Morning 😉
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    So as we know our CV's has grabbed the after Sr from us. The blush of Neil, the replica from Avni... The shararat of Neil, the mature Avni.... How nice it would have been for family to tease avneil all together...... How much we craved for such scenes.... Anyways so this os is all about it....... Peep in to know more...

  • The Awaited SPRING (Published)
    74.9K 2.6K 14

    Some see it as SPRING, Some see it as OPPORTUNITY, An opportunity to start something new and trust in the Magic of Beginnings. An opportunity to lay your Faith in Fate, and let it write your New Tale of Happiness. *** Neil Khanna, a dashing man in his late twenties, stooped with the heavy weight of his broken relation...

  • Avneil ff - Destiny ✔
    139K 10.3K 50

    Avni Ayesha, a bold and fierce girl, lost her mother in childhood. Abandoned by her family and society, Neela Parikh becomes her savior. Years later she gets married to her love interest Neil Khanna. ACP Neil Khanna, handsome hunk and a kind hearted person. He accepted Avni the way she was and loved her with all his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kya pyaar humko jeena sikhayasta hai?
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    Check to find out more

    37.9K 3.6K 27

    When we say "its complicated " does it really mean that well ask me it is not .. " when our mobile gets hang we just switched off it and restart " but can theh be able to restart their hang journey just by saying "Sorry " and "I love You "

    Completed   Mature
  • The True Colours Of Love
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    This has not any connection with naamkaran . I just took the characters Neil and avni. This is about aloving couple who were always together

  • virika, avneil and Kareeta love
    4.8K 264 5

    love story

  • Journey
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    The whole idea of the story is based on the TV Show Naamkarann of Star Plus. But the main essence of it, the whole plot of Dayawanti Mehta and the illegitimacy of Avni does not exist. Its just the story of Neil (who have lost faith in love after losing his first love, Juhi) and Avni ( who also had no idea of love of a...

  • avneil-thru all odds
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    a story of an junior doctor Avni with other friends and a senior department head doctor Neil, hope they finally become one

  • Yeh Ishq nahi aasaan💕💕
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    Avni & Neil fell in love with each other in college but unaware that their families are enemies from last 20 yrs. What will happen when they got to know about it ?? What will happen when their families got to know about their love ?? Will they ever become avneil or destiny will seperates their path ?? Cover credit: @...