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  • The Mates Charm. (Sequel of Dragon Mating Season...Reversed!)
    30.3K 812 24

    All rights reserved! -[]- **Sequel to Dragon Mating Season...Reversed!** -[]- Mating season has come and gone...Or as it? The year soon rolls by the dragon slayers soon come to realise that the season still remains a part of them. In an unexplainable way... Seemingly lurking beneath the surface. But after a long Misso...

  • A Dragon's Instinct (Fraxus)
    87.1K 3K 14

    When Freed falls ill with a mysterious illness, it stirs strange feelings within Laxus. When a dragon's instinct takes over, what disaster could possible befall Fairy Tail?

  • MidCro one shots
    6.4K 163 11

    There is not enough of this ship and so it is now my duty as a hardcore shipper so that people will know this pairing. This pairing needs love man and it doesn't help that these two are backgroung characters as well so it makes it harder but I'm up for the task so come at me BRO!

  • Desires - A Fraxus Fanfic (Discontinued)
    3.4K 72 8

    FUCK DESCRIPTIONS!! This is a FRAXUS fanfic that's ALL the explanation you need! Let's GO if you're a cinnamon roll welcome to some fluff. Edit: ........also this is like major cringe...and I am truly sorry for the shit you are bout to read. But hey aren't all first fanfics the worst? Also there will be no sexy time a...

  • Fairy Tail Texts
    90.3K 3.9K 61

    what if the wonderful fairy tail guild had phones? would they text each other? of course they would! enjoy there wild and weird texts!!!

  • My Lovely Shadow
    534 44 4

    While taking a walk in the park, Sting meets a young girl. A girl who has recently be kicked out of her own home. Seeing how she has no family in town for the time being, Sting took the young girl in to his home. Letting her stay in the room that he was lending to his partner, who has fallen behind on some expenses...

  • My Lonely Princess [Jerza Fanfiction]
    13.7K 516 14

    [COMPLETED] Erza is a new transfer student in Fairy Tail High School. Finding it hard to fit in with the girls, Erza decides to fulfil her hobbies by joining sport clubs. However, Fairy Tail High School only allows the boys to join such clubs. What should Erza do? Cross-dress as a boy, of course. • - • Extra notes:...

  • Love In a Bag (Loke x Lucy)
    5.9K 137 2

    Loke Found a Suspicious Bag in Lucy's Room He Wonders what's inside of it But Lucy Stopped him What Inside of that bag?? Why Did Lucy Stopped Loke?? This is a Complete Story

  • The Past and the Present (Fairytail fanfic)
    2.7K 70 5

    After a particularly, heartbreaking argument, Freed is finally fed up with Laxus's attitude and disbands the Thunder Legion, forcing them to all o separate ways. Laxus is not very concerned initially, he's never truly needed them as body guards, and knows they can handle themselves. However, when the three go on a mis...

  • You Won't Forget Me, Right? {REWRITTEN VERSION}
    539 27 2

    *REWRITTEN VERSION* Original version still on, but was made about 2 years ago, while I was middle school cringe. Second grade just ended for young Sting Eucliffe. He was bored, watching Laxus play with Freed in the front yard. He then realizes that a new family was moving in, just across the street. And that was when...

  • Sugar & Spice | jerza
    11.9K 748 14

    ❝You're entirely bonkers! But I'll tell you a secret- all the best people are.❞ wonderland au | fairy tail | jerza

  • The Shadow's Master || Stingue
    1.2K 90 8

    I'm Sting Eucliffe, the last of the Eucliffe family. I'm also known as the queen's guard dog. I clean up messes like murders, kidnappers, etc. My family was murdered in a fire. I never really knew what happened to them, but I knew someone killed them. I wanted payback, I wanted to make sure whoever killed my family wo...

  • (Discontinued) The Times I Spent Alone (Fraxus) Modern!AU
    509 27 4

    (This is a modern au which it placed at about 2015-2018 but their magic and personalities haven't changed and they still go to a guild) TW: -DEPRESSION -SELF HARM -POSSIBLE DEATH -BLOOD -ANGSTY TOPICS -POSSIBLE RAPE -French After all of Freeds friends starting dating he didn't really know what to do. Evergreen started...

  • (Discontinued) The Unbearable Pain
    4.2K 44 20

    After a job the Thunder legion was severely hurt. They have been poisoned before but this was extreme. After they were gone for a few weeks mages got suspicious because it was just a dark guild and they are some of the strongest wizards. The members began looking for them. They were able to find Laxus but we're unsucc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything For You
    16.7K 399 18

    Freed and Laxus had been together since the first time Freed confess his love. They are the only person in Fairytail that has a 'unique' relationship. Or to say they are the only people. One day Laxus got a confession from Mirajanne that she is in love with him. Many people ask him and pressure making him think that h...

  • Laxus x Freed Is Our Love Real?
    16.7K 405 11

    This is my first book so plz dont be mean i know that its bad but plz tell me if i messed up tell me if you want me to change anything and tell me if you want me to continue plz

  • The Engagement Game
    6.4K 210 9

    "Hey. I've got a question for ya, will you marry me?" Maybe this question was supposed to be taken much more seriously than Lucy thought. Will Loke get his answer, or will Lucy look to it as just another game?

  • Green Envy in Blue Pegasus
    6.4K 272 5

    In Fairy Tail, it was easy for Laxus to hide the fact that he had no interest in women. So when the Raijinshuu join Blue Pegasus while Fairy Tail is disbanded, Laxus faces the greatest challenge ever: how to keep hiding the fact that he's gay when women flock around him, and how long can he keep his composure as he ra...

  • Ms.Good girl meets Mr.playboy. (JeRza FanFic)
    78.6K 2.6K 28

    Erza, an outstanding student in Fiore Science High School, meets Jellal, the Mr. Playboy of the school. Will she succeed in forgetting her feelings, or she will fell for him?

  • The Celestial Angel!
    101K 2.8K 50

    When Lucy originally joined the legendary guild Fairy Tail, things were going great. Everyone seemed to love her, and she enjoyed her time there. That was, until Lisanna came back from Edolas. When Lisanna returned, no one cared about Lucy anymore. She was nothing besides a weak celestial wizard. Lucy fell into a depr...

  • from a Man to a Woman (a stingue Fanfiction)
    19.2K 382 18

    Sting ,Rogue, Rufus and orga went to a job for boys only, the mission was harder than they expected, in the job sting was going to get hit with a very strong spell, but rogue saved him and got hit,when he woke up he saw that he turned in to a girl ,find out what is rogue gonna do. WARNING :lemons and VERY SLOW UPDATES

  • No love is Greater (Jerza)
    1.4K 33 3

    This story takes place after Jellal confessed to Erza on the beach at sunset.There will be a lot of problems they'll face together as a couple and as a family.

  • A Dragon's Bite [Stingue]
    35.9K 1.2K 13

    The twin dragon slayers thought this was just a normal mission. Their exceeds with Yukino, leaving them all alone. They thought it would end after a day, they would get their reward then leave. Oh how wrong they were. Follow Sting and Rogue through a story of horror, adventure and maybe.. a bit love? But remember...

  • The Love of a Lion
    33.7K 1.2K 18

    Lucy has secretly been dating Loke (Leo the Lion) for a while now. Everything seems great between them, until Natsu comes along. His behavior around Lucy changes and he seems to like her. Now Lucy doesn't know what to do. She may have feelings for both of them... But who does she care for more? And how can she pick be...

  • I'm With You [A Jerza Fanfic]
    47.6K 1.4K 28

    Scarlet and Fernandes meeting in an orpahange. Go to schools tegether. Erza gets adopted. She still hopes to see Jellal again. In the age of 16, her parents force her to do something that is against her will. She decides to run away. She soon realizes that she is alone again, like before she went to the orphanage, bef...

  • Jerza Jellal x Erza
    55.8K 1.5K 14

    Erza Scarlet a normal student... Ok no Erza Scarlet not so normal student actually a former delinquent leader. She has a tough past and wishes to retry her school life so changes school but that doesn't work out so well. She meets a player that goes on her nerves. What will happen with her and the player?

  • Fiore high { fraxus, gratsu, stingue, and more }
    13.2K 390 22

    i got bored and decided to attempt to write a fanfiction. hope you enjoy.

  • Me and My Broken Heart [Stingue fanfic]
    82.2K 3.2K 28

    After a major breakup with Kagura, Rogues self esteem has dropped completely and he has no confidence in himself. Being devastated and depressed, his best long time friend Sting who's in love with him is also being affected. Sting wants to confess to Rogue and get him out of his depression, but doesn't know how. See i...

  • Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, Erlu, Canajane)
    116K 2.2K 43

    I know that everyone does it, but I'd like to think mine's a bit different. Updates once a day (used to before I finished it that is), has good grammar, and long chapters. *no smut* *mostly Chendy, Erlu, and Canajane, but the rest come in later on* Ships- Chendy Erlu Canajane Gale Gratsu Fraxus IF YOU FINISHED THIS...

  • Twin Dragons' Day At Fairy Tail
    12.1K 393 8

    After the Grand Magic Games, Sting and Rogue decide to go visit Natsu and Gajeel. Fairy Tail isn't that crazy... right? WRONG! See how Sting and Rogue try to comprehend the pure insanity of Fairy Tail.