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  • A Super and a Luthor (Supercorp fic)
    538K 16.7K 27

    Kara and Lena fanfic in which Kara is obviously bisexual and Lena is gay and in love. Finished! :-) SEQUEL- A Danvers and a Luthor

  • A Danvers and a Luthor (Supercorp fic)
    239K 8.7K 27

    Sequel to "A Super and a Luthor" fic, features engaged/married Supercorp

  • The Reliable One - Supercorp
    5.6K 214 15

    Kara Danvers has never had anyone to rely on in school other than her adoptive sister Alex. Kara starts to question her sexuality but can't figure it out. She needs someone to talk to but Alex is always caught up with her girlfriend Maggie. That person couldn't be a specific person either as she is the one person she...

  • A Battle For Supercorp (no longer writing)
    109K 2.4K 55

    kara and lena are best friends. lena has been crushing on kara from day one.But can kara return her feeling and fight crime at the same time? read to find out. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW yup, its supercorp duh duh duh DONT READ THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BECOME GAY AF! yup just gay gay gay gay gay. a supergirl fan fic even tho...

  • Supercorp - Get the Girl
    44.8K 1.6K 11

    Lena's feelings about Kara are conflicted. "Why would anyone want to be with a Luthor?" "But she's so cute, like a puppy wrapped in sunshine!" Then she hears Kara sing.. Kara loves everyone. That's just a fact. She's oblivious to everything in the aspect of her love life. how can she not realize how many people are fa...

  • They Don't Know About Us {SuperCorp} [[Hiatus]]
    43.1K 1.4K 16

    Summary inside 🤗

  • Next of Kin - SuperCorp
    282K 9.2K 38

    Trailer for this fic done by the incredibly talented @Jeeeenifer30 : When Kara and Lena go out to celebrate Kara's front page story all starts out well but tragedy ensues. This will send Kara into a tailspin of rage. She'll need her friends and family, question who matters to her in life...