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  • Reincarnated as the villainess' brother
    239K 13.5K 38

    His worst enemy is his sisters otome games, which she plays 24/7 and he can never hear the end of it from her, but when he dies one day, he gets reincarnated to his least favorite otome game! He tries not to get involved with the main characters, so he can avoid the drama that happens when the heroine finally arrives...

  • The Horror Addict's Transmigration
    51.8K 3.5K 36

    "What are you here for?" "I just want to get scared..." Ye Delun is to put it simply, a horror addict. He strives to find something terrible enough to make him jump or scream. But after years of his strange unsatisfied addiction, he's forced into a last resort. Playing a game his friend recommended. A horror-based ot...

  • Transmigrated as an Ignored Crown Princess
    96.3K 4.2K 29

    After weeping himself to sleep from a broken heart, the gentle and carefree Yamato never expected to wake up in a body of a hated wife on ancient times. He wake up with a tyrant as a husband, a naive peddler as a mistress, and two little buns as in-laws. While searching for a way to go back, he began to feel like he...

    121K 6.6K 49

    June Weng is bounded to the system: Venus, Goddess of Love. He has been travelling through space and time in different person's body and changing their fate. Watch him flirt with the male leads of each world he enters in. This story will contain three stories and a teaser from June's adventures. Aka three BL stories...

  • Pampering And Doting On The Male Leads | BL
    49.5K 3.4K 13

    "Take it! Take my love, my money, my everything! Just let me dote and pamper on you!" ------------------ Akira Yasu is a secretary for his boss of 20 years. He manages everything from morning to night. He also takes care of his bosses son. Watching in the delight at the blooming love of him and his wife. Their romanc...

  • I Pursue the Villain! [ BL ]
    267K 13.7K 45

    When Kai Lunao was on his way back home from school, he picked up a mysterious BL book titled, "The Gold Knight." Shortly after reading the book, he died from a fire. Shockingly he transmigrates into the book! Kai reincarnates as the hero's childhood best friend who was destined to be left behind by the hero of the b...

  • [BL] Accidentally Became The Heroes' Lover
    135K 6.6K 41

    Qian Lin Xiao just freshly graduated from college. His dream job is to be part of the SuperCare Association where non-superhero human takes care of the heroes sexual desires. However, his dream to have xxx with female superheroes shattered when he was assigned in the male heroes. Lin Xiao: I didn't signed up for this...

  • Reader One-shots
    7.8K 183 9

    Book of One shots to thank my readers for achieving milestones in "Seduction System" Feel free to request one-shots here or in the milestone chapters in "Seduction System". I will write fandom x reader but they might not be accurate if I didn't actually play the game or watch the anime. Tags will be updated once I wri...

  • Everyday the protagonist wants to capture me
    125K 7.1K 90


  • Dull (Food Wars x Male Reader)
    66.4K 3.1K 20

    (Shokugeki no Soma x Male Reader) (Food Wars x Male Reader) Hyposmia is the reduced ability to smell. Hypogeusia is the reduced ability to taste. Poor (M/N) had both of that. However, it became his strength. Big burst of flavors would only reach him. Come join his trip as he meets hot men and tries to avoid people fro...

  • Beloved Husband of a Billionaire (BL Novel)
    182K 8.8K 34

    As soon as he finished his studies, Miguel promised to work hard to take care of his family. He wanted his old father to retire without worries and to live the rest of his life in comfort. The only way to fulfill his goal was to seek for greener pastures. He finds employment in a foreign country. He worked tirelessly...

  • The CEO's New Mate
    181K 7K 28

    Bokuto is the CEO of a major company and an alpha. Akaashi is his secretary and an omega. Bokuto's parents push their son to find a mate to have an heir. Note: Another omegaverse story; this is based off another story I read, and I would give credit for inspiration/reference but I sadly can't remember who wrote it/the...

    Completed   Mature
  • A chance
    194K 8.7K 35

    We all knows that the villains is the evil one. In the end, they will always live in a living hell or die in the most painful way. ••• Every stories will always have a villains. And every stories will always have a female lead having the captured targets fighting for her love. And in the end, the villains will always...

  • Stealing The Male Lead's Heart
    56.9K 2.7K 24

    STATUS: ON-GOING Hua ZhangWei is once a prodigy student. He is smart, talented and also kind hearted. He maybe cold on the outside but that's just his mask to protect himself. That's because people around him admires him and at the same time backstabbing him calling him a monster or weirdo... and his family is also in...

  • Cat K [BL]
    197K 10K 43

    Description I am K. Born in a country called South Korea, I was a young man from the noble lineage of the "Park" family. One day, I found myself under the curse of a witch in an unfamiliar world, a victim of misfortune. But pay no heed to my circumstances. Now, I am not a son of the noble "Park" family, nor the "Black...

    184K 8.2K 72

    *NOTE: I'M NOT THE RIGHTFUL OWNER OF THIS TRANSLATION(SUMMARY). THIS IS SOLELY FOR MY OFFLINE READING. **CTTO: According to wintertranslates, this is not totally a translation but kinda "summary translation". Though it does not feel like a summary though. Plot: The year he was f...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cold General's Fierce Wife
    594K 36K 70

    Main story:COMPLETED ___________________________ After his miserable death, Su Ying transmigrates into a glass-hearted 'white lotus' 'ger' in the ancient time who was treated wrongly by his family. He also learns that due to an Imperial edict, he's going to be sold... *cough* married off to the greatest General of th...

  • Seduction System
    451K 22.1K 58

    Skylar gets bound to a seduction system and has to go around to different worlds, seducing targets in order to level up! (This is mature content) Art used for Cover is not mine, I'm a horrible artist! I'm a decent editor though so I added the hearts and the text (WOW I'M SO AMAZING)

  • Devilman crybaby akira x ryo fanfiction
    286K 4.7K 154

    pics and one shots contains yaoi meaning boyxboy ryo x akira Will be mature content so no complaints.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunting the Creator
    344K 22K 69

    Dejected and free, he seeks out in hunting the one who enslaved him. (A/N: None of the pictures are mine, you've been told.)

  • The Class Prince
    11.6M 388K 43

    When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he immediately gets a bad impression of his new deskmate, Ivan Moonrich. Gorgeous, mysterious, and menacing, Ivan is exactly what Desmond doesn't need in his life - or so he thinks... *...

  • Villian Days
    273K 9.6K 58

    After transmigrating into the body of Amano Yuu, the villain of the boys' love novel Shinjin Gakuen - Beloved by Maou, the new Yuu attempts to live peacefully in hopes of not triggering any death flags. This is difficult, since the Hero's main love interest, along with all the handsome side characters, just won't leav...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Just This 'Sue'
    83.3K 3.8K 20

    After his death, Hang Qing got a system that allowed him to release the halo of Gary Stu (aka. Mary Sue) and conquer the villain in every world. "You have an unparalleled appearance, a charming body, an irresistible voice, is conquering a villain that difficult?" "............... But I'm a fucking man. " "It doesn't m...

  • Raising a Seme is Tough (LOL)
    236K 11.6K 27

    Lin Jia Qian, a newbie in the odd job system received his first mission : Help Mo Ran to become the next Great General. When he arrived in the world where the mission was assigned, Lin Jia Qian was stunned. Mo Ran was only a year old and with no one caring for him. Out of impulse, he made his choice to become Mo Ran'...

  • Broken protagonist (bl)
    112K 4.7K 17

    In the system's meeting : [ We have a broken protagonist!!!!!] System 001 shouted in panic. [Oh my! Did the world collapse???] System 6784 cried in worry. [Is the protagonist on a killing spree?? Or did they strip and pole dance with the public transport pole??] Another system commented. [No...this one seems albeit no...

  • The Heart of a Smith.
    129K 5.3K 63

    Genre: Modern, BL, Fluff, Drama, HE, Younger seme, Business setting Novel status: Finished, 57 chapters + 3 Extra Chapters Translation status: Ongoing Translator: Shiya Editor: Addis SUMMARY: Lu Shang picked up a dirty teenager while discussing work at a bar. It was merely happenstance, but memories from ten years ago...

  • Free Me (Yandere Male x Male Reader)
    152K 4.1K 35

    This is a continuation of @_Lost_Banshee_'s story. I will be editing and maybe changing up things in the story to spice things up a little. If anything, this is more of a experiment. (Y/N) = Your Name (L/N) = Last Name (S/C) = Skin Color (F/C) = Favorite Color (A/N) = Author Note You have no idea how it all started...

  • I Just Want To Follow The Plot!
    109K 5.1K 16

    Birth, Life, Death It's something everyone has to go through, but one question I've always had was "What comes after that?" -------------------- Zero is the living definition of someone who is good at everything. So much so that life had lost it's meaning for him. So one day, god decided to throw a meteor right onto h...

  • This Love Is Too Real
    15.9K 332 24

    This is based on Tower Of God if you haven't read the Webtoon comic please read it these characters aren't mine this is a fan fiction my first one too please in the comments tell me what I can do better thank you this is my Opinion also this may not be you fav ship but it's my favorite ship.

  • It's Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!
    88K 3.5K 21

    Just one step in the wrong direction, and I managed to cross over into a different sphere. A newly-made world of a God. In the distance stood a small house surrounded by a field. And inside lay a man on a bed. According to the God, he was a hero. One who had died in a tragic event. Then the next words of the God threw...