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    The devil is as real as you or I. The devil owns her heart. He owns your every thought, your every move. He owns your dignity and your undying allegiance. But he doesn't own the blood on his hands. Still, the devil is as real as you or I. The devil owns his heart. She owns the fear in yours. She owns your city's silen...

  • The Untouchable
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    (Warning: Rated R) "Lilly tried to sign to him but her breath hitched as he pushed her into his upstairs office. Lilly regained her balance as she turned to Allen as he locked the door. He strutted towards her as he loosened his tie. Lilly gulped as she walked backwards. She jumped as her backside hit the edge of his...

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  • The Lovely Stranger
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    Zacharias Petropoulos is the heir of Petropoulos Enterprises Holdings Incorporations. He is half Greek and half Danish, handsome and sexy as a Greek God. He could get what he wanted in just a snap of his fingers. Every woman fell for his charm. But he didn't want anything serious. Lisa Phillips is the only daughter of...

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  • Perfect Illusion
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    Daniel Kerrington is a multimillionaire's son. He's got the whole package: blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. killer lips. He's absolutely swoon-worthy. Too bad his personality is so full of shit. Daniel Kerrington is arrogant. Cocky. Insufferable. A walking one night stand. Ever since our...