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    Welcome to my world of one shot on our one and only favourite telly couple TWINJ ! MR. KUNJ SARNA - HER SADU SARNA MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA - HIS SIYAPPA QUEEN !

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    Story is how destiny plays game....

  • When A Bad Boy Fell For An Innocent Girl
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    This story is on Twinj.

  • Her Life
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    Twinkle Taneja- She is sweet beautiful cute bubbly. But her bubbly nature is lost somewhere. Her cute smile is missing somewhere. Anybody can see pain in her eyes. She was previously a happy soul. But today she is not. Kunj Sarna- He is a rich rude business tycoon. His heart melt only for his bebe. He loves his bebe v...

  • Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Short Story)
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    850 in romance dated 14th May 2018 short story.... when a gangster met spy and how their love blossom....

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    869 in romance dated 31st may 2018 This is about Twinkle Taneja, the daughter of billionaire whose father wants her to marry another powerful family son Yuvraj Luthra against her will but faith has another plan and adventure store for her.... Let's find out what life has store for her... Kunj Sarna is an angry young...

  • His Venture (ON HOLD)
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    ON HOLD He's venture... her dilemma, her worries, her questions.. his state.. his boldness, her arrogance where will it lead them?? join twinj aka sidmin on their beautiful interesting journey ..

  • "Defination: Love? Life?" TEI TS
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    This story is originally posted on ,Still posting it here! This Story is a love triangle Between three friends, Yuvraj, Twinkle and Kunj. It is mainly an emotional story with friendship, Love and much more... This Story would be a love triangle, a pure Love triangle! Sometimes witnessing Yuvraj's one...