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  • Sugar, Spice and peppermint
    105K 1.7K 53

    Sugar Daddy Klance Lance works at Starbucks when he accidentally spills his drink on some important papers and a hot dude he has to pay him back, but not with money. Dominate Keith Submissive Lance (some pet play) AU I don't own Voltron

  • Forbidden Romance (Billdip)
    245K 8.8K 22

    The one who causes death, Bill Cipher. The ones who bring life, Dipper. And one who keeps the peace between the two, Mabel. Life and death, exact opposites each one barely able to dominate the other. Some say their enemy's fighting for power, others say there friends staying out of each other's way. But just a few kn...

  • Lance A-Z Smut/Lemons
    322K 4.5K 25

    A series of smut/lemons surrounding Lance from Voltron, in an A-Z format. Lots of different ships, hope you enjoy. *Warnings* -Sex (rough sometimes) -Minor abuse (Not from who Lance is with) -Multiple ships -Use Of Safewords Ships -Klance (Keith x Lance) -Shance (Shiro x Lance) -Shatte (Shiro x Lance x Matt) -Shklance...

  • Bundle Of Joy || Mashton || Mpreg
    5.6K 233 21

    One night stand? One night mistake.

  • Sanders Sides Smut, and nothing but...
    157K 1.5K 7

    All ships, no matter what. Trigger warnings will be at the top of each chapter, please make sure you read them, and please let me know if a missed any! feel free to send in requests! hear or on tumbr in my asks @VirgilsBlogOfAnxietys 🖤

  • Be More Hansen{COMPLETED}
    112K 3.6K 48

    A dear Evan Hansen step brother AU Will include the following ships: RAKE(Rich and Jake) Treebros(Connor and Evan) BOYF RIENDS(Michael and Jeremy) ZOLANA(Zoey and Alana)

  • Sincerely, The Heeres
    27.6K 1.3K 15

    Ms.Hansen and Mr.Heere both lived very similar lives. They were both single parents who were left by their spouses to raise their teenage boys alone. But what happens when their lives cross? DEH and BMC crossover AU. Yes, it's complicated. Deal with it.

  • Memes for The Fandoms
    3K 233 33

    Just some memes for different fandoms like: The Selection, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, TFIOS, and MORE! Enjoy my little peasants!

    206K 2.7K 17


  • We Need to Be More Chill
    178K 9.5K 73

    Headcanons, One-shots, and Drabbles ___ in which admin may and I need to be more chill. enjoy our hectic conversations brought to writing -admin becca ___ Credits to: jam-campasta and arieryn (both on tumblr) for the art used in the cover :))

  • Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓
    2.2M 71.5K 46

    ~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected

  • Cupcake: The Rough Draft [MUKE]
    175K 8K 30

    ❝Want anything else, cupcake? A blowy, a handjöb, you can even touch the butt.❞ ↠ Or where Luke goes to a bakery every Friday and Michael has an obsession for calling him cupcake. UNDER CONSTRUCTION © All Rights Reserved

  • Adopted By Michael Clifford {Book 1}
    150K 5K 45

    Maya was left on the doorstep of an orphanage when she was a baby. No last name, no memory of her parents. Nothing. She never knew what it was like to be loved. What happens when she gets adopted by Michael Clifford? Will she finally be happy or will things just get worse?

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted By 4 Idiots // 5sos
    150K 3K 46

    "I can't go to sleep when you're crying." Or in which a young anxious, sleep deprived, girl saves four boys from destroying themselves. [Full description inside] (completed ✔️, unedited)

  • Adopted By Calum Hood
    21.1K 594 11

    'Your worthless! He doesn't want you!' My mind told me. And that's when I realised he really doesn't. I've been here for 5 years. No one wants me. I layed my body down along the small bed twirling my long wavy locks between my fingers. But that's when i was cut off by the door viciously swinging open. "EMERSON PACK YO...

  • Adopted by 5SOS
    595K 20.6K 23

    Book 1: Tittle says it all... ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright © 2014 #JustJess

  • Adopted By 5SOS
    10.6M 330K 103

    What happens when love doesn't connect to you. When your mother dies in a horrible accident. And your abusive father gets arrested. And you. You get taken an orphanage where they tell you everything will be better. But is everything better? [Highest Rank Fan Fiction: #5] [Current Rank Fan Fiction: #...

  • Adopted by Mike Faist
    18.2K 607 24

    Imagine being on the verge of fading into nothing, when suddenly your idol, someone you had always looked up to and hoped to be as successful as them, saved you. In which a girl that had no hope of survival, let alone a future, gets the opportunity of a lifetime; a family. She, of course, being the pessimist that sh...

  • Brodway Miracle (Mike Faist x Reader)
    8.7K 192 9

    BRODWAY... YAAAAAYYYY! You received an email that said you were picked for the role of Zoe Murphy. You showed up for rehearsal a year before the first show would be performed. The show director introduced you to the man who would be your brother in the show, Mike Faist. You fall in love, and soon start dating. You don...

  • You Make Your Own Future (Mike Faist x Reader)
    15.8K 378 20

    You're a massive musical fan and love Dear Evan Hansen. You admire Mike Faist and would give anything to meet him. On your 19th birthday your parents give you a chance better than anything you could imagine! No matter who you are, no matter your faults or your flaws, you can make your own future, so long as you try. ...

  • 5SOS Jokes
    417K 34.1K 201

    jokes aren't mine, they're your moms © 2015-2017 | -cashtons

  • ★5sos Bible★
    494K 26.4K 98

    So i decided to make this mini "book, bible" thing. If your bored or just want to giggle. Or just some things that you can relate to being part of the 5sauce fam. Read this. Trust me. At least read one page. ☼ These are all made by meh ☼ Daily pages made.

  • 5sos bible
    51.1K 3.6K 84

    From Ashton's dimples to Luke's quiff to Michael's little luminescent hair to Calum's Asian genes.

  • 5 seconds of summer dirty imagines NO REQUESTS
    181K 1.1K 12

    this story is just how I sounds. NOT FOR KIDS!

  • 5sos smut
    101K 508 10

    you Luke you Michale you Ashton you calum hope you like

    309K 1.6K 39

    very dirty

  • Down and Dirty with 5SOS(5SOS Smut)
    1.6M 6.6K 21

    5SOS smut for all ya nasties

    182K 12.3K 96

    Just 5sos junk basically. Warning: Might lead to death, crying, asthma attack, or even more death Have a nice life :) thank you guys so much, ugh ily Achievements: >> #760 Fanfiction >> #846 Fanfiction >> #564 Fanfiction © 2015 drearyluke

  • Sarcasm 101
    783K 40.2K 43

    A book of sarcastic comebacks and phrases that can be used in almost any situation. Enjoy :) A taste of what's in this book: Random Person" What are you doing here!?" Me: " I was too hot for heaven and too cool for h*ll so I'm stuck here." #12 in Random 09-04-17 Disclaimer: I did invent most of these comebacks but som...