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  • Aikatsu Dreams!
    5.2K 657 21

    Emi Miharu deeply admires idols, and looks up to the top idol group, Epiphany. She dreams of one day becoming a top idol, and is lucky to be accepted into Stardust Academy, a prestigious school for blossoming idols and popular ones alike. And on top of all that, it's the home of Epiphany. After meeting another aspirin...

  • Little Fairytales 2 | An Aikatsu Stars Fanfic
    1.5K 119 14

    Hello my subjects! I've been thinking about it and I think a book 2 for Little Fairytales would be a fun idea, so I'm giving it my best shot. This time Subaru ends up in the magical world of Contefee. And rather then try to get back home, Contefee needs his help!

  • Little Fairytales | An Aikatsu FanFic
    4.4K 321 26

    Hello my subjects! I decided to write this fan fiction about Aikatsu Stars characters in fairytales. I hope you like it and I hope I can see it to the end. || So the story goes Yume wakes up in a strange world and she must find her way home, I hope you enjoy. <3 <3

  • Aikatsu Stars! Another Story: Subaru Yuki x Kanade Tanaka
    40.1K 1.3K 68

    When Kanade Tanaka, childhood friend of Yume Nijino and Koharu Nanakura, moves back to japan from abroad, she pursues her passion for singing and strives to become top idol. She comes along hardships, friendship, and romance.

  • Aikatsu Stars! Lyrics
    31.9K 676 50

    This book has all the lyrics of the songs in Aikatsu Stars! It can take a lot of time before it can update if the lyrics of the full song is still not available in any website. Please tune in and enjoy reading/singing.

  • Nijino Yume's future boyfriend
    47K 1K 23

    All along Yume didn't like Subaru as he kept teasing her but as time flew by Yume started to like Subaru but Subaru had a crush on Yume since she started and fell on him.When will she start to like him?How did Sauaru hid his feelings?Read this to know how it happened.Aikatsu!

  • Aikatsu Stars: Our Secret Story
    10.7K 257 26

    This story is the part two of Aikatsu Stars: Valentine's Mess up. This is where Subaru and Yume gets together and secretly hiding their relationship from public. A girl named Sanya tried to get their relationship into public. Her friend Ame helps her. But Subaru and Yume always gets away from them. However, Despite o...

    8.6K 514 36

    TING!You got a message! Check out what would the Four Star Academy's idols react when they got a message through their Aikatsu Mobile.

  • Our Little Secret ||SubaYume|| Aikatsu Stars!
    41K 984 29

    I instinctively grabbed her to prevent her from getting hurt. "Oh no you don't. I'll call you when you're auditions are next. Don't want that face of yours getting redder than it already is." I smirked. "Ehhh?! But I wanna go!" She pouted. "You have song auditions next-- am I correct? I'm one of the judges so be sure...

  • Aikatsu Stars: THE STAGE IS MINE
    29K 1K 72

    [Ongoing] -- Emi Hoshino is a first year at 4 stars academy. Her past was filled with idol activity such as acting, and modeling. But it was all in the past now. Watch as she aims to make it to S4! Aikatsu stars belongs to Bandai. Started: 11/14/2017 Ended: -