Aikatsu Dreams!
By SmileychanEmily
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Emi Miharu deeply admires idols, and looks up to the top idol group, Epiphany. She dreams of one day becoming a top idol, and is lucky to be accepted into Stardust Academy, a prestigious school for blossoming idols and popular ones alike. And on top of all that, it's the home of Epiphany. After meeting another aspiring idol who shares the same dream, Kazuna Hitori, the two of them form a special bond and take the stage together. The duo then set out to become the next top idols at Stardust Academy! Along their journey, they meet Hanaka Jukashi and Miru Akari, two idols who strive to be at the top as well. Though this will be no easy task, and the road to stardom is still far. But with the help of their friends, families and supporters, these four girls will chase their dreams, and unleash bigger ones along the way! (Season 1) - (Season 2 description coming soon!) - Our dreams are rising and our hearts are singing. Aikatsu Dreams is about to begin! Rankings: #1 in Aikatsu #20 in Idols #25 in Dreams STATUS: Ongoing (Slow Updates) NOTICE: This is a work of fiction. The characters, storyline, songs and coords belong to me. This story will also share some features from the Aikatsu franchise. The Aikatsu franchise does not belong to me. Please do not plagiarise/copy or steal anything from my book. That includes but is not limited to the story, images and songs that we write. They belong to me, plus my co-writer and best friend. However we do not own the videos in this book. Otherwise, you shall be reported. But on a happier note, please enjoy this story, and I'm open to any suggestions that you have! :3

Chapter 1 - Rising Dreams!

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Aikatsu D...
by SmileychanEmily