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  • the diaries of palestine.
    15.5K 3.5K 121

    The diaries of Palestine is a book written by me about different stories that happened to the Palestinians throughout the years as the war went on. I also wrote a few poems and added them to the book, hope you enjoy them 💕 As one of them, I decided to tell their story since it's my responsibility as a Palestinian to...

    8.7K 1.4K 30

    OPEN ❎ JUDGING [✅] CLOSED [] An Award for the year just for you! Our main aim is to discover amazing books which deserves more than they get...Do you guys actually read this stuff? Just check the award out. #1- Judges [1/15/21] #1 - Participants [1/15/21] #1 - Categories [1/21/21]

    17.1K 2K 173

    { OPEN } WELCOME TO THE ASPIRANT BOOK CLUB !! 😊 Are you a writer trying to seek exposure? Or are you a reader trying to find a good book? Or maybe, you are a designer waiting for people to recognise your work. Well if the answer is YES. You are at the right place. Join us today. It's completely free. FIRST 20 PEOPL...

  • The Arshi Reviews
    12K 330 19

    Status: Open Hey Arshians!! If you want an honest and constructive review of your book on Arshi Fandom, then this is the place for you. ⭐Fill out the form and get your book reviewed.⭐

  • TAC Editing Centre
    1.3K 104 8

    Welcome Arshi Writers! Ever gotten lost in your writing and left behind a ton of spelling, grammar and other such errors? If yes, then you are at the right place. Step in and find the solution to what ails your wonderful works. Our team of editors will help you polish your works and make them a better version of them...

  • Snow woods Awards 2020 {OPEN}
    10.3K 780 9

    If you are a young writer and you've got talent, this place is for you. We conduct an award every alternate month We need participants and judges OPEN(❤️) JUDGING() CLOSED()

    8.7K 544 33

    Open() Judging () Results (❤️) Awards are always fun.. Right? You dont know whats gonna happen(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ Hey beautiful people , golden awards are for golden people like u all having golden stories with you ! Let's just try out how golden your stories are ! Can they take away hearts of readers! Do your stories have a ch...

  • Book covers
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    No longer making covers 100/100

  • Indian Stories
    516K 1.5K 79

    This book will have a list of Indian stories which I personally liked.

  • The Arshi Community
    10.8K 361 5

    Welcome all Arshians!! We are here to provide a platform for all Arshi Fans to interact with each other. Wanna be a part of our community, then fill the form now. All the Arshi writers and Readers are invited here. Status : Hiring

    518 57 7

    Welcome 😊😊😊 Your choice are our happiness. Readers are the judges 💖💖💖 Your votes decide the winners. Your voice matters Your votes matters

  • Twirling pages -The Review book (OPEN)
    11.5K 579 105

    A book is where we live our imaginations. Either it is someone's else or ours. A good book doesn't need constant compliments, however, it deffinately needs readers' review. It can be good or bad but it shouldn't be ignored. Here we have taken the initiative to give that attention to the books which needs reader's poi...

  • The Scribblers Awards 2020
    16.2K 1.3K 18

    The Scribblers Awards 2020 is closed for this year. New contests. Upcoming twists. No rules. New targets. All writers. It's all about the people's choice. Let the competition begin!

  • My Crazy Butterfly ✔️
    2.5K 215 2

    The soul of a girl embedded in the body of a butterfly. This is the short story of her returning back to her body after falling in love with her man of dreams. ❤ "I am going to tell you a secret" i said He nodded to continue "You know what, i am a butterfly " He smiled and said, " yes you are my butterfly... my craz...

  • Cover Gallery
    13.8K 717 23

    They say 'Never judge a book by it's cover but we say judge a book by it's cover'. Need a cover for your book ? Well, come to us because this is the place where KHIDKITOD covers are made for your books. [Book status : OPEN]