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  • The Cell Phone Swap
    125M 3.1M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • The Lonely King | Ongoing [New Edition]
    23.8M 677K 39

    "Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive." When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious boarding school in Europe, she didn't have to think twice before accepting it. It doesn't take long for her schoolmates to notice that she is different from them...

  • Begin Again (On Hold) [1st Edition]
    7.3M 2K 1

    "What if the one that got away came back?" Sometimes, a second chance at a perfectly imperfect love presents itself when you are at your most vulnerable state, and you can't help but remember that nothing worth keeping comes without a price. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...

  • Accidentally on Purpose • #1
    54.8M 2.2M 70

    Hannah Taylors finally gives in to her desperation and does one of the stupidest things a girl can do to grab her unapproachable long-time crush Jonah Gibbs' attention: spill soda on his white shirt and leave a motherfrigging red blotch on it. Accidentally. On purpose. ▪▪▪ Book #1 of The Purpose universe, can be read...

  • Crazy,Awkward,Sweet
    3.4M 160K 55

    "I missed having a little cas in my life." He smirked, letting his eyes show a little life. It was a sight to see and no words could do it justice. "What's cas?" I frowned, confused. "It's who you are. Crazy, Awkward, and Sweet." After her mother takes a job out of the country, Matey Greer is sent to live with her...

  • Hashtag Criminal. (Completed)
    1.3M 60.4K 52

    Highest rank #2 in Humor The heat that came from his body made me almost want to embrace him. His breath fanned my face due to our closeness and I parted my lips in attempt to lose the air in my throat. His eyes travelled my actions to my lips and I watched his eyes darkening as they lingered upon them way too long...

  • A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up
    1.3M 56.9K 12

    Casual sex is harder than it seems. In order to keep it safe, both emotionally and physically, Jake comes up with a set of rules.

  • Letterman Jacket
    1.9M 95.7K 78

    "And when I put on your letterman jacket, I still think about you." When Thea Simmons is tasked with writing an article about basketball hero Faust Carter, the story long buried in rivalry unravels, secrets that should've been hidden are revealed, and a simple letterman jacket turns to be a painful memory. And eighty...

    Completed   Mature
  • Twist And Shout
    1.3M 28.7K 13

    THIS IS NOT MY BOOK!!! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BOOK!!!! The original book Twist and Shout by the author from achiveofourown (Gabriel (AO3)) ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO GABRIEL AND STANDBYME!!

  • Anger Management
    2M 172K 43

    ❝Good morning. This is Target, how can I help you?❞ ❝Why do I have the sudden urge to kill my family?❞ ❝...Woah...well...shit. Ma'am, I think you dialed the wrong number.❞ ❝No. I dialed correctly. Are you any help?❞ ❝...No sé qué decir a esta chica loca.❞ In which a girl named Farah calls Target and meets a boy named...

  • "Speechless" (Wattys2016 entry)
    78K 5.2K 13

    "But that's what you love about me, my dirty side, eh?" "Please remove your mouth from my ear before I place my fist on top of your jaw in a very fast motion." "Ooh, kinky. I didn't know you like it fast, ay Jordan?" "..." "You see what I mean when I said I'm the type of boy that will make any girl speechless." "What...

  • Misfits
    1M 87.4K 70

    "Hello?" "Is your house on fire?" "No...?" "Man, I thought it was because you're so dang hot." "I think you need to work on that." ... One prank call One girl One guy One great story ********* Cover by RaghaddMurad Highest Rating: #1 in short story

  • Teaching Stupidity
    1M 88.4K 71

    ❝Hello?❞ ❝ this Ana?❞ ❝...Maybe. Whom does it concern?❞ ❝She's my study partner?❞ ❝Uh...the phone is breaking up...crackle. Crackle. Can't hear you.❞ ❝...That wasn't even paper...❞ ❝CRACKLE. CRACKLE. CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU. BYE.❞ In which a girl named Ana is forced to tutor a boy named Jace. Best Rank : #1 in Sh...

  • Once Upon a Bathroom Stall
    5.1M 353K 44

    ❝I- what? What are you talking about? Who is this?❞ ❝Well the bathroom stall says that this number is the gateway to a good time, and unless you're trying to say that a bathroom stall is lying to me, I think I need a little more information to be sold. Do you have like a yelp page I could look up? Past customer review...

  • Flirtline Bling ✔ {#1}
    491K 33K 28

    One accidental phone call between two teenagers, and they find themselves not being able to stop talking to each other. Could one wrong call, help them find the right one? {highest rank - #1 in short story as of 12th June, 2016} cover by - @crookednights

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.2M 196K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • Doll House
    461K 14.1K 32

    Lauren is a normal girl until she is kidnapped by a man. The man was obsessed with dolls and has now taken it further. How far will he go to see his dream? |Language is used for emphasis in the story and do not reflect on the author's character| |A very rough, rough, draft|

    Completed   Mature
  • Play Time
    92K 3.3K 16

    After Lauren is freed from her captor, she learns a horrible fact. Her sister is still stuck with that man. Will she ever get her sister back? |Language is used for emphasis in the story and do not reflect on the author's character|

  • The Man (Puppet Boy Prequel)
    931K 56K 17

    Everybody has a tale of how they came to be - some tell the journey to strength, some tell the journey to happiness. Some happen to involve cruelty and torture. This is the story of the crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. __________________ PUPPET BOY PREQUEL created Nov. 30, 2015. All Rights Reserved IMPOR...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppet Boy
    3.8M 180K 17

    "My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry. __________________ #1 in horror - 12/6/15 [featured - 12/30/15] All Rights Reserved IMPORTANT NOTICE - if you're reading this story on a site that is not www...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alexithymia | ✓
    11K 861 8

    Alexithymia (n): unable to express emotions Love doesn't always work like the ones we see in the movies or read in the books. When you struggle to define your emotions, you let your fears eat you whole, together with unwise decisions, happy endings seem so far away. But then again, we all suffer from alexithymia-one...

  • Friendship for Dummies
    14.5M 441K 36

    "Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk who's determined to make your life hell? Not so much." Georgie and Connor were once inseparable. Best friends from birth, they did everything together - w...

  • Hopeless Hearts [#Wattys2016]
    192K 10.9K 33

    [previously Fools] maybe she was a fool for falling in love with a boy she knew may never love her © 2016 by Ghost_Bird. All rights reserved.

  • best friend
    508K 25.2K 37

    best·friend - noun. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. about a girl who loved a boy. she knew he loved her, but not in the way she wanted to be loved.

  • Horror Stories ✔
    309K 11.4K 106

    ☆ Read this book if you wanna have nightmares . ☆ The book contains all types of horror stories and urban legends. ☆ Most of these stories are from the internet and some are written by me. ♧ Completed ♧ Have fun reading :) - @-funkyarii -

    Completed   Mature
  • Writing Prompts (Discontinued)
    4.6K 164 3

    Want to write a story but can't think of how to start it? Don't worry, that's what this book is for!

  • Bound to Dust
    213 44 2

    Every man is bound to dust at one time or another. This is what you must remember when you enter into a world of deceit and hidden agendas. Within this world lies a young boy, tormented throughout his entire life and who hopes to one day make a name for himself. However, things are not what they seem when he begins to...

  • Say You Like Me (Grant Gustin / completed)
    67.3K 1.3K 12

    Anna Faber is a nineteen year old girl that puts all her efforts on getting good grades and learning as much as she can. She lacks experience in many areas of life, she shows herself as a tough mature girl but on the inside she's really a silly sensitive girl. She rather goes to concerts than parties, with her friends...

  • One Cappuccino Please
    224K 15.1K 29

    I had become heartless. Detached from all emotions. Living life like an unfinished puzzle, a small part of me missing. Lost. Never to be found again. And then she came along with all her smiles and laughter and cheerfulness. She helped fix me up. Slowly, but surely, I found my way back. And she taught me to live again...

  • anonymous
    349K 22.4K 47

    anonymous: why you gotta be so rude? alex-burke: no (c) c-araphernelia 2014 !! lowercase intended !! **pls no hate bc i wrote this a long time ago and i hate myself **