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"But that's what you love about me, my dirty side, eh?" "Please remove your mouth from my ear before I place my fist on top of your jaw in a very fast motion." "Ooh, kinky. I didn't know you like it fast, ay Jordan?" "..." "You see what I mean when I said I'm the type of boy that will make any girl speechless." "What, with your ugly face?" "Well...damn." ~ Jordan was a girl. Alfie was a boy. They were best friends. Pfft, yeah like that's ever gonna work. (Dialogue story) Warning ⚠️ I wrote this all in one day when I was younger so it's not the most amazing story it's simple, cheesy and if you want a laugh and nothing too serious then continue on to the book. (Ignore the grammar mistakes I haven't fully edited it yet)

1: Ugly Compliments

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