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  • The Peacemaker {Naruto Fan-Fic}
    219K 9.6K 82

    We follow the kunoichi Yuyan Hane as she faces the shinobi world once again! Along with her best friend Naruto, she plans on bringing true peace into the shinobi world, but what happens when she gets involved into much deeper conflicts? Will she be able to keep the promises she previously made? How does she feel about...

  • Another Uchiha (Major Editing!)
    146K 4.5K 29

    Rin Uchiha is Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha's little sister. At the age of six she watches Shisui fall to his death unlocking her Mangekyo Sharingan. After that day she reads up and learns how to use her Sharingan. One day after training she learns a secret and overhears Itachi and Danzo talking. A masked man and her broth...

  • Impenetrable {Naruto Fan-Fic}
    781K 29.6K 68

    After her clan massacre and the death of her brother, Yuyan Hane travels to Konoha and is saved by Konoha's distinguished Itachi Uchiha who raises her and treats her like the little sister he never had. Her time in Konoha was amazing, making friends, promises along the way that she intends to keep, and finding a new f...

  • Red Eyes (Naruto FanFic)
    39.4K 2.2K 14

    [Book Two] "I might have lost everything. My home, my strength, my pride and dignity, and even my own life. But I swear, I will never lose sight of who I am." Akai. A name that would brought tears to anyone who knows her. Her death, caused by an unknown sickness, makes everyone felt sorry for being unable to save her...

  • Book 1: You Aren't Alone DISCONTINUED
    373K 9.1K 31

    Naruko Uzumaki is Naruto's sister. She is only a few minutes older than him, she had no idea she had a brother up until now. Now, escaping the torment in her birth village, she has found her way to Konoha. She has met Naruto, and they bonded effortlessly. Now on Team 7, she strives to be the best she can, her brother...

  • Wish Upon the Night Sky (Naruto Fanfic)
    986K 45.6K 99

    When all hope is lost, what else can you do but wish upon the night sky? Usagi is a young girl who remembers everything. Silent and mysterious, at only four years old she is found outside of the Konoha gates by herself. Reluctant to leave the girl on her own, a silver haired ANBU takes her into the village. The life o...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Don't Fall In Love (Hatake Kakashi Love Story)
    793K 26.4K 38

    Sato Sayaka, age thirteen, is assigned to learn the Rasengan from Namikaze Minato, the sensei of Nohara Rin, Uchiha Obito, and Hatake Kakashi. Obito is thrilled to have her on the team. Rin is glad that there's another girl to even things out. Meanwhile, Kakashi is angry to get her attention because she doesn't notice...

  • Kakashi's Daughter! Book One: The Struggles of Becoming A Ninja!
    544K 12.7K 34

    The famous Kakashi Hatake of the Sharingan has a 12 year old daughter named Shiori. She plans on becoming a strong shinobi and won't let anything get in her way. After joining Team 7, she learns more things about her self, starts to grow as a person and shinobi; eventually falling for the person she least expected, S...

  • Scroll 4: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]
    80.3K 3.2K 26

    The war is upon us, Rin's destiny is nearing, what will her fate be? From Princess to Head, from monster to prodigy, from criminal to comrade; the light in the Uchiha darkness. A truth still waiting to be told. Will the light fade or will it outshine her adversaries? Here lies the answers in the final instalment of th...

  • Naruto: Lost In Kishimoto - Revenge [Book 2]
    231K 12.4K 78

    Beth's life was forever changed when she was taken from the world she knew, and thrust into the world of Masashi Kishimoto's imagining. She used to think it was a story, but that was no longer the case. It was now her reality. After taking Sasuke's place and joining the heinous Orochimaru, thereby betraying the villag...

  • Naruto: Lost In Kishimoto [Book 1]
    520K 20.8K 42

    Beth was a young girl with a troubled life. Though privileged, Beth was constantly ignored by her parents, and loved ones. Always seen as an annoyance, a parasite, as nothing. Her only escape was the world that Masashi Kishimoto created. A world of strength, of determination, a breath of fresh air. Little did she know...

  • Stuck in Naruto (naruto fan-fic)
    1.5M 48.4K 27

    Alison is just a normal girl... Or as normal as you can grow up to be with a family that didn't really love you. As she discovers she is adopted, she starts to wonder where she could be from. As she wishes to be in the place she belongs in, she finds herself in none other than the Naruto world- some show about ninjas...

  • Ruination (Naruto Fanfiction) [Kakashi's Daughter]
    368K 10.8K 52

    Darkness caged her; they freed her. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, ONLY MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER[s]. NOR DO I OWN THE FANART POSTED IN THE CHAPTERS I FOUND THOSE ONLINE. Highest Ranking(s) #1 in Sasuke #19 in narutofanfic

  • Konoha's New Yellow Flash
    2M 68.6K 106

    I do not own Naruto or the photos! I own nothing, zip, nada! Miyuna is Naruto's little twin sister. Although she often plays the role of the older sibling. She doesn't have the Nine Tails in her like her brother, but she's treated just as bad. She protects Naruto from anyone and everyone. Things change when they're pu...

  • Scroll 2: The Third Uchiha [Naruto]
    1.7M 61K 72

    Now we move on with the life of Rin Uchiha. Her return to the village, her assignment to a team and the secret she must hide from everyone including Sasuke. Get prepared for a forrbiden love, new enemies and a developing sickess. Will Rin be able to hide her past from Sasuke? Or will tension finally break between the...

  • Red Mist (Naruto FanFic)
    279K 13.5K 21

    [Book One] "I'm proud of who I am. A thief, a lone traveler who never stops running. Just watch me, I will fight and survive, for me and by myself." Akai is not a shinobi. She's just a travelling mercenary with no destination. Okay... 'mercenary' is just the kind way to call her... She's also a thief. Merely just for...

  • Lost - Naruto FanFic
    959K 35.2K 50

    "My name, is Kaji Tora. I like blood, killing, and training. I hate everything, except Naruto. My hobbies, are none of your business. My dreams for the future? I don't dream." Rejection. Hatred. Those are the only things I feel now. After the murder if my clan, there isn't really any point in trivial feelings. Hate...