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  • Let Me Help You (Jirose)
    60.7K 3K 45

    She was abandoned by her parents and was cursed with the ability to see ghosts and be able to physically interact with them at the age of 7. She vaguely remembers the night her parents left her and is unaware a dangerous demon is after her because of them. She was afraid to let people in after being abandoned once bu...

  • Only Strip For Me || JJK [BOOK I] ✔️
    1.4M 52.2K 45

    Newbie prostitute Mari, is left with a discouraging debt after her parent's passing. Her life is filled of threats and demand in assembling the great sum of money. She encounters a mysterious wealthy businessman as her client, causing her to break her nonsensical rules she promised to keep as an escort. No intimate k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stepbrother | jenkook
    354K 8.3K 25

    "I can do whatever, whenever and whoever i want." "Then why don't you just do me?" #1 in blackpink | 14.09.2019 #1 in jenkook | 14.09.2019 #4 in jungkook | 01.12.2018 #3 in jennie | 14.09.2019 Kim Jennie x Jeon Jungkook

  • You || Park Jimin [COMPLETED]
    23.2K 875 21

    What have you become? + short chapters

    21.6K 1.7K 40

    Wherein a girl has a target to kill, and her target is Park Jimin. ♚ AWARDS: 1st place in BTS AND BP AWARDS. (Jimin) 2nd place in ARTIFICIAL LOVE AWARDS. (Jimin) 3rd place in 21ST CENTURY AWARDS (Jimin)

  • Lethal || k.nj & l.m ✔️
    21.8K 1K 28

    "Have you ever heard of the Boogeyman?" ** ©LadyKimTae Started: 08/22/2017 Completed: 02/16/2018 *** Ranked: #343 in action ~ Awards ~ • 2! 3! RM category award winner • 1st place Mic Drop Awards 2017 winner of Namjoon Category • 1st place BTS Love Yourself Winner of Namjoon Diamond category • 2nd place Baepsae Awar...

    Completed   Mature
    18.8K 1.4K 36

    "They say there's good in chaos, but where is the good in me?" ♚ AWARDS: 1ST place in BTS AND BP AWARDS. (Hoseok) 1ST place in 21st CENTURY AWARDS (Hoseok) 1ST place in HER AWARDS (Hoseok) 2ND place in BTS ETHEREAL AWARDS (Hoseok) 2nd runner-up in YOUNG FOREVER AWARDS (Hoseok) 3RD place in LOVE YOURSELF AWARDS (Hos...

  • Dull [BTS - M.YG]
    1.3K 125 20

    "Black and white? That's boring. There's lots of colours to choose from. Open your heart, and you will find them." _ Min Yoongi was walking home when he came across a girl, sitting cross legged as she stares into nothing, later being said her world was nothing but dull. [FIRST PLACE IN YOONGI'S CATEGORY OF 'BTS AND BL...

  • 9/11 Everlasting || ✔️
    34.9K 1.7K 23

    Like a butterfly ** Figure out the reason why BTS broke up. Follow up on the other members books to see how their lives were after the break up. May include foul language, no sexual content what so ever. ©LadyKimTae Started: 09/14/16 Completed: 04/02/17 -- Book 8 of BTS Break up series >> check out my bio to see or...