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  • Leokumi Lemon
    301 5 1

    Katie, your lemon is ready.

  • lady gaga x peppa pig
    29.6K 1.1K 27

    truly a masterpiece in the writing industry. please give me 5 stars i will donate a jeep 2 u asap join peppa pig in an emotional adventure full of love and tragedy. will peppa pig find love? u find out in the award winning story "lady gaga x peppa pig" this will go on for a long time so its like a soap opera for all u...

  • It's All Ogre Now | A shrek x shadow fanfic | OTP
    1.7K 28 4

    A love story that truly surpasses Twilight. The undying love of an ogre, and an edgy hedgehog, will live on in history as the greatest love story every created by mankind.

  • Shrek x Shadow
    330 21 3


  • 707 x reader lemon
    31.1K 402 3

  • Repaying A Lifetime Of Favors [Elsa x Jack Frost]
    255 6 1

    Jack was always there for Elsa and the one time Elsa was there for Jack.

  • Frost and Haddock
    6.1K 149 12

    Jack and Hiccup are boyfriend and Boyfriends but will there hot life make them fall deeply in love

  • What's not to like about Minecraft?
    7 1 1

    A poem I wrote in school

  • A drunk one-shot of Sonic in equestria
    110 5 2

    I'm gonna add some of my favorite mlp x sonic characters but only some I love like: Shadpie Fluttertails Knucklesxapplejack Rouge and rarity(as best friends) Pinkie and rouge(as best friends IDK if you watch sonic in equestria by musical mania you'll kind of understand) Sonamy(because I love them) And that's all it i...

  • Sondash
    8.2K 169 9

    When Twilight Sparkle and her friends went to a portal which Discord made.Later ending up at Mobius and go to Chaos High school and meet sonic and his friends.Later they fell in love with twilight and her friends.Find out what happen,will they go back to Ponyville or will they stay also will Amy get jealous if I ship...

  • Shadpie's daughter
    437 13 3

    Pinkie is now gonna raise her new daughter who is also shadow's.Eggman will return to find the last chaos emerald and shadow will return.How will this story turn out? This is also my new story than the old one so I will do a better one for you all

  • my demon daughter (an Inuyasha fanfic)
    23.7K 629 24

    this is a story about Inuyasha's and Kagome's daughter from birth. but it also shows how Inuyasha deals with a teenage girl ;) it it also shows hw she goes through life. are you ready my little jewel shards? let's begin

  • Inuyasha Lemon Short Stories
    1.2K 16 1

    Traveling with the Inu group she gets kidnapped by the thunder brothers out with Shipping and Kagome making sure that the two gets away she passes out at the mercy of the older brother Hiten. Mad at his younger brother for failing to bring shards he crisped the succubus in arms finding his only yeild to forgiveness be...