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  • Random Bullshit of Mine
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    I got tagged once, so if I ever get tagged again, this is where it goes. this is no longer a tags book, i just post shit here now

  • The Girl Who Had A Heart
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    She was a girl with strawberry brunette hair. A Gryffindor, who got decent grades and got along with most people. The 3rd addition to the troublesome twins. The 4th addition to the golden trio. The girl who enjoyed herbology and often talked to Neville Longbottom, and had divination with Cedric Diggory. She knew so ma...

  • Random Sanders Sides Mini-Stories
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    Just some random Sanders sides mini-stories Credit: Writer-@DatFnafFanGirl101 Inspiration-@KittKattGirl Some "help"-@TheWatcherKid15 Cover-Google

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    there's probably going to be fanart, art, and other stuff like that posted.

  • If I Can't Love Him
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    A basic Beauty and the Beast AU but make it Intruality. You get the idea.... it's beauty and the beast but with Patton and Remus from Sanders Sides. Warnings: Unsympathetic Roman, sympathetic Remus, intruality, Logan is Patton's father

  • Intrusive Parenting
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    Roman fucked up... Again. He and the others took a picnic only to get attacked by the dragon witch who took it as a great opportunity to put a curse on them... or well one of them. Enter Remus into the dark part of the mind palace to find quite the problem... his crush was now a child with no memories past the age he...

  • Sanders sides crack
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    Just read the title and there you go

  • Madness And Love || Sanders Sides Group Chat (ON & OFF HOLD)
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    Thomas added Morality, Anxiety, Creativity, and Logic to the chat. Thomas decides to put together a group chat including his sides - the ones he is aware of. It was primarily so he could get to know them more, connect easily and all that but it's more than he expected it to be when everything goes down. Anxiety:...

  • Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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    Exactly what the title says it is.

  • Sanders Sides Theories (because I have too many)
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    Just theories that I make up at 2am when I'm bored

  • Prinxiety Descendants AU
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    I suck at descriptions but here I go. So Virgil and Logan are Vks while Roman and Patton are princes. The Vks are brought to auardon . Basically Descendants with some changes . I don't own anything cover art not my own don't know who it was

  • The Freakshow (Sanders Sides Fan-fic) {DISCONTINUED}
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    {DISCONTINUED} A puppet on a string. A discarded toy chained to wood. A monster in a cage. A robot glued in one place. A masked idol just trying to forget. Five freaks. Four trapped. One just wanting to save them. All put on show for the world to see.

  • Take Flight| |sander sides| |prinxity| ✔️
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    A world where superheroes, angels, and people live together in peace... well they used to. In these angels are Dark Angels or Colored Wings.. after a while they became the source of crimes. Superheroes or Uncommons were the heroes who stopped all of the Dark Angels. After the war against Uncommons vs Dark Angels every...

  • Cookies And Wine
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    Roman and Virgil, two complete strangers, meet at a bar by pure luck. After a drunken Roman convinces Virgil to drive him home, Virgil learns something about Roman he was definitely not meant to know. The two go on a mission to bring justice to the one who hurt Roman, and gain feelings for the other along the way. (So...

  • Project Zero (Sanders Sides)
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    Logan Sanders is a genius. Age five he won the noble prize in physics. Age ten hired by the government. Age fifteen joined the secret service. Age twenty four and holding his own experiment. A team of he, himself and them are working on a experiment to push the human race farther than ever before. He needs five test...

  • Haunted House (Sanders Sides)
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    Thomas is new in town and couldn't be more excited to move into his new home. Though when he gets there things aren't exactly what they seem.....Or it's just his new neighbour Joan planting ghost stories in his head. Yea that's it. Just some silly ghost stories. (Not my original idea! Please don't hate on me. I just...

  • Mine (A Virgil X Reader)
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    A story about you and the sander sides. particularly one edgy emo nightmare who seems to feel more than anxiety around you. A lot of grammer mistakes but in working on it

  • Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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    I got most of these from tumblr and Instagram like my other Incorrect Quotes book (which you should read if you enjoy YouTube egos) Enjoy!

  • Brotherly Love (A Thomas Sanders Story)
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    Charlotte (Charlie to her friends) is the younger sister of Thomas Sanders. join her as her adventures take place where she has to solve who this mysterious number is from.

  • Ultimatum (A Sanders Sides Descendents fan fic)
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    A lot has happened from Mal's story but now it is time for a new group of VKs and Royals. A tale filled with family ties and lies. A broken family, twisted lies, and backstabbing friends, no one truly knows what happened to a family of love and acception. WARNING: some language, I do NOT own any of the characters or a...

  • I'm The Dark Persona (Sander Sides Fanfiction)
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    Obviously I don't own the characters of this story! They belong to Thomas Sanders. Also I don't own this amazing book cover! Credit to it's amazing artist! This is my second book I hope you will enjoy it!

  • Hidden Past - A Sander Sides Descendants AU
    14.7K 536 31

    Prince Patton has pleaded with the Royals to allow a few lucky VK kids to come to Auradon Prep, and finally they gave him permission. But when a few, unsettling, villain kids are chosen, will the school regret their decision? This Story is from the view points of many characters, most notably Virgil. With a troubling...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sander's high week one
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    This story is up for adoption! Dm me for story parts/details. Roman Sanders is fine. At least that's what everyone thinks. Watch as three boys unlock secrets about his life and learn that appearances aren't always what they seem.

  • Darker Than He Seems| |Sanders Sides
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    Roman's dark past is slowly catching up to him, after Can LYING Be Good. Twists and turns are on every path, darkness threatening Patton and Logan's happiness, Virgil is panicking more than usual, slowly reverting back to how he was before... Pride left the Dark Sides, and Creativity came into the play. Also Dark Side...

  • Neutral (Sanders Sides)
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    Logan L sanders is Thomas Sanders' Logic. He doesn't fit in with the light sides nor does he fit in fully with the dark sides either. What happens when Morality just wants to keep his family together? A husband and two kids. Deceit just wants to keep balance to the mindscape and to keep Remus out of trouble. A danger...

  • Sanders Sides One Shots
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    No more requests My username used to be FaultyLogic. (Highest #307 in FanFiction, #1 in Ships, #1 in princesanders, #1 in logansanders, #1 in logicsanders, #1 in moralitysanders, #1 in princeysanders, #1 in pattonsanders, #1 in deceitsanders, #1 in romansanders #1 in roman, #1 in morality, #1 in patton, #1 in logic) ...

  • Broken Promises
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    Roman and Remus were as close as can be, they both shared the same trait and interests. But some promises got broken as Roman became closer to the other sides, and Remus retaliated by becoming closer to the dark sides

  • Innovation
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  • Plagiarism
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    Roman went off to fight the Dragon Witch, but when he comes back...something isn't quite right.

  • Sanders Sides Christmas
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    Patton has decided to invite the Dark Sides over for Christmas. Virgil's kind of hesitant, but he really misses his old family. Roman, however, is completely against the idea. He doesn't want the Dark Sides on the Light Side of the mindscape. But, maybe, for Virgil, he allows it.