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  • The Soap Awards (Judging)
    4.2K 422 10

    Yep, you read this right! I'm back to host the Soap Awards where we will recognize the best stories across the genres for their talent! Venture in further if you're brave enough to handle Soapy Shenanigans and fun!

  • The Legendary Awards •|Closed|•
    4K 371 38

    These are awards hosted every year from September 10- when all the slots have been filled in. Competition closes when I make the announcement. All participants must be available from the date of registration to the date of result announcements Thank you!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Gothica Awards 2019-2020 [Open]
    5.7K 362 31

    **IN NEED OF JUDGES** [Open: O] [Judging: O ] [Closed: X] Welcome to the first ever Gothica Awards. Have an underrated book? Want to try out your luck? Looking for feedback? Or maybe just want exposure? Come right on in. The Gothica Awards hopes to shine a light on undiscovered books as well as give encouragement to...

  • The Monthly Gemstone Awards 2019 || CLOSED
    16.2K 215 14

    CLOSED. Are you sick and tired of participating in awards that take far too long to complete? Or awards that end up getting cancelled halfway? Are you looking for an award that actually provides you with feedback on how you can improve, rather than just a score and a prize? If so, you've come to the right place! Thes...

  • The Eye Catching Awards [closed]
    14K 901 37

    [] open [x] closed [x] judging

  • Hazel Book Awards [OPEN]
    2.6K 195 3

    An awards for books from all genres. A chance for undiscovered authors to shine. Enter the Hazel Book Awards for a chance to win brilliant prizes.

  • Storm Awards 2019
    1.2K 112 6

    Hello everyone, welcome to my awards book! Please consider entering! I hope to make this a safe and fun place for everyone!

  • The Prestige Awards 2019
    7.5K 498 7

    [status : open] Welcome back or welcome to The Prestige Awards 2019! Submissions are open now! The Prestige Awards is a book award held to acknowledge those talented, undiscovered authors who have created and crafted a story with prestigious elements. If you think that your book is worth the read sign up inside! Mor...

  • The Olympus Awards
    6.4K 411 36

    OPEN {⚡️} JUDGING { } CLOSED { } Do you think that your book isn't getting the attention that it so richly deserves? Then congratulations, this award is definitely for you. This award aims to help undiscovered writers get recognition on their book. Want to know more? Then tap that read button for further inf...

  • The Pixie Awards 2019
    17.4K 735 37

    The Pixie Awards 2019 has arrived!! Writers get ready please!! *JUDGES ARE NEEDED* [✖️] Open [✔️] Closed [✔️]Judging

  • The 2019 Magic Awards (On Hold)
    4.1K 236 3

    Awards 2019 WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW ENTRIES! Cover by Graphic Admin @BlacksmithGraphics

  • The Creative Cappuccino Awards
    9.8K 692 58

    Hello everyone and welcome to The Reading Café's latest Awards show! This is an awards contest to showcase writing talent of many genres. Here you will find amazing new stories and meet other authors with the same interests. Come on in!

  • The Night Sky Awards [JUDGING]
    3.6K 267 12

    status: CLOSED FOR JUDGING ---- Welcome to the first ever Night Sky Awards! Enter your hidden gems or your popular works! Whether you're looking for recognition, a little competition, or something to do, we encourage you to enter your works.

  • Outside The Box Awards (open)
    3.1K 234 8

    Hello Fellow writers. How are you today? If you can think outside the box, this award book is for you!!! Please step here and Read On to see how you can enter to gain some good Prizes!!!!!

  • The Novelty Awards 2018 [CLOSED]
    6.3K 375 8

    Welcome to The Novelty Awards! We're looking to find and give recognition to the best Wattpad has to offer! Help us out by submitting your work to be reviewed by our (semi) talented and qualified judges.