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    Stories that will surely be worth it reading. Enjoy! ♡ NOT UPDATED‼️ meaning, their status might have changed but i haven't edited it here.

  • Wattpad stories
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    Ps: click the authors name to see its account and more stories you want to read!✨ To ALL readers who wants to read more in WATTPAD, I have made this just for you. These are stories that I have encountered and I really loved and appreciated when I started reading. I'm not sure if you wanted to read this but for me, I R...

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    If you're looking for more Fantasy stories. My list might help you. enjoy! P.S you may encounter some stories with the same title but they are from different authors.

  • Fantasy Stories for some newbies
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    Sa librong ito, pwede kang makahanap ng magagandang fantasy stories. Pero depende parin yun kung magugustuhan mo. Genre's : FANTASY; Romance/Adventure/SciFi/Teenfic/Action/Mystery Ps: Trip ko lang po ito. Ps again: Only for those newbies not for those pro's. Hehe Enjoy Reading :)

  • The Wattpad Filipino Block Party 2018
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    Hey, Wattpadders! Muling nagbabalik ang pinakamasayang party rito sa Wattpad! Naririto na ang Wattpad Filipino Block Party 2018! Are you all ready to beat the Summer Heat?

  • ProjectLibro El Proyekto
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    Ito ang mga listahan ng mga nakakapanabik na mga "activities" ng organisasiyon!

  • Wattpad: Popular Must Read Stories✔️😍👌🏻
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    Hanap niyo ba Ang magagandang stories like? ROMANCE💏 CHICKLIT💁🏻 TEENFICTION👩🏻💕. VAMPIRE😈 WEREWOLF🐺🖤 MATURE👫 ACTION🔫💥 HUMOR😂😆 RANDOM Stories🌈😉 Mystery/Thriller🔪☠ HOrRor👻😵 And Paranormal👽👾 Dito kana sa Must Read Stories By : (CesZkhie) FOLLOW ME 🔛 WATTPAD ↗ On COC ADD...