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  • violet skies / michael clifford
    627K 34.1K 41

    Their story isn't a romcom. {highest ranking: #2 fanfiction} © 2016 by dimplefeels

  • Kim Kardashian: Trapped In Her Own Game (COMPLETE)
    2.4M 83.5K 54

    WATTYS WINNER!!! Paris Hilton, angry about the character of Willow Pape in Kim Kardashian Hollywood, uses her magic powers to trap Kim Kardashian inside the game, forever. Kim must escape the game and get back to the real world in order to defeat Paris once and for all.

  • Adore [H.S.]
    21.9M 522K 79

    Isabella Maxwell: a girl that craved adventure. Harry Styles: a guy that fights to give her one. Harry Styles AU // This story has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Styles. His physical traits are used but nothing more. This is fiction. // Includes mature scenes without warning. All Rights Reserved © jhildey 2014 *...

  • The First Lost Boy (Wattys 2017) ON HOLD
    252K 12.4K 36

    Harry had always been a selfish immature boy that never wanted to grow up. He refused to become a man, and the island of Neverland gives him exactly that. With being the first lost boy and the leader of all the others, he's happy where he is. He doesn't care about the life he left behind or the fact he was missing out...

  • stained (phan) || book #1
    414K 27.4K 24

    *'BEST SERIES' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2017)* FIRST BOOK IN THE 'STAINED' SERIES Meet Phil Lester, a bad boy with blood on his hands. Literally. After one night strikes, Phil turns to a group of serial killers as a distraction and soon he finds himself with a trail of dead bodies at his own fault. Meet Dan Howell...

  • 6 Man ✫ H.S.
    1.6M 71.7K 74

    ∙COMPLETED ∙ ❝Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.❞ A supernatural Harry fanfic where he is the witch hunter, and she is the witch. [Mature content: read at your own risk] Winner of: |Harry Styles A.U. (1st Place) + Overall Winner (2nd Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Human Error ~ A BBC Sherlock Fanfiction {Book IV}
    277K 20.4K 108

    "What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done" ~Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet. Emily Schott wants nothing more than satiation; a lust for destruction, for carnality and, most importantly, vengeance on those who snatched away her ability t...

  • Tale As Old As Time ♡ Frerard
    101K 5.9K 22

    Gerard Way, running from an inexplicably horrible fate, collapses beyond a crumbling mansion with iron gates and gargoyles that seem to glare at him. After being found, he is allowed to seek shelter at this grand estate. Someone lurks inside, hiding in the shadows and never showing his face. Gerard fears the man, but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eyes On Me
    259K 9.2K 53

    - she was so pure, so innocent and someone had his eyes on her - "you came in the right place If you're looking for trouble, honey" Winner of The FanFictions Awards 2017 In "Best Justin Bieber Fanfiction"

  • Hotel ▹ Michael Clifford
    343K 19.4K 24

    "Once you check in, you never check out."

  • ✔ Run Baby Run ✖ punk hood au
    540K 21.6K 51

    ❝If the worse happens and I tell you to run, you will, okay? Run baby, run...❞ ● Destructive, depressed, and on the verge of an unthinkable downward spiral, Calum Hood meets Gwen Guzman. Sweet, happy, and full of hope, Gwen thrives on helping others. When all of Australia sees the worst accident of the year, Gwen's k...

  • neighbour ➢ luke hemmings ✔️
    2.9M 92.8K 47

    "do i seriously have to walk to the mailbox shirtless every morning just to get your attention?" {lophie} {warning; slight smut, sexual content, you get it} ©loudluke

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Modern Fairytale (ZM) [COMPLETED]
    96K 8K 35

    WINNER OF THE FANFICTION AWARDS 2017. Ranked #1 out of 77.1k Zayn stories, April 26 2020. Ranked #1 out of 252k Poetry books, May 8 2020. ~¤~ "You know that I'm not Cinderella's Prince Charming right? I'm a guy with loads of tattoos and a bad boy attitude." "I don't care about who you are or what you look like. Princ...

  • Alien [Louis]
    271K 20.1K 59

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about an adventurous girl and a lost alien who needs her help to get back home. Copyright © 2015 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover by: Myself]

  • Illusion
    10.7K 468 22

    Illusion (ɪluːʒən) [noun] a perception that is not true to reality, having been altered subjectively in some way in the mind of the perceiver. Winner of Best Liam Fanfiction in 2017's The Fanfiction Awards!! ❤️ Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 2015

    Completed   Mature
  • Cliché [COMPLETE]
    4M 228K 59

    "Take it! Just take it!" I demanded in annoyance, springing my whole body out as I tackled Harry from behind. "For the tenth time I don't want your stupid virginity!"

    Completed   Mature
  • Treat You Better - A Shawn Mendes Fanfic ✔️
    4M 109K 130

    [Winner of The Fanfiction Award 2017 for Best Magcon/OGOC Fanfiction] Sadie Salvay, a girl who is never in trouble. A girl who was never asked on a date, knew a guy who liked her, or even had her first kiss. A girl who never had music in her life. At least, that was until she heard a single song, and everything change...

  • Newt Scamander x Reader One Shots
    339K 8.7K 61

    I know y'all like Mr. Salamander so here's some one shots. ❤️️ ~~ Highest ranking #91 in Fanfiction, #1 in Newt Scamander one Shots, #4 in imagines, #7 in stables, and #5 under Newt Scamander Winner of the 2017 Fanfiction Awards

  • Upstairs to Hell || Harry Styles
    178K 17.2K 62

    Sie war am Ende und schaffte den Absprung. Er ist mittendrin und kennt keinen Ausweg. Sie ist für ihn das Licht, er für sie die Dunkelheit. Beide zusammen sind sie nicht gut füreinander. Cover by @Little_Ophelia written by @Gummiwatte

    Completed   Mature