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  • Dinner at 3 (Destiel AU)
    119K 5.5K 21

    Castiel is a lonely depressed 15 year old, who believes that dating before you're 18 is the worst thing a teenager can do. He's also a writer and quite the character. One night when he decides to go on one of his night walks he breaks all his own rules and ends up with a mysterious 19 year old named Dean. What happ...

  • Ready to Fall
    68.5K 4.4K 12

    When Castiel’s plans for the summer get cancelled and he’s left with nowhere else to go, Dean invites him to go home with him. It seems an easy solution to cure Castiel’s summer blues, but when they arrive at the Winchester household, Dean realizes due to a slight miscommunication with his mom he and Castiel will have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chalk & Chainmail
    97.9K 5.4K 11

    At eleven years old, Dean Winchester thinks he and Castiel will be best friends forever. One day, however, when Castiel shatters their friendship in one easy swoop, Dean finds himself fearing nothing will ever be the same between them again. Now seven years later, their paths cross again and together they find themsel...

  • Be Home Soon, Dean
    4.8K 247 17

    This is a Love Story of Two Men, who defy every odd thrown their way. After being thrown out of the house at 17, Dean leaves for Chicago. After years of building his life up from the ground on his own, he’s thrown back into his life after seeing Sam. But when an unusual patron comes into his coffee shop, he’s forced t...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Good Kind of Different [Destiel]
    896K 37.6K 25

    This is a Destiel fanfic of you're into that sorta thing. Also... This is my first time writing. So... fingers crossed. (: Hope you enjoy it.

  • 999 Days From Now (destiel)
    25.8K 1.3K 6

    An AU in which a recovered alcoholic Dean owns a diner, Sam is in law school and is clueless about the way Jess looks at him, and Cas? Well, Cas turns Dean's world upside down and maybe, just maybe, gives him a reason to have a little faith. The love of a lifetime told in a heartbeat. Written for the DCBB 2014, also p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bruised: A Destiel AU
    254K 8.6K 24

    When the Winchester boys entered into New Oak high school, they figured everything would go normally. Castiel figured his senior year would go as his Junior year did. Smoothing sailing. Little did the boys know this year would leave them all bruised. Cover done by the amazing CavasWonder at:

  • Neon Lights
    112K 5.3K 72

    -DISCONTINUED- November 6, 1967 Dean Winchester is tired of relationship troubles and decides to take a walk on the beach. Caught in the middle of a family feud, Castiel Novak goes out for some air... In a world of naked trees, brisk winds, and dark skies, in an era when homosexuality was shunned upon by most, two bo...

  • Ready for the Fall // Destiel
    29.4K 1.8K 4

    Every single day, Dean Winchester waits for the man in the trench coat to show up for his painfully complicated coffee at exactly three-forty-five. And every single day, he does. Until one day he doesn't. It's a regular Thursday afternoon when Castiel Novak seemingly drops off the face of the earth. Dean shouldn't loo...

  • Destiel Being Noticed
    117K 6.1K 21

    Castiel Novak comes from a religious family, only having his siblings to turn to since they've never met their mother and their father has abandoned them. Castiels eldest brother Michael (32) has become 'father' of the house, Lucifer (28) has become a drug addict only coming to the family to see if they will help him...

  • In This Secluded Spot I Respond As I Wouldn't Dare Elsewhere
    538K 36.5K 34

    It's 1995, and Castiel's high school years are destined to be difficult: home-schooled until eighth grade, he is awkward, shy, and socially inept. The weird kid with the funny name would rather isolate himself and draw in his sketchbook than deal with the constant bullying he faces every day. Things only get worse in...

  • Be My Eyes
    200K 11.2K 20

    Dean Winchester finally moved away from home and got his own apartment in the city with an extra room for his art studio. Sucks the school doesn't come with a place to park his baby so he has no choice but to take the bus to school everyday. Same old boring routine day after day until one day he gets tackled down by s...

  • The Baby Project(HS!Destiel)
    149K 7.6K 10

    It's senior year and Dean is damn tired all the time. He has his little brother to look after, he has to take care his grieving Dad, and has a job to do while keeping the good grades. Now he has to take care of a creepy robotic baby that cries at night. Dean would have complained further, especially being partnered up...

  • Sweater Boy - Destiel
    23.5K 1.2K 17

    Dean Winchester. Pros: Sexy-ass motherfucker, known to be amazing in bed. Cons: A gigantic asshole with a fetish for other people's pain and suffering and therefore I loathe with a burning passion. Never did I think that the pros would come to outweigh the cons.

  • 18 Dates //Destiel High School AU//
    2.3M 107K 50

    Dean Winchester takes Castiel Novak on 18 dates. One for every year that Dean hasn't known him.

  • Cutest Couple
    19.2K 1.6K 31

    It all started with a prank. An interesting and slightly rude prank. But a prank, nonetheless. However, once Dean Winchester actually meets this prank - a tall, raven-haired senior named Castiel Novak - he doesn't seem to mind. This interesting and slightly rude prank leads to a new club in school, a small fight, a fe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Lights || Destiel stripper/brothel AU
    246K 11.8K 23

    Here in England we can drink at ages 18 so in this AU they're aloud to drink at 18 okay? In a world where love is for the highest bidder, can love really survive? Castiel Novak leads a double life, on the one hand he is high school nerd, music master with his hair slicked back and glasses on. However on the other he i...

  • You Deserve To Be Saved (Destiel)
    61.8K 3.3K 23

    "They say relationships are built on trust. So what happens when you can't trust someone, but you simply can't leave them?" Dean is a normal boy. He lives in a small town with his brother and goes to college, like any normal boy. But there's also a twist to Dean. His college years were horrible. A group of boys made i...

  • I will always want you (Destiel AU)
    154K 6.7K 16

    It's another High School AU. With a bit of a twist to come.

  • Tutoring (Destiel)
    230K 14.1K 43

    "So, I know Mr. Shurley said this was for English," Dean spoke, making Castiel's stomach flutter. How could a voice do that? He thought. "But I was going to ask you to- uh-" he rummaged in his backpack and took out a crumbled piece of paper. "Do you take Latin? And I also need help with Math." Castiel squinted his eye...

  • I Don't Talk Much (Destiel fanfic)
    215K 11.2K 27

    Castiel Novak and Dean Winchester are both boys with troubled pasts. When Dean moves in to town to live with his adoptive father, he meets Castiel at the high school. Can these boys help each other heal? Can they help each other in ways they didn't know they needed help in? Because these two boys could just turn each...

  • Imagine The End.
    2.3K 194 7

    Imagine being only eighteen years old, having so much potential and being full of life. Until the day you receive a letter. The letter that enlists you into the army to fight in The Vietnam War. You have no choice, but to go. Imagine leaving all of your loved ones behind. All of the people you've ever know, to fight i...

  • Drunk On You || punk!cas jock!dean
    1.1M 46.6K 69

    Castiel and Dean have grown up together since they were four years old. Now the two have become completely different from one another, one being a punk and the other a jock. Yet nothing stops the two from being the best of friends. When a drunken night in a camping tent turns their whole relationship upside down, will...

  • Broken wings || Destiel
    15K 703 25

    Completed   Mature
  • Liar (Destiel)
    140K 7.2K 25

    Dean has a past nobody knows about. He's broken. Everybody believe they know everything about Castiel. But they don't. Castiel has more secrets than he should, keeping up his popular punk boy reputation. Dean hates the Novak's. So Castiel doesn't tell him he's a part of the family. But if there's one thing Dean hates...

  • The Sea and The Stars (Destiel High School AU)
    115K 4.9K 19

    After their abusive father dies in an accident, Sam and Dean are glad to move to South Dakota with Bobby, Ellen and their daughter Jo. There, Dean manages to make friends with the quiet Castiel. But Castiel has dark secrets, secrets that Alastair wants to exploit, as he has done to many before. What measures will Cast...

  • Destiel - supernatural love
    35.8K 1.6K 16

    AU destiel punk!cas & tattoo artist!dean Castiel Novak, a self harming, anti-social, depressed boy. He has great acting skills so who would suspect Castiel Novak being suicidal? The future tattoo artist Dean Winchester develops a small crush on the blue eyed boy and tries to get his attention. Little do they...

  • Waves- Destiel
    7.9K 403 19

    Dean Winchester is the average guy: football, college, kid brother, nice car, girls and beer; his life is black and white, that is until he meets Castiel Collins: pretentious, slutty, sweater-wearing genius, who won't even take the time to look up at him from his obscure novel while he insults him. And then everything...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Okay, I Like Different [Destiel]
    128K 6.4K 38

    Dean Winchester is, once again, new at a school. In fact, this is the third school he's been to this year. Dean expects the norm: girls worshipping him around every corner and no permanent friends. But then a gorgeous plot twist waltzes into Dean's life: Castiel Novak. Known as The Nerd to everyone else, he is always...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fallen Angels || Destiel High School AU
    101K 6.1K 20

    Destiel Highschool AU where its Castiel and his family have been living on Kansas for three and a half years. After a terrible childhood, Zandriel - Cas', Balthazars, Gabriels, Raphaels, Lucifers , Anna's and Uriels older sister adopts them from an orphanage that they have been living at for most of their childhood. M...

    Completed   Mature