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  • Transition
    8 1 1

    A short creative non-fiction piece from my creative writing class. It's the first piece of writing I truly felt passionate about and it's my best work so far. I'll probably edit/revise more in the future so feedback is appreciated.

  • Golden (The Golden Trilogy)
    19 5 1

    Goldilocks wasn't naive. She was sent on a mission and Dov Baer is her new target. **** When the girl with the golden hair betrays everyone, not even she has hope of surviving. The stories say that Goldilocks was a naïve girl who wandered into a house one day. Those stories were wrong. She was never naïve. It was all...

  • Trapped ✔️
    5.1M 181K 40

    They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of self-harm and...

  • The Demon's Soul [Sample]
    9.8M 171K 15

    She leaned down to look inside the well and sighed. Tucking back her hair behind her ear as the evening wind blew. "I told you not to be a curious cat," she scolded looking at the well to receive a small 'meow' from it. Her cat had stepped on the edge of the well no matter how many times she placed it back on the grou...