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  • Lost Boys
    708 8 4

    Summer Emmerson never wanted to move, but she did. Now her brother is turning into a vampire, her other brother is getting involved with vampire hunters, and Summer has attracted the attention a certain hunter. Will Summer's life work out for the better or will it end in a bloody mess.

  • Lost Girl (Lost Boys Fanfiction) COMPLETE
    16.4K 584 53

    Completed   Mature
  • Thicker than Water
    1.7K 69 8

    Emerald is a hybrid. She lives in Santa Carla and discovers it's secret. She gets taken by the boys and she falls in love with one of them. Plz don't copy my book.

  • The Lost Boys Mate
    117K 1.9K 29

    You're twin of Michael Emerson when Michael spend time with the wrong people who were vampires!! But what would happened if she's a mate of all the lost boys : David , Paul, Marko and Dwayne. Can Sam and the frog brothers save Mike and y/n

  • The girl on the boardwalk * Lost Boys fan fiction*
    46.3K 1K 46

    Jasmine is like every other normal 18 year old out their but their is one thing that nobody knows something she will never tell.When her mom sends her and her friend to go visit her friend Lucy for the summer with her two sons to Santa Carla for the summer.What happens when she goes to the boardwalk one night and mee...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wayward Sons
    19.4K 582 39

    "You know--" I felt my blood run cold. Somebody was screaming, and it was coming from behind us. "Indie," I whispered, "What the fuck?" I slowly turned around and realized it was coming from the alley way we always pass by after work. "No fucking way Laurie, leave it be." She whisper yelled. "OK but it could litera...

  • The Lover of Darkness
    12.1K 289 20

    Elizabeth was a 18 year girl and Once She moved to Santa Carla with her Family, the Emberson's, her life totally changed. She meet four guys, David, Dwayne, Marko and Paul who kept changing her world as she fell of one of them.Who will it be? But will things make a turn for the worst when she finds out their little se...

  • summertime
    50.9K 1.4K 26

    One of them has either roller skated off the boardwalk and the other is more than likely looking for the one that's roller skated off the boardwalk. (sequel is up! There will be a slight change in the last few chapters of this book!) HIGHEST RANK- no. 51 in #Emerson no. 1 in #TheLostB...

  • Do You Remember? (A Lost Boys fanfic)
    41.2K 1.1K 18

    After being gone for four years, Emmy Johnson moves back to her hometown of Santa Carla, with her mother. She meets four mysterious strangers, who seem very familiar. Emmy begins to fall for one of the mysterious men, but will he be able to love Emmy? Will Emmy be able to handle his deepest, darkest secret?

    Completed   Mature
  • Me and you (The Lost Boys)
    6.4K 133 7

    Marisola family was moving from Los Angeles to Santa Carla. Her parents never give a damn about what she did with her life. She lived life freely and wildly drinking, parting, sleeping and just being herself. Until she met the leader of a gang called "the lost boys" and she fell for David. He eventually turned her int...

  • David x reader {Lost Boys}
    40.9K 781 17

    You're sister of Alan and Edgar the frog brothers. When you walked out in the boardwalk late then you seen them the vampires your brothers were afraid of

  • The lost boys (love story)
    24.8K 548 9

    (Unedited) Morticia isn't like other people. She wore mostly black, she was sometimes quite, she just didn't fit in. When she and her family move to Santa Carla, she knows something is off right away. And she sees this gorgeous guy always looking at her. David is looking at her.

  • the lost boys love story
    3.1K 42 4

    what if Lucy Emerson had a daughter named Hannah sometimes go by Ava M Pire .she was a smart kid she started collage when she was 14 she was on scholarship. ever since her return she has been acting weird this is her love story.

  • Lost in the Shadows
    3.5K 74 7

    Moondance is a five hundred year old vampire who lives as a human in Santa Carla. She was turned in Luna Bay by Shane.

    Completed   Mature
  • Marko x reader
    39.1K 953 23

    Y/n is a unusual girl she thinks vampires are hot and wants to be one. She's sister of Sam and Michael Emerson . One night she sees a blonde guy ( Paul) who looks dangerous and she goes toward him wanting adventure and love. The start of the story it will be Paul x reader but not for long

  • The lost boys ( Marko and Paul fan fiction )
    5.3K 85 9

    Jasmine and Ashley are on there way to do a movie in Santa Carla while staying they meet Marko and Paul .

  • Marko Lost Boy
    9.1K 161 12

    The lost boys hear whimpering and to see a werewolf who is injured of course Laddie went to it and see looks in Markos eyes and he realized she's his mate .... but there's a twist when Rose ( the wolf ) meets Michael Emerson and imprints on him .... She has two mates!!! What happens when Star comes in his life?

  • Star Crossed
    1.9K 36 8

    Amelia Caswell was born into a pure blood vampire family and was born to be the bride of a vampire also a pure blood. and that vampire is none other then David leader of the lost boys. but what will happen when she falls in love with a curtain dark haired lost boy? will she fallow her heart? or will she be forced to m...

  • Behind Your Angel Eyes
    810 2 2

    Claire was on the run. Ever since the night her world came crashing down around her, she's had to abandon everything she knows and risk her life, to escape him. He was the boy she fell in love with from the moment they met, and he knew her sometimes better than she knew herself. And she thought she knew him. Problem w...

  • The Lost Stay Lost
    1.4K 36 4

    Groovy movie makin' Amelia Waldorf wants to make documentaries with her good ole pal Violet Windover, but Santa Carla's no place to go snoopin'.

  • Lost Boys Preferences
    41.5K 736 13

    Preferences for the lost boys movie for Dwayne David Paul Marko Michael Alan Edgar Sam

  • Samantha Emerson | The Lost Boys
    123K 2.5K 28

    *COMPLETE* One minor change could mean life or death. Some spared, some altered, and some are even to end. Marko won't know what hit him when he meets Samantha; a human. **HIGHEST RANKING: #1 THE LOST BOYS 9/2019**

  • Stuck Inside The Lost Boys
    18.1K 429 10

    Bree Hadley was just a normal girl. She wanted a sense of adventure. One night she hits her head and wakes up in The Lost Boys. What will happen to her next?

  • The Lost Boys: Cold Heart
    2.8K 60 8

    Santa Carla , Murder Capital of The World. It just happends to be my new home. I always fall for the ones I really should not.

  • Wendy and the Lost Boys
    4.4K 175 6

    Four guys and one girl. Togather they were the definition of hell on earth. They were criminals and she was a girl in love with cheesy novels. So how the hell were they forced together? And how did she end up being their band's lead singer? Pranks, wars, love, addicts, a whole lot of banter and an impressive get...

  • The One You Never Knew
    9.3K 132 6

    What if Michael and Sam had a sister? What if she moved with them to Santa Carla? What if that sister met David and his gang? What happens when Elaine Emerson gets caught in the middle of her brother Michael and the gang leader David? Possible Pairings: Paul/OC and David/OC (Same OC) Title May Change

  • Lost Soul ( Lost Boys) david/OC
    24.9K 710 23

    life doesn't always make sense, with hurt and abuse and fear, Darcy meets the boys who become like family. David has a secret to tell her and paul had other! how will she react?

  • Secrets To The Grave (Lost Boys Fanfiction)
    6K 110 6

    "How do I know I can trust you? I haven't known you a day and you want me to get on your bike?" I say hesitant to get on the asshole's bike. Finally coming to stop after running a good distance. After getting on the bike, he reaches over and grabs my wrist pulling me a little closer, "You probably can't trust me, pro...

  • Paul's Weakness; Lost Boy Fanfiction
    15.7K 425 25

    She looked over at him, tears brewing in her eyes "Please Paul, let me go." Paul's smirk fell, "You're asking me to do something that's not an option. You belong to me!" Paul growled as he wrapped his arms around Shiloh as she cried. "And not even death can have you! You have to understand! I can't let you go!" ...