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  • Bonding With The Enemy (BxB)✔
    1.5M 97.8K 36

    Darren is a rogue werewolf with the ability to see the dead. One day, his aunt calls him back to his old pack to help figure out why their children are going missing. Unfortunately this means he has to work closely with the man who bullied him back in school, Jasper Trotter, who is also next in line to become Alpha. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Urban Wolf | ✓
    230K 15.4K 33

    Len has found his mate, but there's an unexpected obstacle. He's recessive. Len thought that he would always love Ahote, and all he had to do was grow up and claim him. Before he could come of age and confess his feelings to the man he loved, a Siberian wolf from Russia had beat him to the task. Lost, confused, and no...

  • Siberian Wolf | ✓
    344K 24.3K 33

    Not everyone has a mate, and this is the reality of Alek Kuznetsov. On his eighteenth birthday instead of feeling the pull and yearning for a mate, Alek's spirit felt dead. Confusion and depression drove him out of his Siberian wolf clan to seek something to fill the void. Now thirty-five and a seasoned traveler, Ale...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Puppy
    774K 36.8K 18

    [MAN x MAN] Kolbe is a young wolf, all alone with no pack to care for him. He's been a lone wolf for as long as he can remember, used to looking after himself. His world changes and gets turned completely upside down when the handsome veterinarian, Dr. Beau treats his injured leg after finding him hurt. He learns that...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rejected Alpha (Sample!)
    1.3M 14.7K 12

    There was never a story of an alpha being rejected, it was unheard but he was the exception. Alpha Sean Dawson had everything in his life, a strong pack to rule, a mate to love and a brother who trusted with his life. One morning though everything changed. His mate rejected him and mated with his brother. His brother...

  • Mates of a Human
    3.1M 142K 72

    His world was completely grey. Not a drop of colour entered his eyes and he told himself that he really didn't miss it. Until the day he saw the most vivid blue eyes. Werewolf/Shifter story Man x Man x Man 18 + with graphic descriptions of a sexual nature Author's note; I made the cover, even though it is not brilli...

  • The Powerful One.
    3.4M 105K 53

    The Golden wolf is a myth among werewolves, no one has seen it and who ever has, didn't survive to tell anyone. Six hundred years and Andorra Hannah still looks the beautiful age of eighteen, she is quick, powerful and deadly. Everyone has heard the myth of the werewolf elder but no one ever expected her to be a woman...

  • Sun Child |✔|
    12M 489K 60

    Lexie is not a warrior. In fact, Lexie is a painter. Her hands are always covered in paint. Never coming off. Always there. For Lexie, painting is an escape. An escape from her pain. She paints to avoid the darkness that is in her soul. She paints to avoid looking at the bleeding wound inside her chest. She paints. To...

  • Wolf of Cinders
    977K 40.8K 23

    The Alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. The Omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordinates. I never asked to be the Omega, that's just how it is. Born to be hated by society for doing nothing. Born to be a slave to my foster family after...

  • A Woman's Best Friend
    2.1M 95.7K 78

    When Allie is in need of a new seeing eye dog, she is set up with one that nobody else wants. He's big, scruffy, playful and very intuitive. And from what she can feel and her friends tell her, he looks like he should be an attack-dog for the police, not a guide dog for a blind girl. It's a dog that will change...

  • Who Wants A Blind Mate? (Completed)
    2.2M 71.9K 19

    When a vampire coven requests for a human sacrifice to live peacefully in the same territory as the small Thurman werewolf pack, the alpha's son Jake has little qualms about suggesting his newly discovered blind mate as a potential human sacrifice after all what alpha or alpha-to-be wants a blind luna?

  • My Mate
    4.7M 194K 34

    BxB --------- Torin Frey has a crush. With his eighteenth birthday right around the corner, he'll soon be able to identify his Mate. Hopefully it's the male he's always had his eyes on.

  • Pixie Dust {ManxBoy}
    1.5M 65.2K 32

    *PARTIALLY EDITED* Being the new kid is extremely hard, especially when you go to a school just for the supernatural. Leon is a pixie- and the new kid. Moving from his old home for better opportunities for his large but poor family, he's thrown into a whole new world, especially with one possessive and hot alpha. Ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweeter than Sweets {M/M} (Dogs, Bats & Monkey Series, Book III)
    74.7K 5.4K 51

    A young man who believes rules aren't meant for him. A by the book law enforcer. An interrogation gone wrong puts them in each other's paths. Half-shifter, half-vampire, Alec doesn't really feel he fits in with either species. He likes to use his looks and sex to manipulate people, would start a strife out of boredom...

  • Sentiments & Reason ✓ (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, Book II)
    45.1K 3K 43

    "Dad's gone," my cousin's voice was barely above a whisper. "You must come home for the Evaluations," she uttered and the phone line went dead. ***** After Keri's Uncle - the Alpha of the Silver Bullets pack - loses his battle with cancer, the young woman is summoned away from University and back home to take part in...

  • We are the Answer {boyxboy} ✔ (Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series, Book I | Rhys)
    231K 11.9K 52

    Rhys has been unlucky in love and even though his family supports him, he knows they are anxious for him to find the one he belongs with. He recognizes him in the face of Riley - a human boy who is not only terrified by the pack because he thinks they are a gang, but also laughs every time someone claims werewolves an...

  • Having A Slater's Love
    4.2M 166K 30

    First book in The Silver Woods series Christian Carlisle is future Alpha of the Silver Lake Pack. Turning eighteen in a week he knows that responsibility is around the corner, but he doesn't really care. Christian goes to a school that is filled with pack members, literally. Every single person in the school belongs t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trapping Quincy (Caspian and Quincy)
    13.4M 624K 56

    He teases her. He challenges her. He fascinates her while he irritates her like no other. He drives her insane. He makes her...ughh, so mad she could scream! The only thing he won't do is let her go. Quincy: I'm a human living among the werewolves. My mom is a werewolf. She had a drunken fun one night with a stranger...

  • Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance (COMPLETE)
    2M 115K 72

    Now revised and being released on Amazon: (it's in KU so you can borrow it for free.) In a tribe of stallion shifters, Alvarr is smaller and more delicate than the rest of the herd. But he is also a rare stallion mage, a male horse shifter who can perform magic - a talent only found in mares. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Apex (poly)
    559K 7.2K 10

    5/17/2020 - This story is going to be available for purchase in its entirety on Amazon 5/30/2020 so only the first five original chapters are posted as a sample. He was a chubby college student born of a meth head and raised by his grandmother. He easily went unnoticed and didn't make waves. He just wants a chance f...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Bite ✓
    864K 30.5K 15

    Adam Saunders and Rory Tanning have barely been housemates for a month but are really close - both living the life of every young adult, the only drama being girls, boys and getting drunk at parties. But one bite from a werewolf soon changes all that. - Copyright © 2012 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Woods ✔
    2.5M 134K 49

    After losing everything, Caden stumbles into the territory of a lion pride. But not any lion pride, it's Ajax' pride. Ajax is a typical alpha male: cocky, overly confident and when he wants something he does everything to get it. And as soon as he sets his eyes on Caden, he knows that he has to have him. But Caden is...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha & His Marine
    7.5M 279K 36

    First book in The Black Forest series Benjamin Mentis is a twenty-three-year-old Marine. He's wanted to be a Marine, just like his father and grandfather, since he was a little boy. So it was no surprise to anyone that he was signed up to join the Marines as soon as he graduated from high school. It was his dream to s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Human mate |Sample|
    3.7M 44.1K 35

    Book I This is a sample from the first draft of the now Published novel "Her Human Mate" now live and available for purchase on Amazon. It is available in paperback and ebook. "Abagail is the big bad wolf. Daniel is just an ordinary boy with ordinary baggage. He's a nobody in a crowd of somebodies. On a werewolves sev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bite Me
    9.6M 392K 36

    Werewolves and vampires don't mix, or that's what Kieran Callisto, a seventeen-year-old vampire, has believed all his life - until he falls for the Alpha's son. ***** When Kieran meets his new classmate, Mason Kane, he bristles with an unexplainable...

  • The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)
    4M 143K 32

    I'd never seen eyes quite like his. It's like they looked right into my soul. I could feel my body tensing as he walked closer. I knew if I could hear my heartbeat, everyone else could as well. I took a deep breath and stepped forward, extending my hand toward him. "Welcome to the Autumn Fall's Pack, I'm Alpha Sil...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rejected Revenge
    2.4M 88.2K 60

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When Violet Caldwell is rejected by her Moon Blessed mate, she decides to leave behind everything she's ever known to avenge a deadly family secret under the guise of training to become a warrior and comes across the fiercest and most powerful pack in the world-and none other t...

  • Alpha Mates
    10.4M 420K 84

    Book #1: The Mated Series Julian Heil, known for his intelligence and calm exterior. As the future alpha of the Black Moon Pack, he only cares about his pack and their safety. He has managed to develop one of the most dangerous packs in the entire world, feared by many due to his lack of emotions. That is of course...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alphas Little Omega
    4.3M 138K 43

    Book #1 in the 'Mine' series Meet Ben, the omega of the Red Forrest pack. This pack doesn't treat their omegas badly because their omegas, everyone is treated fairly. Ben is gay, small, shy, and timid. He hates the spot light. He's scared to have a mate because he fears they will reject him. I mean who would want a s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Taking
    28.9M 952K 35

    "Every quarter century, on one night during an eclipse, a beast comes out from the forest to claim his bride. This is called The Taking. He roams door to door searching for the woman whose entire essence calls to him. He will kill, mutilate and destroy everything in his path until he finds his bride. In the past, the...