Her Human mate |Sam...
By Elizabethbloodstorm
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Book I This is a sample from the first draft of the now Published novel "Her Human Mate" now live and available for purchase on Amazon. It is available in paperback and ebook. "Abagail is the big bad wolf. Daniel is just an ordinary boy with ordinary baggage. He's a nobody in a crowd of somebodies. On a werewolves seventeenth birthday they are of age - which includes finding their destined mate. Turns out the bad girls mate is the nerd she never noticed. Abagail, for the first time in her life, cares - and she's afraid. There are more dangerous things out there then trying to woo your human mate. The big bad wolf is being hunted." #17 in werewolf #2 in love #1 in action #7 in bullying awareness Please be aware that this is the first draft of the novel and may have things such as spelling errors, incorrect sentences, vague plot and many more things that tend to come with someone's first draft. This is basically like my books skeleton 💀. First drafts are always some of the hardest to look at, but if you have written your first draft, then you're already closer to achieving your desires for your book! Find "Her Human Mate" on Amazon and many other works by E. Louise


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Her Human...
by Elizabethbloodstorm