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  • Dolan Twins Imagines
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    wrote this at such a young age it's so bad i'm sorry LMAO | Dolan Twins Imagines

  • The Dolan Twins Imagines
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    Images and texts about you and the crazy Dolan twins ;) REQUESTS ARE OPEN DM ME OR COMMENT almost completed

    Completed   Mature
  • Ethan & Grayson Dolan Imagines (CLOSED REQUESTS)
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    Here are a bunch of imagines with Ethan and Grayson Dolan! Hope you enjoy! Author's Note: I wrote these four years ago :( please excuse how cringey it is.

  • Dolan Twins - Preferences and Imagines <3
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    I am posting some cute and sad preferences and imagines This is my first book like this so yay !1!1! Make sure to comment requests etc :) I take personal imagines as well xx

  • dolan i + p
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    Just some imagines and preferences of the bæs

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
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    it says it all in the title ❥ lowercase is intended highest rankings: #1 in imagines + 4ou #14 in dolan #23 in fanfiction

  • Dolan Twins (imagines)
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    The title says it all really. I'm going to write some imagines about The Dolan Twins. I've never written any imagines but I really want to start so here goes... I really hope you guys enjoy this. THERE MAY BE SOME MATURE CONTENT IN HERE SO JUST TO WARN YOU! PS- I might also include some preferences in here too. x

  • (: Dolan Twin Imagines :)
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    !WARNING!: may make you fall in love :) * * * * *

  • Imagines ➙ Dolan Twins
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    In which I wrote 200 imagines that hopefully fulfill all your desires about Ethan and Grayson Dolan Dolan Twin Imagines Highest Ranking: #9 in Fanfiction © Ericka | 2016

  • Dolan Twins Imagines/Stories
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    Some stories bout the Dolan Twins!!!!!!! Most of them are cute, romantic and might be a lil dirty here and there.... Enjoy! REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!!!

  • dolan twin imagines
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    yup :) highest #140 in fanfiction boiiii

  • Dolan Twins Imagines & Preferences
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    All things Dolan, because seriously you can never have too many books. Highest Ranking: #7 in FanFiction! (11/04/16)(Forever grateful!) © all rights reserved | @aaronsbxbe cover | @aaronsbxbe

  • Imagines↠ Dolan Twins
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    Imagines about the dolan twins ;) (copyright 2016 © -woken)

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
    1.1M 12.5K 114

    Dolan Twin Imagines! I wrote most of these imagines a very long time ago so if a lot of them seem very immature and a lot of mistakes through out the stories, I apologize. I would go back and fix all the mistakes I have in them, but there are too many and I don't have the time. But I have other books that are more up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dolan Twins Imagines
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    Dolan twin imagines where ya dreams come true. - [request open]

  • Dolan Twin Imagines
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    Imagines about two goofs that seem to make my day everyday

  • Dolan Twins Imagines and preferences ❤️
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    Two goofs who are kinda cute

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
    1M 11.8K 112

    Just some short and sweet imagines for any Dolan fans who read my crap work xD #51 in Fanfiction 21/07/17 :"-_\~'°NO MORE REQUESTS TAKEN°'~/_-":

  • Dolan Twin Imagines and Prefrences
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    ^Pretty self explanatory ^

  • Dolan twins Imagines and preferences
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    Just little stories for you to enjoy x

  • Dolan Twins Imagines
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    Writing some Dolan Twins imagines just for you guys! Please comment suggestions and I'll be happy to use them!

  • Dolan Twins imagines + preferences
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    Imagines about two amazingly beautiful boys🖤

  • Dolan twins imagines
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    Title kinda explains it (: really love the twins why not make imagines? HAVE FUN THANKS FOR READING(very slow updates)

  • imagines and preferences :: dolantwins
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    if you're reading this, i love you.

  • Ethan Dolan Imagines [2]
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    [ highest ranking #92 in fanfiction ] in which i write about my dreams that'll never come true and give you feels that you never want to feel for the second time. (i write interracial, us brown girls need lovin too)

  • Dolan Twin Imagines ;)
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    Warning~ Extreme feels :) Please excuse the spelling mistakes and terrible grammar :•{ I will be editing in the future :)

  • The Dolan Twins imagines
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    We all imagine things right? I love to imagine about Ethan and Grayson Dolan. I decided to publish them for you to read it. These imagination are about everything, from being enemies to living with each other. Imagination where you're just hopelessly in love with them and stories that will make you cry (Or just feel s...

  • Dolan Twins Preferences
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  • Ethan Dolan imagines
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    Lots of ETHAN imagines read to find out.... Updates when I feel like it Comment requests Not all are edited!!! CHECK OUT MY GRAYSON BOOK TOO!!