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  • Fake | jungkook
    44.2K 1.4K 9

    ❝ I'm pregnant, Jeon. ❞ [ © btsayper ]

  • A Scar You Left
    263K 9K 28

    I hate you. I have no reason to love you either. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They don't want you. Then let me go. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It happens because of lust, not love. I don't care whether it's lust or love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want to...but I don't even have chance to love someone. You can't, not you 'don't'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Learn Korean
    455K 9.7K 19

    Do you want to learn Korean? Do you want to understand Hangul? Check this out, this might help 'ya.

  • Let's Learn Korean [Phrasebook]
    444K 6.3K 19

    The Korean Alphabet also known as Hangul, or Chosongul (Han-geul in South Korea) (Chosŏn'gŭl in North Korea), is the native alphabet of the Korean language.

  • Baby Daddy | p.jimin [COMPLETED]
    3.6M 189K 38

    "It all began when he asked me to breastfeed his baby" Jimin wakes up with a hangover and a random baby besides him. With no recollection of the night before, he must find out how he ended up with this strange creature whilst trying to keep it alive. With the reluctant helping hand from the grumpy girl next door, they...

  • Find Me [DISCONTINUED. thank you for the support.]
    176K 9.7K 35

    Seoyeon Kim, the best detective in the Seoul police force is assigned the task to track down, gain his trust, and smoothly turn in the serial killer Kim Taehyung. But what happens when feelings take a turn? THIS IS NOT AN X READER. Please do not read this story with yourself as the main character for it is not how I w...

  • Marrying a Fuckboy ( Jungkook Fanfiction )
    240K 4.8K 31

    This is the story of how I, Park Seolhyun, fall in love with none other than the fuckboy, Jeon Jungkook, and end up marrying him. Warning: Contains Sexual Content. This is my first book, so please ignore the grammar mistakes and the first short chapters. Enjoy reading!