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  • Consummate Love
    150K 6.9K 50

    Three factors make up a consummate love, the perfect kind of love. Passion. Intimacy. Commitment.

    110K 9.1K 22

    ❝ i see things that nobody else sees ❞ - in which blackpink is actually fucked up behind the scenes. book 1 of the dollhouse series. COVER BY: 97SKUNK

  • Letter Go | Jensoo
    32.8K 2K 12

    A series of letters that say the words Jisoo may never say. ••• "This is the first letter. In case my last words aren't enough."

    Completed   Mature
  • Drunk On You | Jensoo
    150K 4.1K 23

    Jennie smacks into someone in the hall, knocking their books onto the floor. Who knew that the same girl would become her whole world within a few short months. A little smut here and there

    Completed   Mature
  • Drunk On You Pt.2 | Jensoo
    105K 2.9K 30

    This is the sequel to Drunk On You-Jensoo! It's a book about Jennie and Jisoo as a new family as they go through life balancing friends, work, and their new addition(s).

    57.2K 6K 20

    ❝ blood still stains when the sheets are washed ❞ - in which jennie kills and kills for jisoo to love her. book 2 of the dollhouse series. COVER BY: 97SKUNK

    61.2K 6.5K 24

    ❝ tears fall to the ground, you just let them drop ❞ - in which park chaeyoung's life in the yg dungeon isn't what you expected it to be. book 3 in the dollhouse series. COVER BY: 97SKUNK

    66K 7.1K 29

    ❝ is it true that pain is beauty? ❞ - in which kim jisoo is desperate to become pretty for everyone to love her. book 4 in the dollhouse series. COVER BY: 97SKUNK

    29.1K 1.6K 12

    ❝ all the best people are crazy ❞ - a companion book to the dollhouse series. COVER BY: 97SKUNK

  • perilous ➳ jensoo [on hold]
    83.3K 4.8K 36

    ❝ hey, jisoo. ❞ in which jennie is known as the school's badass and jisoo is just another girl. ― beautaes 2017 © all rights reserved started 170131 ongoing in the same universe: • endearing

  • Forbidden (CHAELISA & JENSOO) Gender bender Student X Teacher
    43.6K 1.7K 26

    School rules forbids a lovely relationship between a student and a teacher. But love makes you do crazy things without even realizing it. And love makes you crazy in such little things. (A/N: As you can see, LOVE is the 6th sense that makes a person NONSENSE. Jk XD)

    Completed   Mature
  • BLOSSOMS | JENSOO [discontinued]
    39.2K 1.9K 31

    in which jisoo works at a hotel, and jennie is not like any other guest. ⓒ choicevevo 2018. started on 041518 | thank you for all the love and support!

  • You're The One (Jensoo)
    106K 3.4K 35

    Story in which the school badass girl fall inlove with a simple girl. But they didnt know they're family are connected which each other.

  • IDENTITY [jensoo]
    28.4K 893 20

    when jennie kim moved back to south korea from new zealand and suddenly meets a goddess who soon and slowly questions her sexuality. -- inspired by: troye sivan's "fools" and hayley kiyoko's "girls like girls" first time writing gxg fanfic, please help me! @-uonee

  • The Space Between us [COMPLETED]🌸
    107K 2.5K 22

    3 girls who fall inlove with 1 girl. This loveable girl who make the shy, the brat and her best friend fall in love with her.

  • Crime
    5.4K 315 10

    "I fell in love, my greatest crime."

  • lie ↬ jensoo
    54.4K 1.9K 21

    " love was dead from the start " » where jisoo convinces herself that she no longer has feelings towards jennie - - this book is inspired by the song, lie by megurine luka, which is produced by circus-p started: 17.10.17 ended: 17.12.26 highest rank: #62 in Short Story © enseoulite

  • Jensoo // Dangers of Love
    29.7K 1.2K 21

    jennie is an ordinary girl, apart from the fact that she owns multiple guns. jisoo is also an ordinary girl, apart from the fact that she's the daughter of a millionaire. will it be a good idea that these two ordinary girls become something they could never imagine? ㅡ blackpink, also multifandom (agent/school au) offi...

  • Last love ☆ Jensoo + Chaelisa
    140K 5.8K 38

    "You're my first, and shall also be my last," -Jennie Kim "How do you make me fall back in love with you over and over?" -Park Chaeyoung

    Completed   Mature
  • My Ex & Why's | [JenSoo]
    117K 5.6K 44

    "Just business right?" Jennie says nervously. In which Jennie has to work with her Ex-Wife Jisoo Kim. will she handle the pain? will she handle the fact that she left her and their daughter? "o-of course" Jisoo replies.

  • Stupid Friend (ENG VER) » JenSoo [Pt.2]
    22.8K 722 50

    ❝Lisa left Jennie alone. Jennie refuses to be alone, so she decides to go for Jisoo. Her brother's girlfriend❞ † main couple(s): JenSoo or Jisoo x Jennie. † Secondary couple(s): None. † duration: 50 mini-chapters. † genre: lesbian / drama / romance † warning(s): none. †No copying. completed. © 20200...

  • Still Searching ; Jensoo
    34.6K 1.9K 24

    Jennie is typically regarded as hard-headed. A hard outer shell that sent shivers down everyone's back the first time they saw her. She isn't afraid of saying her opinion, she thinks of herself as significant-well, she is. But the image she made for herself just managed to dissolve when an unfamiliar face bothers her...

  • Doppelganger (JENSOO)
    3.3K 215 6

    In which jiwon beg jisoo to act as her daughter jisu untill she woke up from coma. [ WARNING! THIS STORY IS MATURED CONTENT] DATE STARTED: January 11, 2018 DATE ENDED:

  • J.K | [Jensoo] (HIATUS)
    9.4K 557 16

    J.K a very popular webtoon that's been the topic all over Korea, because of the Mysterious and Thrilling story of Jennie Kim, the Main Character, a very hot and sexy character. The Creator Kim Sunwoo then discovers the secret behind the Webtoon, a very dangerous and none realistic thing and even got her daughter Invo...

  • Milk » Jensoo [ON HOLD]
    31.3K 1.6K 32

    Jennie loves milk. Especially milk ice cream. Jisoo works at an ice cream shop. Jisoo wants to fulfill Jennie's love with milk while Jennie wants to fulfill Jisoo's love with herself.

  • Attention | jensoo✔
    145K 7K 61

    ❝you just want attention.❞ ❝damn right i do.i'm just making sure you're never getting over me,too.❞ __________________⚠__________________ "jennie?"she asked as she quickly tied a ribbon around the flowers and walked over to the counter,only to find jennie seated on it. "i was wondering how long it was going to take yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Youth||Jensoo
    37.3K 1.2K 27

    BLACKPINK in your area! which a Jensoo story happening in my area, Australia! a little chaelisa in a girls high school~~~~~ and ya gay gay gay time!

  • Be Mine (Jensoo)
    102K 2.6K 33

    Jennie and jisoo began dating when the two maknaes admitted that their together too. At first it was hard for the jensoo couple and ended breaking up with each other. Will second chance work?

  • periods ; jensoo
    10K 411 9

    "Uhh, do you have some pads?" - Jennie Kim

  • savior [ jensoo ]
    20.7K 989 17

    "thank you for being my savior." jisoo and jennie were bestfriend until someone almost ruin it. © sfcloud9

    Completed   Mature