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  • Philophobia | Malum |
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    "There was a boy I knew once who always walked on his tiptoes and wrote in broken cursive. Something beautiful about him, like the way he hummed to himself when he was bored or created fantasies about the randomest of things and laughed about it later on. I loved that and I loved him."

  • To love you | Malum
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    "Who wants to love a crippled boy who can't even walk?" "I do." Michael Clifford was the exotic boy in school. Nobody wanted him because he strolled through the hallways in a wheelchair everyday. He didn't have friends - because they cared too much about their reputation. He had nobody and there wasn't a single perso...

  • she slipped ; malum
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    Calum did something bad; but new kids never find out until it's too late.