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  • Darkened Light
    13 0 11

    A darkness slithers into the dead's haven and turns their spirits against the living. An elven mage who enters the realm of the dead at will... A runaway thief who cares only about the next treasure... The first male sacrifice who longs for a chance to live... A troublemaker who burns his way through every obstacle...

  • Orphan Road (Wattys 2019) ON HOLD TBD
    1.3K 221 14

    All roads lead somewhere in the apocalypse... "The apocalypse began not with a shudder, but with the BANG of a broken coffee machine." If Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue weren't bad enough, now 18-year-old Allyson Avery & her emotional support cat, Potato, have to battle the zombie apocalypse. Armed with her brother's...

  • In Too Deep
    241 3 46

    Shaun is content teaching at the IGA Command Academy. His life is simple and predictable, now that war is over. Little did he know that his whole existence would soon be forever altered, just by one sentence, "I need to speak with you in my office."

    Completed   Mature
  • Love & Exorcisms | 18+ | COMPLETE |
    732K 39.2K 81

    | 18+ | Damian looked so different with his shirt off and a crop in his hand. He felt more real: no longer wearing the mask of the good doctor, he was the Exorcist, the master over my wildest fears, the stones on the shore over which my ocean of madness could crash without fear. He trailed the crop over my throat, do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Out of the Blue
    53 3 2

    Liara T'Soni; Shadow Broker and Prothean Archeologist. Her shy and strategic ways come to a near end when her fate lies with death itself. When dramatic changes cause her to make a difficult choice, will she make it or will she fall?

  • Foreseen 1-4 (Undergoing Rewrite And Edits)
    2.1K 66 48

    A collection of four erotic paranormal romance novellas where four friends, two fortune tellers, an empath and yogi, and a psychic travel the murky waters of love with black girl magic.: Layla been in love with her best friend's older brother for seven years. And after spending one magical night together he runs away...

  • "The Madam of Suburbia"
    105 7 34

    A drug dealer known as Ronnie becomes a slave for the queen of the criminal underground simply known as Madam. Will he do what Madam wants, or will he die trying take her down? Disclaimer: Does contain foul language and drug references. Also, scenes of tortures and executions.

  • The Last Available
    156 12 2

    A heroic group of adventurers has been brought together to defeat an ancient evil... elsewhere--not here. These complete imbeciles are the only hope to save the world, but might actually bring about its end. Accidentally, of course. Hopefully.

  • Girls' Night
    50 5 2

    When Lindsay meets Cora in a Divorced Moms Support Group, they bond over their shared struggles to adjust to life as single parents. Although Lindsay is attracted to Cora, she'd never dream of overstepping the bounds of their friendship. But during their first kid-free girls' night, she discovers that Cora has a secre...