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  • Royal Blood
    45.4K 6K 45

    WINNER OF THE ROYALIST PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD IN FANTASY! HIGHEST RANK SO FAR #212 IN FANTASY! "I've been told that every young girl dreams of being a princess. That they want to wear the big ball gowns and meet Prince Charming. They want to have all the riches and the admiration that comes with the job. They want the...

  • Love Caught Fire | #The2017Awards
    12.2K 1.1K 13

    ''You know what's weird?'' he asked me after a while. ''Tell me.'' ''That even a little action can affect someone's life. For example, a really beautiful butterfly flying across the street and distracting you can make a car hit you.'' ''Well that was a wreck, Kayden.'' I laughed and he just chuckled quietly. Kalani c...

  • Never Mine (Book One)
    979K 39.1K 47

    **Completed** Colby Byers and Wyatt Matheson shared an enviable love-at least, until that fateful day. Torn apart by tragedy, the stubborn ex-lovers struggle to come to terms with their desire for one another, while reconciling their feelings with their tumultuous past. Never Mine intertwines snapshots of the onetime...

  • Dying For A Soda #Wattys2016
    77 7 1

    Sometimes it's the little things that keep you going in an apocalypse. When zombies are out to eat your flesh, you have no hope for anything, do you keep going or do you risk it? Follow Georgianna and her friend Kelly and find out.

  • Be My Guest
    520 40 5

    When Anna finds herself stranded on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere, she has no choice but to seek refuge from the storm inside the isolated home of Nathan Greg. Nathan lives isolated for a reason, the house holds many traumatic memories and he has been unstable ever since. Nathan is a dangerous man, but A...

  • Follow The Buzzards
    282 62 10

    Young Ellie lives a dark life but finds peace and a sliver of happiness in her escape. Her life hits a dead-end as the ongoing war overseas comes to her front door. While being taken into an underground camp, she becomes separated from the one person she trusts. Her only concern, to find a way out and find him. What l...

  • lionne ; bts
    4.1K 699 47

    리오 네, in which bts helps a new girl group as a scheming gang tries to ruin them. ( i wrote this ages ago so pls excuse the many grammatical errors )

    Completed   Mature
  • The Empty World | The Empty World Sequence [complete | rewriting]
    4.4K 375 55

    The Empty World is a 200K word darkly whimsical Fantasy novel, in the supernatural-protagonist tradition of The Sandman or The Vampire Chronicles, about a young daimon who watches over a muse after 'saving' her with a bottle of vampire blood and how they deal with the vampire who bottled that blood and its corrupting...

  • My Wolf And I
    4.1K 265 28

    COMPLETED~ Macey is a quiet girl and stays out of trouble. When she has a face to face encounter with a werewolf, the only way that she can save her own life is to repay the Life Debt. He saved her life once and now she must be his servant until she saves his, and he's not going to let her get away that easy. She will...

  • The Crying Bridge
    21K 967 46

    Del Granger moves from Chicago to a small rural Illinois town after a painful divorce. She meets a young man, Evan Drake, with who she shares an almost instant mutual attraction and begins to enjoy the promise of her new life. As she settles into her new home, however, she begins to hear the eerie sound of a crying ba...

    Completed   Mature
  • She gets the joke
    2.4K 604 26

    Two insane lunatics. One crazy love. Thanks to LizzyWhitAStory for making this cover :) Joker and Harley quinn Lovestory. This story contains SPOILERS. I try to update on Saturdays! Started 7th January 2017

  • Precious Metals (On Hold)
    657 109 15

    (BxB) In the year 2350, Sjon is killed. Around one trillion years later he wakes up again, with no memories and in a distant galaxy. Follow his journey through self discovery and justice, and all the things we wish we had done before we died. New chapters randomly and sporadically Warning: Rated Mature for violence...

  • Innocent Danger
    7.7K 849 37

    There is nothing left of me to protect. Dying by his hand would be less painful than this miserable life. She convinced herself of this as she relaxed her tense muscles. The sound of cracking echoed in the bathroom. For a brief second she thought the sound oriented from her broken bones. She was expecting to feel some...

  • Cinderella | Harry Potter
    2K 75 3

    [Previously named Of Forgotten Stars] As a child, Alexandra Potter fell in love with the story of Cinderella. She dreamed of a prince coming to take her away from the hell she was living in, to save her and her brother from the cruelty of their relatives. Alex's escape did not come in the form of an invitation to a...

  • Incomplete!
    865 65 39

    If I was ever reincarnated, I'll be the God of misfortune! If my life was a play! Hamlet tragedy it would be! If my soul had a color! Black it is! But he! He's the sun here & everywhere! He displays all the good in the universe! And,evil always wins! What's...

  • Waker Bros. Crackers
    870 148 10

    "What would your weapon of choice be in a zombie apocalypse?" "Hmm, probably a frying pan." "Like, in Tangled?" "Exactly." /// A story about two sisters who, in the middle of a nationwide disaster, struggle to find each other again.

  • vinegar and honey
    63.8K 4K 31

    you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, my father would say i find it kinda funny that even though i am honey, you refused to stay.

  • Plagued
    344 36 3

    A fatal illness swept through the remaining societies, eradicating the city of Stoneham within weeks. To contain the virus and cleanse the population, the infected were banished to the outskirts of the city, left to die in the woods. Cora Edwards, one of the many infected cast from her society, experiences an alternat...

  • Crimson
    1.9K 447 16

    FIRST PLACE WINNER IN THE FANTASY CATEGORY OF THE AUTHORS AWARDS 2017. After the loss of her brother, Amity became a stranger. Her grief had changed her, and she had begun to do reckless things. When deciding to go to a nightclub isolated in the middle of nowhere things begin to take a dark turn, and Amity soon reali...

  • The Ugly Truth
    1K 139 8

    Mia Porter has been missing for a year. Her disappearance has thrown the life of Lucy, her best friend, into turmoil. Unbeknownst to investigators, family and friends, Lucy has the unpublished manuscript of a book that Mia had been working on before her disappearance. Lucy soon realises that the book is more of an exp...

  • Kith or Kin
    97 13 3

    "We survived the first time. We can survive again." "I doubt it. Anything and everything living is out to kill us." "Then let's end this. We'll end this like those who ended the last one." "This world may be dead, but it isn't gonna fall. Not today." "Never again." ------------------------------------ After an outbrea...