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  • Samsaara : Devadoot
    42.6K 2.8K 42

    COMPLETED! PUBLISHED! Listed in the best fantasy stories in India. Listed in best romance stories in India. "What was about to happen was something I would have never imagined. I finished writing the text and held the paper up to get a better look at it. Somehow the blue ink with which I had written was purple at pr...

  • The Doomed Princess - Book I
    429 36 6

    "You need to escape from here." Queen Nayila shouted. "But why?" She asked her mother with tears sliding down her face. "Why? Don't you know that you are the star-cross of Prince Kiyan?" Her mother yelled again as the soldiers started to break the door of the women's chamber. "Do you think I a...

  • BATTLE OF LOVE (completed)
    93.6K 4.5K 50

    "So, should I take it as a 'yes' Dharani?", Acharya asked me looking straight into my eyes as if he is reading my expressions. I immediately looked down trying to compose myself and hide my feelings before he actually reads them. "Or would you like to take your word bac...." "It's a yes," I replied confidently. Taking...

  • Vasanthika
    1.2K 289 27

    Set in 13th century against the backdrop of temple city of Srirangam. The story is about a Devadasi named Vasanthika and her struggle between life and death during changing political scenario of south when ruling Pandya clan is ousted by a new imperial dynasty.

  • The Son of Cauvery, Book I - New Floods
    1.3K 48 9

    In ancient India around 970 AD, the Chola dynasty formed the dominant force in Southern India. The Emperor of the Chola kingdom of that time is ill and bed-ridden, counting his last days, as his elder son, the crown prince, gears himself to take the Throne. His younger son, a much loved and popular prince, is down sou...

  • Baahubali: The Lost Legends!
    2.9K 71 9

    Before the Kalakeya war, before Katappa killed Baahubali, before the death of Sivagami, two brothers competed for their right to the throne. One of them earned the crown, while the other became a legend. Catch the adventures of Baahubali: The Lost Legends, developed with Arka MediaWorks and SS Rajamouli!

  • The heartless conqueror
    4.4K 284 28

    Cursed from birth, known as a disgrace to his father. He had to fight his 100 brothers for the throne and had a rage that not even he could conquer. "Shalt come", the old lady repeated. The girl looked at her in stunned silence. "The fire shall come and burn this entire kingdom", she pointed at the girl, "And only...

  • The Village Girl
    141K 11.8K 97

    When the young and intelligent village girl named Seetha catches the eye of the powerful Warrior Prince Aaryaraavanan, the two of them soon convince themselves that they were meant to be together. Ignoring the despicable nature of Aaryan's mother, she is won over by his words and sees all her dreams come true right be...

  • Mayanshi - The Disgraced Queen
    21.1K 2.4K 36

    When Mayanshi, the princess of Virata empire, loses her father in a war, she is deemed too young to ascend the throne. The burden of the kingdom falls on the minister Vasishtha, who is declared the substitute ruler, until she comes of age. Fifteen years later, when Vasishtha passes away, his wife decides to crown her...

  • Near The Sands Of Vishwambara
    11.9K 1.8K 70

    Highest Ranking #2 Previously titled Rising From The Ashes This is a tale of the righteousness of evil and the treachery of good... Treachery, deceit and betrayal are as vital as oxygen to fulfil the destiny of the victorious. The empire of India, a perfect blend of cultures, traditions and bliss, captures the heart...

  • Hamida's Hostage (COMPLETE)
    2.5K 124 7

    The 17th century Mughal India. Emperor Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir's Rule. A 16 year old girl is snatched at the dead of the night from her parents and thrown in the emperor's harem to satisfy his lust. Once in the mughal zenana, forever a slave. Is that a dead end for her? This is Hamida's story. Her hostage in the...

  • ✔️Princess Ugly Duckling (Completed)
    977K 17.6K 36

    (Highest Ranking #1st in Historical Fiction on 9/04/18) "I challenge you Prince Aditya, though this wedding was without our consent, I would make sure that you would fall in love with me. You would crave to have me as your soulmate. I will make sure that I would win your heart and soul. Inspite of my average looks" Gr...

  • The Bride
    57.1K 3.7K 27

    This story is set in 1940 in British India. It takes you back in time where a lot of social evils were prominent in Indian society, one of them being marriage at a very young age and a dominant role of man in society. Women were not treating equal and face a lot of violence. This story is journey two people in tho...

  • Bhumija
    6.9K 253 12

    Sita is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu, in Hindu mythology. Sita is one of the main characters in the Ramayana, a major Hindu epic. Born in Sitamarhi, Sita was taken to Janakpur soon after her birth by her father, Maharaja Janak. Sita is considered to be one of the Sreshta Naris and is...

  • Gandivdhari Arjun-The Warrior Prince
    30.2K 755 48

    Arjun was one of the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharat epic. He was born to Kunti and King Pandu with the energy of Indra, the leader of the gods. At a very young age he got acclaim for the sincerity and skill in archery. He was known for his steadfastness and single mindedness in pursuing his goals. He was inst...

  • The Eyes that met Yours Vol 1 [Completed]
    71.5K 3K 36

    Read and find out why King Udaya has to fight a war with his Father-in-law to consummate with his wife and declare her legally as his Queen. Every woman has this internal fight, whether to take father's side or husband's side. But is it easy to fight with your spouse in the battlefield as enemies, for your father...

  • The 7th Incarnation
    4.6K 331 46

    My endeavor that portraits one of the prime Sanatan Deities, Shri Ram and Devi Sita. The work incorporates their legend based on Ramayan by Valmiki; a famed sage and a contemporary of that eon. The 7th Incarnation; the first part of the Ram-Janki series. The story embarks with the birth of Shri Ram, travels to his uni...

  • Shatru Sesham: Sequel of Baahubali ✔️
    37.6K 4.4K 140

    Sagas have no beginning or conclusion! They begin long before we know and continue even after they have ended. Mahishmati, a kingdom in ancient India, has witnessed the ugly face of ambition, power lust, manipulation, jealousy, crimes against humanity, a vicious cycle of deaths and vendetta for the sake of its throne...

  • Half A Moonstone
    64.7K 1.4K 12

    NOW PUBLISHED!! Currently discounted on Amazon Kindle, go download a copy now! An aura of power wrapped around the pair as their eyes met. Damayanthi Pratap Rathore, the only heir to the throne smiled as she greeted Rajveer Vikram Rana, the best swordsman of Mahendragiri and the Chief of Security. Both saw it at the...

  • Samragni- The Empress
    10.9K 650 34

    The story of a woman who is born princess and turned as a great ruler. Samragni, means Empress. Her sword is the answer to enemies. Her eyes reflect the kindness. She is the good student of a great teacher.. A lover to her heart She is friend to a friend, Enemy to the enemy... For the people she love she is the...

  • Tagore
    11.9K 131 43

    I'm notifying it beforehand that my intentions are not to steal anyone's work. All credit for the stories goes to their original author, editors and rest. I'm just uploading here so everyone can read and enjoy. Hope you'll like it. P.S.- Give it a try.It's worth it.

  • Land of the Ranas
    303 12 3

    Why did only Mewar not surrender to Emperor Akbar when all the other Rajput States, had made peace with the Mughals? What accounts for the sheer spirit of defiance and freedom that Mewar displayed always? The book is an attempt to explore the history of Mewar, right from it's founding to the rise of the Ranas. It is...

  • Gandikota
    998 78 38

    Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayaka the commander of the Vijayanagara Empire, leads it to victory in the Battle of Raichur. However his success, leads to jealousy among a group of rivals, who implicate him in a false plot to overthrow the Emperor, Krishnadeva Raya. On the run, having to prove his innocence, Pemmasani, however...

  • Kashibai Peshwe
    41K 1.9K 25

    Along with Kashibai Peshwe this story is dedicated to all women who remained gracious in the face of heartbreak! The Peshwa wife, who was destined to live in the shadow of her husband Bajirao's achievements and valour, remained a faithful and stoic consort. She had no choice but to remain confined to the domestic aren...

  • Kanyaka [Sequel to Durga] | ✓
    11.3K 1.3K 32

    #ProjectWomanUp This time, she will fight for honour; he will fight for his honour. *** Behind every village God or Goddess in India, there is mythological tale. But what if behind this village Goddess there is a tragic past. The past that is 500 years old. The past where foreigners had started their invasion. It all...

  • The Emperor's Journey
    38.4K 2.3K 45

    Note:- This is a complete work of fiction and has no relation to any person living or dead and any similarity found is just a matter of coincidence. After being childless for years, Maharaj Veerbal and his wife Maharani Suhasini, welcome their son, Rajkumar Vikramaditya in this world. Prophecy says that h...

  • Being an Empress
    55.7K 1.7K 23

    [This story is a spin-off of A Emperor's Journey, from Varsha's POV...CAN BE READ AS STAND ALONE] Varsha is a young and simple girl (or so she thought). Her parents died when she was young and she tends for herself. Her life is a routine. But suddenly one day a Young prince sees her and wants her immediately. He force...

  • Kanaka - The Golden Girl
    213 18 4

    Born in 12th century India, in the Royal Dynasty of Seluna, Rajkumari Kanaka is the eldest child. She's an exuberant and wilful little girl, her mischief often gives her Dai-Ma headaches. This is her story - from spoilt, cocooned child to a responsible, warrior princess. She defeats her enemies, small and large, with...