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"So, should I take it as a 'yes' Dharani?", Acharya asked me looking straight into my eyes as if he is reading my expressions. I immediately looked down trying to compose myself and hide my feelings before he actually reads them. "Or would you like to take your word bac...." "It's a yes," I replied confidently. Taking your word back is the worst thing you could do in a royal family. It is a sign of weakness and is just unacceptable. Moreover, I am pretty sure Arjun would never agree to marry me. So why should I be the one to reject. "What about you, Arjun?" asked King Indra turning towards his son. "You remember what you told yesterday right?" he said signaling Arjun about something. The room was filled with absolute silence and I realized that the only sound that could be heard is that of my bangles, and that is because my right hand is slightly shivering. "Umm...father....I, " Arjun stuttered perhaps for the first time in his life, "accept....accept... this marriage proposal." I looked at Arjun in disbelief. My eyes widened and I didn't know how but my hand was already on my forehead. I didn't expect this from him. Why in the world would he want to marry me? He hates the way I look at the world. He wants everyone to be as heartless as him and I would never be able to do that. "Dangerously kind" is the word he used to describe me a while ago. We wouldn't even make good friends, let alone life partners. How in the world could we live together? "So it's official. You both are going to get married," king Indra said smiling while Acharya was writing something on a paper as if he already knew this is not going to be all love love. "This is more of an agreement king," he said as he wrote down, "and they knew it. They were eavesdropping on our conversation from the beginning." True, we heard them. We understood what they had planned, but we didn't want to get married. At least I didn't.....


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