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  • Backpack ➳ h.s [au]
    273K 15.2K 20

    [COMPLETED] [SHORT STORY] ❝Why do you carry around that backpack?❞ ❝The same reason you carry around that smile. To hide all the pain.❞ or in which Bonnie and Harry get to know eachother, and soon realize that they have more in common than they think- with the help of his mysterious backpack, of course. *************...

  • Psycho Sitter - Harry Styles COMPLETED
    15.6M 442K 61

    Cassandra Lowe's parents seem to be always working, making them leave behind their two children with relatives far more then they would like. When Cassie's father gets a call for him and his wife to take a trip to Australia, thousands of miles away from their children. They accept the offer but know they can't leave...

  • Colors [COMPLETE]
    1.4M 83.9K 43

    She claimed that she could see his true colors. But the only color he ever knew were the red of his assignments. -Cover made by @Tonii

    Completed   Mature
  • Excessive (Harry Styles Fanfiction)
    30.6M 888K 105

    "I have been watching you for a while now, my love" he whispered darkly in my ear. "Why are you doing this to me" I squeaked, earning a low chuckle from him. "Because" he said, moving his hands from the wall above my head and down my body, resting very low on my waist. "I can". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

    223K 19.4K 22

    Is it cheating if it's the same man but different personalities. Date started: 2/04/17 Date finished: never lmao sucks to suck

    Completed   Mature
  • Paperboy. (h.s. au)
    247K 10.7K 47

    And just like the waves need the moon To give a little push and pull I need you. ________________________________ Est. July 18th, 2015.

  • bluebird {h.s. - au}
    92.1K 4.8K 23

    ❝He was filled with both the best and worst things; bad and good, but that's what tempted me. To think that he could both fix my soul and, also, that his needed fixing.❞ in which she must make a choice for herself; whether to live or to exist. ☁ {set in 1850.} ☁ © purelyhxrry c o m p l e t e d .

  • ghost / hs
    72.7K 2.9K 25

    On December 19th, 2014, Harry Styles was involved in a hit and run. Now, his presence lurks the vintage house of Arkendale; a small town in England, trying to find the strength to awaken from his four year coma, with the help of Aria Collins. WARNING: i wrote this when i was 15, and i honestly wanna delete but I'm no...

  • Clichéd [COMPLETE]
    665K 44.1K 26

    Sequel to Cliché. In which two familiar people never really want whatever relationship they have left to end. And the other younger two don't know how to start.

  • Cliché [COMPLETE]
    3.2M 194K 59

    "Take it! Just take it!" I demanded in annoyance, springing my whole body out as I tackled Harry from behind. "For the tenth time I don't want your stupid virginity!"

    Completed   Mature
  • Troubled.
    10.8M 364K 59

    I don't think you ever really know who you are, until you lose who you are. You don't know pain until the person you would give your life for plucks the pin off of the grenade, leaving you standing alone in an open battlefield. You don't know love until the source of your happiness leaves you weak and withering in ago...

  • The Boogeyman || h.s✔
    80.1K 3.4K 12

    ❝Do you believe in the Boogeyman?❞ #50 in Horror Cover made by: myself

  • Psycho ➳ H.S.
    2.4M 57.8K 21

    "He clenched his fists to bring himself back to earth, shutting off the tap. He stood stationary, wondering if anything he had been thinking for the last five minutes made any sense at all. Every thought was about her; he wanted her more than anyone. He came down to one conclusion: he was truly obsessed with her." Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rude [Harry Styles]
    223K 12.1K 17

    [COMPLETED] "Why are you so rude?" "Maybe because that's who I am or because people like you deserve to be treated that way." Who knew that two strangers fighting over a beanie would lead to a weird friendship or maybe something more. And it started a lesson where Harry taught Eve how to be a good person a...

  • deaf ❥ h.s.
    74.8K 2.7K 10

    Amelia and Harry's fated love story. original by tragedy101

  • Smile »» Harry Styles
    112K 7.3K 44

    "I got lost in the beauty of your smile." [ COMPLETED √ ] Harry Styles S.U Highest Ranking #147 in Fan fiction on (18/5/16) cover by imwithcupid 2015 © @achhuu

  • Faking it~H.S
    49.9K 2.5K 17

    "Guess this is the part where I'm supposed to hold your hand.....?" I said, looking off in the distance squinting my eyes awkwardly as I went for his hand without looking. "Wrist." He growled, catching my wrist before the skin of our hands could meet. "Yup, got it. Wrist it is." I strained out clearing my throat uncom...

  • Wild Side [h.s au] - Completed
    802K 34.7K 69

    The world is in war again, military bases being the only safe haven for the population in the affected areas. Danger, lies, and secrets lurk between the enemy sides, dividing them even more in the time when unity is needed the most. But perhaps amidst of it all, there is hope for a better future. No translations allow...

  • Obsessive (Sequel to Excessive)
    3.4M 119K 22

    "It was your love that got us into this mess" she said, running her hands over my shoulders. "Well, baby, it's going to be yours that gets us out of it" I said quietly. ~ Sequel to Excessive WARNING: Contains sexual content and mature language, read at own risk!! Copyright All Rights Reserved © fxckingpayno

  • lipstick || h.s. short story
    22.9K 1.4K 13

    "Maybe I should be more like her." In which she vies for the heart of her lover, even when she knows he's got someone else on his mind.

  • Secret Admirer [h.s.]
    14.8K 873 3

    Harry's had a massive crush on Summer since he was nine and she was eight, ever since then he's been sending her love letters. [COMPLETED]

  • The Vow [h.s.]
    876K 27K 42

    "Tell me," he whispered lightly stroking my back. "Please don't marry her..." my words barely audible. He pulls me away from his embrace so he could look at me directly in the eyes, "What?" There was another pause before I said the words I've needed to say. "I love you." And with those three words, both our worlds cam...

  • hero ➳ h.s.
    163K 8.7K 29

    It was 2063. Indigo Evans was going to the supermarket. She was walking across the road when she was hit by a 2061 Ford. She should've died. But she didn't. It was 2063. Harry Styles was walking to the supermarket when he saw a woman crossing the street in the line of a 2061 Ford. He shouldn't have saved her. But...

  • Harry on the Prairie
    433K 20.2K 41

    Harry on the Prairie ~ A Harry Styles AU Fanfiction WATTYS 2016 WINNER in the category of HQ LOVE An excerpt published via COSMOPOLITAN online via September 14, 2016. *********** NOTICE: Mature/sexual content lies within these pages . . .you may experience feels in your nether-regions. *********** Harry Styles lives...

  • Lenses (Blind AU)
    89.1K 4.6K 13

    SHORT STORY I didn't know why he always wore sunglasses, even inside and at night. That is, until he took them off and I gazed into his unseeing eyes with my wide ones. ------------------ "It's easier to look into the lenses of my sunglasses instead of my eyes. It seems to bother people that I'm blind, I suppose."