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    to the boy who wanted nonfiction but who I gave poetry to. these are poems I never gave to you. All rights reserved © 2017 immortalitatis- cover by my lovely friend @hurtcopain

  • Moonlight Shadows~[Complete]✔
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    [Cover is an amazing gift from @monsterwithoutname] ❤ Sometimes words are the only way you can express yourself. Just a collection of poems... ★ -May be triggering so please read at your own risk. -I do not own the cover picture or any images used inside. -Not all poems are mine but the ones that aren't I have changed...

  • Take A Fall
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    Hey there,Welcome. It's time to take a fall. For when we fall,we learn to fly.

  • Thoughts At 4 AM
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    those random thoughts that keep you up at night as you toss and turn, putting up your fight