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  • Finding Harry
    3.2K 64 3

    In a faraway kingdom, two royals named Louis and Harry lead the land. One day, another kingdom pays a visit and makes unnecessary commands, but Louis refuses. Instead of sailing away empty-handed; they decide to take something that's VERY precious... His baby Now it's up to Louis to fight against evil, save his prince...

  • Invaded || Larry
    694K 33.2K 22

    [Complete] When a dangerous criminal comes across a lone house in the woods, he figures it's the perfect place to hide out for the night. Only to find out it isn't lone after all.. criminal!louis || hostage!harry

  • Poor Choice of Labels [BDSM] || L.S.
    35.9K 868 4

    "You're meant to be my submissive," Louis moans, gasping when he feels Harry nip at the skin of his neck. "Oh, I am. But you see, I'm also stronger than you, taller than you, and overall more masculine than you. Which means I can force two arms above your head while I ride you, Daddy." or Gender roles are rubbish and...

  • The Sucking Method (Larry OS)
    6.4K 203 1

    Louis tries to quit smoking, but none of his methods work. Harry comes up with a new idea that involves lots of sucking. (Larry OS. Smut)

  • scraped knees || larry
    39.5K 2.3K 9

    "Ouch!" Then his knees were scraped. "Oh my god are you okay?" Or The one where Harry is a clumsy crossdressing boy who falls and scrapes his knees all of the time and Louis is the new boy who sees him falling. © nayeska (riotlarry)

  • Dominance || LS
    2.8K 138 2

    Everyone seeks for dominance, but not with Harry Styles. His domination is a want from everyone. And Louis Tomlinson wants to test him out.

  • Double Daddy {Larry Stylinson} (Boyxboy)
    564 42 1

    “you can't just walk into our— my life and think everything's gonna be peachy! So no, you can't see my son. You go take care of your daughter.” // where record label owner and part time director, louis tomlinson wants to reconnect with his old boyfriend but along the way comes lots of difficulties. ©hazzandloulou// 2...

  • Photographs And Tattoos « Larry Mpreg [With a bit of Zaniam/ Boyxboy]
    7.3K 249 10

    "WHAT?! Was that not enough evidence for you to believe me!? Here then! How about this?" "No. That's not a baby in there." Twenty year old Harry Styles, is slowly making his way as a professional photographer in St. Paul, Minnesota at the U of M. As he takes his photos of the beautiful life before him and trying to li...

  • Princess for Daddy | l.s. Mpreg (boyxboy)
    369K 13.1K 25

    "Oh daddy, I wish I could kiss you right now." Harry whimpered. "I wish that too, baby boy." Louis answered. Or a story where Louis is a singer and Harry is a well known model, and Louis' baby.

    Completed   Mature
  • Incognito (Larry Stylinson AU)
    146K 7K 13

    No one knows what he searches up when he opens an incognito tab, when a certain TommoTops' voice at makes innocent little Harry whimper out daddy every time he listens to an audio. Maybe he isn't so innocent after all. But of course, no one will find out. ©NovocaineLarry 2016

  • Den mother // Larry Stylinson
    111K 6.9K 32

    It was just one box of cookies Louis wanted, a little bit of sugar to satisfy his craving. Little did he know that the den mother of the Girl Scouts troop selling these treats, Harry Styes himself, would be the apple to his eye, prompting him to bring home a little more than just the cookies. Before he knew it, Louis...

  • Run And Hide // Larry Stylinson
    58.3K 2.9K 44

    Maybe things would've been better if he were to just stay away. © princekittenlou 2015

  • Satyriasis {boyxboy}
    219K 8.3K 50

    A condition brought them together, but it's far from what you'd expect. Harry Styles is a simple, seventeen year-old student - a boy exploring his sexuality with different partners, but who never knew what to be in love is. Louis Tomlinson is a wealthy, renowned sexologist - a man who holds all the knowledge when it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chauffeur || l.s
    203K 12K 14

    ❝I'm still confused on why I'm riding a car when I could be riding you, daddy.❞ in which harry is a spoiled princess and gets sexually involved with his family's chauffeur - Louis Tomlinson. © pleasurelouis, 2016

  • Shimmer or Matte [l.s.] Under Editing
    10.1K 582 3

    (purposefully lowercased) where eighteen year old harry sneaks out to perform at a burlesque club and his father's boss louis finds him quite captivating. warning: ....basically everything your parents don't want you reading about or doing :) *Bottom!Harry* Agegap

  • Bad Influence - Boyxboy
    193K 8.5K 23

    It's no lie that Harry Styles has had a major crush on the bad boy Louis Tomlinson for quite a while now. Even though he knows he has no chance with the punk, it doesn't hurt to dream. But only now, it's not a dream, and he really wishes it was.

    Completed   Mature
  • Skater Boy - Larry Stylinson
    358K 15.2K 22

    Harry Styles, loved by many, yet none owned his heart. He was a pretty big deal around school. Everyone knew who he was. Harry Styles was a flower crown wearing lad who didn’t mind adding color to his wardrobe. No one particularly cared that he wore slightly more girly clothes, or that he was openly gay. He was unique...

  • Fifty Shades of Tomlinson (Discontinued)
    12.9K 492 6

    Louis William Tomlinson -owner of Tomlinson Enterprise. Most famous business company. Harry Edward Styles - Intern at Tomlinson Enterprise Their lives were simple. They didn't know each other very well, just the name. But what happens when the sex crazed meets the innocent? I own nothing but the story!~ Lightly base...

  • Mien [l.s] ON HIATUS
    31.8K 1.8K 8

    ✿*゚¨゚✎*。✿Includes smut✿*゚¨゚✎・ ✿ louis is entranced from the beginning, from the smooth slope of harry's skin, to his chapped lips. the french boy is oh so enticing and louis wants to care for him is all. [b! harry ] harry is an exchange student and louis is the senior who wants to make his new transitions as smooth as...

  • Pretty In Pink (l.s.)
    48.7K 3.3K 23

    ❝You look sexy in pink.❞ ❝I prefer the terms beautiful or pretty, but thanks.❞ Or the one where Louis is a short tempered jackass, who's forced to go to a yoga class by his therapist, where he meets Harry; his flamboyant teacher, who seems to love the color pink. And maybe Louis had to sacrifice his ego and dignity t...

  • barbie [larry stylinson] ✔️
    269K 20K 19

    "Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?" The beautiful man with the perfect teeth smiled and stuck out his manicured hand for Louis to shake, his cheeks burning bright red from blushing. "I'm Harry. Your doll." { Based on Life Size } { Cover by @lunarcissus } { Co-Written with @pleasurelouis }

    Completed   Mature
  • Happily Never After // Larry Stylinson
    21.3K 259 10

    "I don't want to be happily ever after, I want to be happy right here, right now, while I still can." - previously titled "Never Enough" || r e w r i t i n g ||

  • // exotic flower //
    18.5K 705 5

    in which harry wears pastel colors and louis fucking calls him his "exotic flower"

  • Therapy (Larry Stylinson)
    18.2K 930 21

    Harry Styles is a twenty-one year old college student who lost track of how many times he’s screwed up. He can’t handle a relationship, can’t keep his grades up, can’t deal with his family, struggles with depression, and finds the worst ways to cope with everything. After being caught by his mom passed out on his be...

  • Beautiful Slayer // l.s.
    49K 3K 15

    "Screw whoever says feminine guys are weak." _________ In an eerie town full of strange demonic activity, demon hunter Harry Styles sets out to destroy the hellbound creatures once and for all. Though instead of the normal rustic look of a male assassin he settles for edgy, floral, and pink clothing, lipstick, nail p...

  • crybaby • larry stylinson (boyxboy)
    26.1K 2K 7

    harry might be a little too open about his feelings and louis might be the only one that doesn't mind it. {based off of melanie martinez's song, crybaby.} [highest rank in short story: #134]