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  • Death and the Girl
    2.7K 263 45

    Junko hates ghosts and anything scary, but she continues to attend ghost hunts with her best friend, Collette, their nerdy friend, Liam and Junko's crush, Hunter. These little excursions are usually harmless until one of them isn't and Junko finds herself allied with a group of demon bounty-hunters. Sometimes even the...

  • A Demon's Bargain
    15.4K 1.5K 99

    This is a sibling to my story, 'A Demon's Regret.' It's very similar at the outset, but the outcome will be entirely different. Andy is a very rare sort of demon that feeds off of first fulfilling the desires of desperate, lonely women, then leaving them in the dust. Could someone put a wrinkle in his perfectly operat...

  • it's complicated [Diabolik Lovers x Reader] (DISCONTINUED)
    26.8K 878 35

    [DISCONTINUED] I wanted to leave my fears, sufferings, and insecurities aside. But as I walk towards the path leading me to my dreams, they're still behind me. Following me. Happiness started to become nothing for me. Hope starts fading away. Love starts to be nothing, but an illusion. My heart became nothing to me, b...

  • Judge Me By My Cover
    364 69 19

    Florence Proulx, a muggle with a past that haunts her everyday of her life has a letter to attend Hogwarts. Joining the same year as the boy who lived she meets new friends along the way such as Lucette Ashworth and Summer Livington. Becoming close to the Wesley twins and the trio she starts getting closer and closer...

  • Broken and Bitten
    733 30 6

    Brendon Urie and Logan Paul Fanfiction// Dare to discover that all is not as you believe in this romantic stunner! Prepare for the drama and the crushes!

  • Earth Zero | Complete
    12.5K 396 23

    Caitlin x Barry story ! __________________________ Nora Allen's murder never took place because Barry Allen saved her. Barry's life seemed perfect, he had his mother and his father, but he didn't become the flash. Which earth is better, the one where Nora and Henry Allen are there to raise there son or the earth wher...

  • Locha-E-Ulfat
    169K 25.7K 127

    This book is private ! Follow me and readd this book in ur library to read it. Sonakshi Bose is a funky,compassionate and empathetic,self aware and always ready to help her people. Dev Dixit is the most famous football player of the Shelling University;whom girls fantasise about but he takes all of them lightly.He is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Humari Second Hand Shaadi-2
    150K 15.8K 78

    book 2 of #HSHS This book is private ! Follow me and readd this book in your library to read it. Those who havent read #HSHS please go and do,so that you can get a better insight of the story😄and those who have been following my book one and eager to read book 2 I'm expecting the same love and support from you all ag...

  • The Life Changing Bet
    64K 4.5K 35

    • Winner Of FanFictions Awards 2017 • • Highest Rank- #98 in Fan Fiction • A friendly bet to woo a simple middle class girl turns into a passionate love story between a rich, spoilt man and this simple girl. Will she ever forgive him when she finds the truth? Cover Credit- @Thegirlin_blue

  • This love
    102K 117 4

    Stacey Montoya is a surgeon at Seattle Grace. She has a good job and great friends. But she also knows tragedy, loss, and pain. And the merger only worsens it. That is, until she finds herself falling for a blue eyed, gorgeous mercy Wester.

  • Fallen For You (Completed)
    3K 182 46

    I continued strolling till I saw her. The moon was illuminating her skin. Everything else was pitch dark and she was the light I saw. It oddly appeared as though the universe needed us to talk. Is it odd? Her legs were pulled to her chest. Making her look powerless. I felt a slight outrage towards myself ascend within...

  • Secrets (Rorry Kayles) ✓
    2.1K 394 32

    Robbie had everything a guy could possibly want. Good job, money, a great lady by his side. But Robbie is hiding his true self, a side he has to keep to himself. A side that is about to be exposed when he meets Harry. His entire world will never be the same. Copyright ©2016 by danikriss. Cover by @CoversCreat...

  • Fiore's Games
    1.2K 42 21

    In the country of Fiore, there has been a long-standing tradition. Each district would send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 once a year to fight to the death in an arena of the Capitol Magnolia's creation. 24 go in, only one leaves. Levy McGarden wanted to protect. Gajeel Redfox didn't ask for this...

  • FourTris One Shots
    8K 167 24

    FourTris One Shots Give me suggestions and I'll write a One Shot about it; I'll give you creds! Most characters are not mine, they are Veronica Roth's Enjoy!

  • A Lieutenant Duckling Story
    5.4K 265 14

    Princess Emma Swan of Misthaven has been living with a curse that turns her into a swan each day at sunset. Finding true love by her 28th birthday is the only way the curse can be broken, but Emma hasn't been able to fall in love again after the death of her fiancé. With time running out, Emma embarks on a journey to...

  • The Child of Chaos
    178 1 9

    The name's Kitty Kane, and until some hours ago, I was just a normal teenager, just like everyone else. Well, not exactly. I'm socially awkward, listen to the Emo Quartet, spend endless hours on Tumblr and mainly only hang out with one person, Scarlett. Not to mention the fact that everyone at my school is afraid of m...

  • Captain Swan - Tangled Up In Blue
    50.3K 2.2K 38

    Fear for her unborn child, a bruised and broken Emma Swan is determined to escape an abusive marriage. After she drives a long way from home to a small town in Maine, she doesn't think her life could get more complicated... that is until she ends up falling for her OBGYN, a blue-eyed British man who's shielded his hea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captain Swan: Fighting our demons
    10.3K 378 32

    Emma learns something that makes her want to run. How will Killian react? Her boyfriend of 3 years. How will her 16 year old son react, Henry. How will all of storybrooke react? How will her parents react? Will Killian leave her? Emma thinks he will once he finds out. She could hide it. Well that would only work for...

  • Accidentally In Love
    33.8K 1.3K 25

    Emma Swan, 17, is the new girl at Storybrooke High. She lives with her mother, Mary Margaret and stepfather, Walsh. Emma has unfortunately never met her father. Killian Jones, 23, is a history teacher at Storybrooke High, and has a reputation for being extremely strict. When these two meet their is an instant attract...

  • The Secret that comes to Light
    5.6K 699 58

    So Me and @ferni2002 are working on this story together. The characters we add are ours like Jazz Swan Hope and Fernanda if we include on here. Also this is a Captainswan au. All rights go to ABC and The creators of Once Upon A Time.

  • The Robber Knight's Protege
    126K 10.6K 51

    **This is fan fiction for Rob Thier's Robber Knight series** It has been twelve years since the Margrave von Falkenstein's armies threatened to destroy Luntberg. Back then, Fye was a little girl who could only stand in awe of the battle prowess of the great Sir Reuben (and occasionally jab her enemies with a stick). N...

  • The Concert That Changed My Life
    3.3K 368 40

    "Louis takes up so much space in my heart, I think he should start paying me rent." I said, giving Louis a mischievous grin. "Lia Lia, staying in your heart on rental is not my style, I believe in owning it." ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Olivia is a fun loving and quirky girl who loves One Direction more than herself. She will finally be...

  • ★MaNan in Italy★
    151K 7.9K 62

    Hello everyone this is my first ff on Manan... this story is really different cause it's located in Italy and this time you'll see Manan's love story starting from school days... Somehow manan end up living together for five days... Not once! Well it's a bit confusing now but please read ahead to know more about thei...

  • Always~Hinny
    180K 4.6K 75

    From the moment they first saw each other, Ginny was interested in Harry. She didn't know he was one of the most famous wizards alive, or that he would vanquish the Dark Lord himself, only that she liked him for who he truly was. However, in Ginny's first year she finds out that she has a soul bond with him. Their rel...

  • MaNan - A Bet
    50.1K 2.2K 20

    This is a story of a single mother who study in collage and don't believe in love and A play boy who also don't believe in love and use girls like tissue CAN I CONTINUE WITH THIS STORY