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  • Author Games: Murder & Margaritas
    4.9K 525 43

    Hey, there. Welcome to Villa Katsura! Here you'll find yourself some mountainous landscape, a few lush forests, and my old man's mansion. Make yourself at home. Help yourself to the fridge. Oh, and, remember to get yourself a martini. Bar's over there. Tonight's gonna be killer-you're gonna need it.

  • Harry Potter and the TriWizard Tournament (A Writing Competition)
    2.9K 215 28

    Since this is the third installment of a Harry Potter styled games, we'll do this TriWizard Tournament style. Sixteen of Hogwarts fiercest and most eligible students will compete for a chance to go down in glory. But be warned, these Games are not for the faint of heart and can end in your certain death. Be very sure...

  • Author Games: Panemdemic
    10.2K 801 96

    Sickness. It bounds us, it controls us, traps us in its grasp. It battles our immune systems, destroys us from the inside out as our bodies desperately try to fend off the attackers. Sometimes they are weak- coughs and the flu and little things. Sometimes they're far more deadly.

  • Author's Games: The Masterminds *DISCONTINUED*
    4.7K 231 44

    Artemis Fowl, a teenage criminal mastermind. By teen years he was affecting the world every year, from kidnapping a fairy to saving the world from certain pixie, he's proven so many times nobody can ever outsmart the great Artemis Fowl. Books: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena. From...

  • Author Games: The Art of War
    14.6K 1.3K 81

    The United Sectors of Argyris was a masterpiece. Home to people from all walks of life, the nation was divided into eleven sectors. Each was named after a colour on the spectrum and was the central of a different area of profession. Much like the colours that stood for them, its people led vibrant lives surrounded by...

  • Battle of the Fandoms | COMPLETE
    8.8K 424 50

    In this Hunger Games styled writing games, five fandoms battle it out for the win. Choose from Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, and the Mortal Instruments. Four competitors from each fandom enter the arena, and each round, some competitors are eliminated, and only one stands. Who will bring glory...

  • Harry Potter and the Battle of the Hogwarts Houses | COMPLETE
    8.7K 373 47

    Four of you have been selected from each House to participate in a wonderful, first-time ever event. The Battle of the Hogwarts Houses. It's a bit like the Interhouse Cup, but not as many people get to participate, and they have way more fun. Challenges have been laid out before you, in which you and your team must p...

  • Author Games: The City of Gold
    10.1K 1K 81

    Even for witches and wizards, sometimes there's no substitute for good old-fashioned research. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for any student of Magical History or Ancient Runes- a research expedition to the Yucatán Peninsula with famed archaeologist and witch Gloria Itza. Over the course of six weeks, one cou...

  • The Author Games: Literature
    12.1K 688 88

    ➳➳➳ Books are wonderful things. They give us role models, fictional characters who we want to be like in real life. President Necare of Panem has discovered this, too. When revolution needs to be quenched, a Hunger Games is the perfect way to destroy it. And when inspiration for rebellion is identified in...

  • Author Games: Floors
    2.9K 518 65

    Lykaria Summers had finally reached her dream position as Head Gamemaker. Now, she must prove that she has what it takes to stay. With a team standing beside her, she creates an arena Panem is sure to remember. The arena shall be divided into floors, with each floors containing horrors beyond imagination.

  • Author Games: Winter Wonderland
    7.5K 333 70

    {FULL} After the Quarter Quell, the Capitol needs a absolute stunner to follow up. This is the 101st Hunger Game. Head Gamemaker: Eduardo Xaelem Gamemakers: Roxanne Neopalite, Kurtis Xaelem §-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§ Welcome to author games winter wonderland!! Join if you think you'll survive, but be warned, this is not you...

  • Author Games: Breath of Life
    10.5K 929 80

    Fresh blood is so overrated