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  • T R I O | t r i o duology #1 | ✓ | in editing
    231 40 24

    "I hear another shriek, this time ringing clearly. I know for sure I heard it. I pick up my gun once more and hold it to my chest. The shrieking doesn't stop this time. I quicken my steps to the tree. I swing around and- I audibly gasp. It becomes suddenly hard to keep my stomach from shooting out of my mouth like a g...

  • Infinity | Spider-Man | 2
    1.9K 153 31

    "Well you look like yourself But you're somebody else Only it ain't on the surface Well you talk like yourself No, I hear someone else though Now you're making me nervous." There's been one face haunting her mind since she remembered a dream. Unfortunately, he'...

  • Finding A Prince
    602 164 21

    Princess Kiera; the heir of Atlantis. With her polite smiles and elegant style, she is known as the most graceful princess to be ever born. In six months, she would be crowned queen and would have to lead Atlantis. To prove she is worthy of the throne, she has to fulfill a few demands of The High Council before her e...

  • We Are Wolves
    26.6K 495 6

    Previously known as "Rejected...with a second chance?" Highest ranks : #546 in werewolf as of November 9, 2017 #637 in lovers as of September 18, 2018 #27 in exes as of April 2019 #128 in monster as of June 5, 2019 #116 in monster as of June 8, 2019 #111 in monster as of June 10,2019 I was rejected for being weak. But...

  • The Troubles In Friendships (Completed)
    51 1 5

    A short story that I originally wrote for a middle school assignment. I changed my writing style completely, altered minor details, and rewrote it. Enjoy! Ava's best friend has just left town to live two whole states away. She feels deserted and lonely, until three weeks later. Sierra Brooks enters Ava's life. They so...

  • Five Stages
    1.1K 133 13

    ❝In which a girl struggles with the concept of being allowed to grieve.❞ Warning: This book contains themes on suicide. Read at your own discretion. If you or anyone else feels at risk, please check the suicide prevention link in my bio. Cover made by: unhingedbeauty (me!)

  • Innocents
    348 59 17

    "No. They're not the good guys, or the bad guys." I blink and swallow slowly, afraid of what's coming next. "Then what are they?" "They're just innocents." When sixteen-year-old Orianna Ever gets attacked by a not-quite-human monster, she doesnt know what to do. All she knows is that her life is in danger and tha...

  • You're My Daydream |1|
    68 8 3

    "You're the daydream that breaks me from the reality that exists, your color bleeds through me like the sun overshadowing the moon." In which Marisol Cho faces a new found daydream in the middle of a long nightmare. [First Book of Titanos Series] Started: June 15th, 2019 Finished: TBA

  • Always Rainn On Me
    428 134 25

    Who is that one person in your life that you would do anything for? Who is that person in your life whom you cannot live without? Who do you love the most? For Autumn, it was Rainn. Her best friend, her heart, her everything. Two people who are inseparable. What will she do when he is taken away from her? How will s...

  • The Price of Survival
    277 61 7

    It's 2021 this year and 2022 comes in a few weeks. But there's nothing to celebrate except for the fact that you are still, miraculously alive. Hopefully. There are still zombies roaming around. Zombies, the ones who ended up claiming the fear of the world in 2020. Zombies, the dead minds that took the lives of...